Disc Golf – The Family Sport

Have you ever heard of disc golf? Though it may seem relatively new, disc golf has been around for over 40 years, and it just keeps getting bigger. Many sports today—like basketball, football, and cricket—often start players at a young age, but relative skill knocks out half of the players as the kids get older. Plus, if you feel cracking in your knees when you bend down to sit with a bag of chips in your hand, you probably don’t want to participate in a sport with your kids that’s going to put you in the hospital. Disc golf, however, grows with you, and it entertains the whole family.

An iamge of group of kids holding frisbee


Easy: And we don’t mean that in a “it’s a gray area” kind of way. Unlike many sports today, not only is the concept of disc golf easy to learn, but it actually plays out that way on the field. The biggest thing you need to know is how to throw a frisbee. Sound too easy? That’s because it should be! Because of its simplicity, young children are not only welcome, they are encouraged to play. Children learn coordination from many outside sources, but disc golf showcases the entire body. Besides, instilling a love for disc golf when they’re young will keep them active in the future! Specialized discs and skill come from continuous play, but you won’t struggle wanting to get out there on the field!

Rules: You are definitely not alone if you don’t know the rules for disc golf, and that’s what we’re here for. Just like what we affectionately call “ball golf,” disc golf is played by throwing a disc from a tee into a basket, and the person with the fewest number of strokes wins! Easy, right? That’s all you need to know to head to the course!

Everyone: And we mean everyone. Just like we mentioned before, kids learning a new sport or coordination will love this sport, but that’s not everyone. Disc golf has been designed to effectively accommodate everyone, including the blind, deaf, and handicapped. If your child has a disability, don’t be afraid to check out a disc golf course or park near you to see what the sport offers! Usually, something as simple as flat surfaces or whistles make a world of difference.

Free: So what if economists think that there is no such thing as a free lunch? The energy you expend on the disc golf field is energy best spent. Seriously. And the courses near you? They are most likely free. Because a disc golf course is so easy to maintain, it’s easy for a city to incorporate courses into parks, which are accessible to anyone and everyone. Even pay-to-play disc golf courses at resorts and golf clubs will only set you back $5-10 to have a throw.

Fun: Not only is playing disc golf fun to play, it also gives yourself and your children the opportunity to explore nature. Many disc golf courses around Australia and New Zealand offer beautiful hiking vistas, and the extra exercise you get from climbing and throwing a disc around keeps you and your kids in great shape.

An image of family playing disc golf in a disc golf park


We know having a lazy day every once in a while is nice, but spending time with your family engaging in a sport you love is definitely one of the perks of family living. Disc golf can be as interactive and exercise-intensive as you want, which means it can also be calm and relaxing. So, the next time you’re lying about at home, consider picking up a disc and heading to your nearest disc golf park.