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Have You Visited Ballina’s Bicentennial Gardens Disc Golf Park?

Have You Visited Ballina’s Bicentennial Gardens Disc Golf Park?


As the first disc golf course in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Bicentennial Gardens is a must-visit for families in the area. This 9-hole course is great for all skill levels and is meticulously cared for by the local disc golf group, the Northern Rivers Disc Golf Club. Installed in 2016 by Andrew Ferguson and his talented team, this course offers a great place for groups of all ages to try something new!


Sometimes it’s difficult to gain traction in a specific community when it comes to disc golf, but those in the Byron Bay area have been incredibly supportive of this project. Let’s take a closer look at Bicentennial Gardens and see what makes it so special.


Recreation Activity Design Bicentennial Gardens Disc Golf Park Ballina


Fun For All


One of the best things about disc golf is that it’s a sport geared toward all ages and athletic abilities. While some courses aren’t necessarily designed to be beginner friendly, Bicentennial Gardens is an ideal place to play your very first round or to brush up on your skills. Measuring in at just about 771 meters, most holes are under 90 meters and are great for new players.


However, don’t expect to be getting all birdies the first time out either, as the course utilizes a fair amount of the park’s wooded areas to create challenging holes. More experienced players will find that they will use every shot in their bag in order to end up with a low score.



Tools Of The Trade


If disc golf at Bicentennial Gardens sounds like a fun way to spend your afternoon but you don’t have any discs, that’s perfectly fine! The par 28 course can be easily navigated with just a few discs, and the Ballina Visitor Information Centre has them available for sale or hire. Not only does the local government make it easy for you to play here, but they take an active role in promoting Bicentennial Gardens online.


Once this incredible course has stolen a place in your heart, you may be inclined to take home a souvenir too. The Visitor Centre has commemorative discs available with a slogan that’s sure to spread knowledge of disc golf to all corners of the area: DISCoverballina. Smaller children who may not be as in love with the sport as you are will have a blast at the park’s playground, and simply enjoying the beauty at Bicentennial Gardens will make for a great day.


The sport of disc golf is growing in popularity all over the world and has become one of the best ways to stay active through movement that’s low-impact and easy for all ages. If you’re not exactly sure how to play, reach out to the members of the Northern Rivers Disc Golf Club and see if someone would be willing to show you the ropes. You’ll soon see that the community atmosphere surrounding disc golf is second to none.


Residents of the Byron Bay area are truly lucky to have such a beautiful course in the area along with officials who work to promote the sport of disc golf. Make sure to head to Bicentennial Gardens the next time you’re looking for some fun in the sun.

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Kicking Goals With A New Spin On Golf

Kicking Goals With A New Spin On Golf

Something very exciting in the world of disc golf is happening in Australia. For the first time ever, two sports have been married in perfect union to create a brand new way to experience a golf course. We are excited to announce that Multi-Sport Golf has arrived!

Multi-Sport Golf combines Disc Golf and Soccer (FootGolf) and is played on a golf course. The unique facility offers participants the chance to play disc golf or footgolf or both at the same time! The two sports share the same tee area and fairway, but have a different ‘hole’. Disc golfers complete the hole with a final throw into the traditional target basket, whilst footgolf players finish by kicking their soccer ball into a special oversized cup located directly under the disc golf basket. The facility is a permanent feature and is professionally designed to share the course space and be played alongside the golf fairways – allowing disc golf, footgolf and golf to be played at the same time.

Located just 20 mins from the Sydney CBD, the Barnwell Park Golf Club is the first golf course in the world to feature a Multi-Sport Golf facility. Our RAD team thoroughly enjoyed working alongside the City of Canada Bay, the Barnwell Park Golf Club and the local PGA Professional to design this exciting new activity. Working with a number of key stakeholders to achieve their goals was a very rewarding experience for our team.

What makes Multi-Sport Golf truly unique is the diversity it offers. For example, if a family visit the course to play, Mum and Dad can play footgolf, whilst the kids try their hand at disc golf. The beauty is that they can play together at the same time! Even if the grandparents want to join in by playing traditional golf they can, as the Multi-Sport Golf is professionally designed to follow the same direction and flow of the golf course holes too! Access to Multi-Golf Sport is open to everyone as it’s an all abilities recreational sport. Most people have kicked a ball and thrown a frisbee, so it’s easy to get started playing.

As you may know, RAD specialise in designing disc golf courses. Traditionally, disc golf courses have been installed in public parks. However, more recently golf clubs have been looking for ways of improving sustainable performance and seeking alternate uses for their courses. Disc golf has been a very popular choice, with our RAD team having already installed several disc golf facilities on golf courses over the past few years.

