Bringing the community back to the park

Kids these days. Am I right? Over the past few decades, kids have become less and less likely to go outside and enjoy a sport. Video games are running rampant, and time together with the family is seemingly impossible. Busy schedules keep you moving from place to place and force your kids to join clubs to keep them active in their communities and schools. We get it. Life is hard to synchronize.

But what about disc golf? No doubt you live in or have visited a community that had a disc golf course installed in a park. Now, it may seem for the birds—insert flying disc joke response here—but there are a lot of benefits to not only having a course in your town but involving yourself and your family in the fun.


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It’s hard to get to the park, especially when your kids are teenagers, or you just have a hard time getting out of the house. People are substituting nature for indoor activities. Though it might say “children only” at a skatepark or playground, parks with disc golf courses are available to everyone, and it puts you right in the center of your community.

Let’s explore some of the benefits:

Low impact exercise

Let’s face it. Sometimes getting out to do something can take a lot of effort, and we’ll forgo asking your gym card how worn it is. Imagine a sport that has exercising benefits not only for you but for your family as well. Anyone can play disc golf. If you have children, it’ll give them a chance to develop hand-eye coordination. If you have elderly relatives, like grandparents, that want to join, the brisk walk and family comradery will definitely make it worth the time.

The sense of Community

Do you ever feel like you don’t have friends that share your interests or you’re too shy to start up much of a conversation with strangers? Disc golf is a great way to get you or that kid who just wants to play Fortnite out of the house and involved with people. People play disc golf year-round, even in the winter. There will always be someone on the course that shares your love of the sport.

Cleans up your park

Let’s not let your park become the inspiration for the next Stephen King novel. Disc golf gets people out of their houses and playing. Playing on a course is either free or cheap. Either way, you’re getting the biggest bang out of your buck. The more people out there on the course means that the town will naturally have to keep up the park. People like to enjoy a sport that can involve anyone, and, the more people come, the more pristine the city becomes through economic rises.

Cheaper than a playground

Just try to tell us that schools are not looking for activities that can involve everyone and won’t put a burden on the school budget. Any takers? Schools can purchase discs that are durable and will last through years of use. Schools located near well-kept parks are also likely to boost the economy in that area.

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It’s time to stop worrying about what will get your kids out the door. Activities that whole families can play seem hard to come by, but a cheap distraction from long work and school days like disc golf can get you and your family out in nature.

Building a course in your area will bring people together from near and far. You can stop worrying about what you’ll have to come up with for a family reunion because everyone in your family will love this game! Trust us. We’ve got your backs.