Project Description

RPM Helix

The RPM Helix Disc Golf Basket is premium basket with a unique ‘wine-glass’ design. Some would say the most ‘beautiful’ disc golf basket on the market. RPM has been making baskets for over 15 years and continues to innovate in search of the perfect design.

The chain supporting spokes are a Z shape which not only adds strength but also provides the perfect sliding angle to help absorb the disc impact. Two sets of 12 chains are supported. The outer and inner chain sets connect to their own centre rings, however, there is a tether between the two chainrings which provides a deeper ‘belly’ for the outer chains and some additional mass to absorb disc impact into the chains. The RPM Helix is officially approved by the PDGA. Presenting a flawless synergy of art and practicality, this basket would enhance any disc golf course.