With participation in golf on the decline, there has been a shift in the thinking of many golf clubs about how to stay active and attract visitors. The high cost of running courses, expensive memberships and the excessive time required to play a round of golf all can be attributed to why clubs are struggling and people aren’t playing as much. With a new take on one of the world’s oldest sports, Multi-Sport Golf is helping with the building of contemporary experiences and bringing people back to the course and deliver golf to a generation!

Be sure to give Barnwell Park Golf Club pro shop a call and book your round of Multi-Sport Golf today!

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Crater Lakes Disc Golf Park – A Must-Visit In Mount Gambier

Crater Lakes Disc Golf Park – A Must-Visit In Mount Gambier

The sport of disc golf has exploded recently in the Mount Gambier area since a premium level course was completed at the start of 2018. Through the efforts of Ryan Nicholson, Mount Gambier Disc Golf Club President, the dream to have an 18 hole course in town was turned into a reality. Utilising an amazing piece of land and working together with RAD’s Andrew Ferguson, Crater Lakes Disc Golf has become a must-visit piece of property.

In November 2019 the Australian Disc Golf Championships were held on this picturesque course and if what the players are saying is true about this course then it needs to be at the top of your list of courses to play.

Chris Finn’s comments after playing the course for the first time at the recent championships said…

“The course is in my opinion now the best Disc Golf course in the country…..it also ranks in my top 10 courses round the world.”

Let’s take a moment to learn a little more about what disc golf is, the details and features of this amazing course, and what players can expect!

Flying Frisbees

For those who aren’t quite sure what disc golf entails, here’s a brief rundown of the sport that’s become so popular in Australia. Courses utilise tee areas where players throw their discs toward a metal basket or target. The goal of the game is to get your disc in the basket in as few throws as possible. Course design can greatly impact the ease of each hole, thus providing varying levels of difficulty and skill sets required.

Disc golf isn’t only for those who are athletically inclined but instead is a game for everyone. People of any age or skill set can come out with a few discs and enjoy reconnecting with nature while getting great exercise!

Why Crater Lakes Is Special

Some disc golf courses are crafted for extreme competition, but Crater Lakes designers made an extra effort to include layouts that appeal to everyone. In total, this par 60 course measures in at 2081 metres and offers two different options for play. There are 9 red tees for beginners and 18 blue tees for more advanced players, so while there are only 18 baskets on the course, there are actually 27 tees.

The beauty alone is a sight to behold, with Ryan Nicholson describing,

“A spectacular picturesque setting of undulating hills and semi-wooded parklands situated within the crater of a dormant volcano sets the course amongst the best in the country.”

He goes on to talk about the impact that Crater Lakes has had on the sport and the local community:

“Less than a year from when the last basket was cemented into the ground the course has played host to its first South Australian Disc Golf Open, showcasing its high standard to the greater disc golf community. This created demand for future tour events including the Centenary Championships and the 2019 Australian National Championships. Seeing such development in a small space of time since its installation is a testament to the impact the sport of disc golf can have on a community and presents great possibilities for a bright future.”

The next time you’re in the Mount Gambier area, grab a few discs and head over to Crater Lakes for an unforgettable disc golf experience. The Mount Gambier Disc Golf Club is hosting more and more events at this prime location, so make sure to keep your eyes open for opportunities to compete here as well in the future!

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A Gem At Sydney Olympic Park – The Armory Disc Golf Course

A Gem At Sydney Olympic Park – The Armory Disc Golf Course

an image of a man playing disc golfSource: Sydney Olympic Park

2006 was an amazing year for Sydney, as the first permanent disc golf course was installed at Sydney Olympic Park. It’s been the area’s main course ever since, and in 2014 was expanded from 9 holes to a full 18-hole layout. In a way, The Armory Disc Golf Course is a bit of a diamond in the rough, as it’s only been open on the weekends and school holidays – until now. Let’s get to know this amazing area and learn more about the disc golf activities happening there on a regular basis.

A Brief Overview

If you’ve never visited Sydney Olympic Park, you’re in for a treat. As a historical war site that was once used as a bomb storage facility, the Armory section of the area boasts a children’s play area, a museum, railway tours, and of course, disc golf. Locals recommend getting to the course early as parking can be limited, but now that officials have expanded its accessibility, that may not be much of an issue in the future.

an image of a man playing disc golfSource: Sydney Olympic Park

The Armory Disc Golf Course is ideal for more experienced players as most holes tend to be on the longer side. A nice mix of elevation change, as well as both wooded and wide-open areas, allows for an interesting layout and the ability to challenge oneself again and again. Make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen as well, as the course offers little in the way of shade.

Individuals who are new to disc golf can stop into the Armory Visitor Centre and pick up a set of discs to use for the day with a $10 refundable deposit. A course map and scorecard is also available, coming in handy for those who are new to the sport. If you’re not sure how to play or need a hand navigating each hole, don’t be afraid to ask – disc golfers are some of the friendliest people around and will gladly show you the way.

