RAD Course Locations Recreation Activity Design Boranup Disc Golf ParkLocated at the Boranup Forest Retreat. This is a beginner course on private property. You might find it overgrown and unplayable as the owners have seemed to have let the property and course grow over.

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  • Baskets/Tees: 9 / 9

  • Price: Pay to Play $15 per day

  • Access: Public

  • Targets: DiscGolfPark Target


422 Sebbes Road,

Forest Grove



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Chris has been playing and teaching the sport of disc golf for 31 years. A multiple Australian Champion who has competed on the world stage ensuring Chris has unbiased exposure to the best course designs worldwide. Chris brings across his professional experience of working in the land surveying industry for 22 years to assist in his vision for course designs that engage all levels of stakeholders into the future. Prior to his time as the owner and business manager of RAD, Chris has owned and managed an award-winning surveying consultancy based in Perth which ensures his designs also meet the many requirements of public sector project developments. “I’m passionate about Disc Golf and about the sense of community, everything we do with course designs reflects this passion and it’s my pleasure to gift this for future generations”.
Andrew has over a decade experience playing and promoting disc golf throughout Australia and the world. From initial consultation to completion, Andrew has designed and delivered disc golf course projects for various local governments, schools and private businesses. As Tournament Director, Andrew has designed multiple disc golf courses for the Australian National Tour and was the Event Co-Organiser for the 2017 Aussie Open PDGA Major. Andrew has served as a board member of Australian Disc Golf (ADG) and is the co-founding member of Geelong Disc Golf. ” I just love to give back to this sport and the community”.