Get Involved

an image of a girl playing disc golfSource: Sydney Olympic Park

Die-hard disc golfers who look forward to playing with others on a regular basis can become a part of the Sydney Disc Golf Club and attend the monthly league day titled “Armory Rattles.” As a handicapped event, players of all skill levels are welcome to attend and everyone has the chance to come out on top given the way the scoring is structured.

Even if you’re not ready to participate in a league or club, call up a few of your friends and head out to Sydney Olympic Park to play a round or two. Disc golf offers an incredible form of exercise that’s far lower in impact than hiking or running and at the same time, you can enjoy the companionship and competition among your group. 

Sydney disc golf players are beyond grateful to government officials for opening up The Armory Disc Golf Course on a more regular basis and helping to foster the disc golf community in the area. As more and more courses become installed and easily accessible, the faster the sport will continue to grow!

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Introducing The YMCA Lady Northcote Recreation Camp Disc Golf Course

Introducing The YMCA Lady Northcote Recreation Camp Disc Golf Course

an image of a map of Lady Northcote disc golf course map

Going to camp is perhaps one of the fondest memories a child can have. Spending time with friends, getting dirty while playing outside, and learning all kinds of new things offers an invaluable opportunity for youngsters, and whether it’s a school outing or a family event, the YMCA Lady Northcote Recreation Camp is the place to be!

Situated about an hour’s drive outside of Melbourne, Lady Northcote is an established camp that has a long history of family-friendly fun. They offer comfortable accommodations, a variety of challenge activities, and most recently – disc golf. The course is private so visitors must check with the owners before heading out, but it’s a layout that’s well worth the trip.

What The Course Offers

an image of a disc golf basket hole

Ideal for first-time players or disc golf enthusiasts who want to challenge themselves, the course at Lady Northcote Recreation Camp gives people the ultimate level of flexibility. While there are a total of 18 unique holes that span across a wide tract of land, it can easily be broken up into two different 9-hole courses as well. Consider playing from only the red tees which feature shorter and more introductory style holes or test your skills from the white tees and give yourself a challenge!

In all, the course sits at a total length of 1610 metres with a par of 56, so players can challenge themselves time and time again to see just how low they can get their score. Weave your way around trees and enjoy some open holes that allow you to test your distance, as Lady Northcote truly caters to disc golfers of all skill levels.

A Match Made In Heaven

an image of a disc golf basket target in a disc golf course

Many people who are familiar with disc golf may often see courses situated in public parks and wonder about the concept of integrating the sport at a camp. Because of the ease of installation and maintenance, ability to include players of all ages and skill levels, and the availability of other fun activities on the same property, the two truly do go hand in hand.

Camp owners are often looking for ways to utilize the large amounts of space they have while simultaneously wanting to become the most attractive option in the area. If everyone has the exact same activities, what sets one apart from the other? Disc golf fits into this space perfectly, as true lovers of the sport will travel just about anywhere for the chance to play a new course and camp attendees who are there for other reasons will naturally be introduced to the game.

If you’re in the Melbourne area and want to try out an exciting new course, head over to the YMCA Lady Northcote Recreation Camp Disc Golf Course. Individuals with children may want to explore all that the camp has to offer and make a vacation out of it as well! Camp owners who are interested in learning more about disc golf and how it can benefit their business and their community can reach out to the team at RAD Creations.

A Majestic Mountain Location – Let’s Get To Know The Disc Golf Course At Dinner Plain

A Majestic Mountain Location – Let’s Get To Know The Disc Golf Course At Dinner Plain

For so many disc golfers, trying to get the whole family to go out for a round can be challenging. Many find that incorporating disc golf into the day along with other fun activities can often bring about a more cooperative attitude, especially from younger children. When you want to have a great time with everyone and still be able to throw some discs along with engaging in other outdoor options, pack up the car and head over to Dinner Plain!

an image of a snowy disc golf park

Designed With You In Mind

Unlike other disc golf courses that are clearly geared toward seasoned players, the 9 hole layout at Dinner Plain was designed for anyone and everyone. Whether you’re just playing for the first time with minimal athletic experience or you want to bring your six-year-old out for some fun, this course is for you. Even those who have been enjoying disc golf for a long time can create their own challenge here, as most holes have the potential to be aced.

an image of disc golf basket

Sitting at a par 37 with a total length of just 874 meters, the Dinner Plain Disc Golf Course offers just enough activity to get your heart pumping without tiring you out before all of the other fun activities you’re about to enjoy. Grass tee pads make it easy to release your shot and custom baskets add to the appeal of this unique layout.

Why Disc Golf?

an image of disc golf basket

With so much to offer already, why would Dinner Plain even consider installing a disc golf course? It’s become a sport that’s grown exponentially in recent years and is by far one of the only activities that offers the best of all worlds. Those who are looking to change up their sports routines will no doubt enjoy the challenge of trying to shoot their personal best score each time they head out to the area, and teens who are looking for something fun to do other than stare at a screen all day will no doubt have a few laughs as they try to master the game.

The amenities at Dinner Plain resort extend far beyond just the disc golf course too, as gorgeous accommodations allow families to get away from it all with ease. Several restaurants cater to the taste buds of all, and whether you visit the area in the hot summer heat or the cool winter snow, you’ll have a wealth of activities to choose from.

An Australian Gem

an image of kids playing and making snowman

Head over to Dinner Plain Disc Golf Course, nestled within Alpine National Park, and step out of your comfort zone just a bit. A free to play course, it’s actually the highest one in all of Australia! If you bring your own discs you’re one step ahead of the game, but if not don’t worry – head over to the Ramada Resort on Big Muster Drive to borrow some and grab a scorecard and map while you’re at it.

The layout at Dinner Plain is by far one of the most beautiful courses in Australia, so make sure to take in all of the sights and sounds as you wind your way across the property and spend quality time with your loved ones.

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Melbourne Gets A New Course At Bald Hill Park

Melbourne Gets A New Course At Bald Hill Park

an image of map design of Bald Hill Park Disc Golf Course

The second permanent 9-hole disc golf course is calling Bald Hill Park in Clarinda its home, as the collaboration between the Melbourne Disc Golf Club, the City of Kingston, and the RAD team has resulted in a phenomenal layout that’s great for players of all skill levels. In an effort to enhance the local council’s plan for the 2018 Sport and Recreation Strategy, everyone came together to develop a truly special course. Let’s explore just what Bald Hill Park Disc Golf Course has to offer and learn a bit about Clarinda itself and how this community welcomed the sport with open arms.

Bald Hill Basics

an image of disc golf tee pad

The Bald Hill Park course is more than welcoming to players both new to the game and highly experienced. Two separate sets of tees, red and blue, can clearly be found around the park and allow beginners the opportunity to experience what it feels like to play a low-stress round of disc golf. Those with some wins under their belt will certainly be challenged by the more advanced layout but will still find the course to be fun and great for casual rounds.

an image of signage play disc golf

As the newest course in Melbourne, as well as the latest project by RAD, Bald Hill is a free to play design that boasts one very important feature – visitors will be greeted by a practice area with a “how to play” instructional sign. This not only shows people how easy it is to learn the ropes but also makes sure that people know what they’re doing to avoid injuring themselves!

Coming Together

an image of disc golf basket

When multiple parties are involved in designing a course, it’s crucial that everyone has the same vision, and at Bald Hill, the vision was clear. This layout brings the community of Clarinda, a Melbourne suburb, the chance to engage in physical activity without having to spend a lot of money. The city is experimenting with a disc loaning system that allows people to play for free and further encourages people of all abilities to give the sport a try.

Locals of the Clarinda area have gotten to enjoy this piece of land for years now as the Kingston City Classic has brought the best players around together for a one day, two round event. In the past, the tournament has been a great way to advertise the sport to others.

an image of disc golf tee sign

The RAD team owes a huge thanks to Darren Stace-Smith from the Melbourne Disc Golf Club as well as the City of Kingston for helping to make this course a reality. The sport of disc golf has been growing exponentially in Australia for some time, and it’s projects like this that truly show the cooperative spirit that disc golf brings to a community. The next time you’re near Melbourne, take a short drive to the south east and head over to Bald Hill Park and see what disc golf is all about!

Exploring Sandy Beach Disc Golf Course – The Latest Addition to Dubbo Disc Golf

Exploring Sandy Beach Disc Golf Course – The Latest Addition to Dubbo Disc Golf

Disc golfers who are looking for an exciting course that’s great for all skill levels often dream of places like Sandy Beach. Located within the city of Dubbo in NSW, it features all of the elements that a player could want: great scenery, a variety of shots to challenge your skills, and a location that’s easy to access. Best of all, it’s free to play and allows you to take a stroll through a beautiful park setting!

an image of a woman playing disc golf near the beach

The Dubbo Disc Golf team has spent countless hours designing, installing, and perfecting Sandy Beach DGC, so let’s learn a little more about the course and what Dubbo has to offer.

A Labor Of Love

Taking a piece of land and turning it into a disc golf course is no small task, and the group in Dubbo has done a phenomenal job making sure that Sandy Beach will be everything that disc golfers want. Initially, only 3 baskets and tees were installed in partnership with Western Plains Regional Council and DUFF, the local ultimate group, but since then they’ve completed an 18 hole layout with tees for both beginners and more seasoned players.

an image of man trying to shoot a disc golf in a target

The disc golf course design from Sandy Beach offers players a fun challenge, with the course par very reasonable for people of all abilities. RPM baskets are there to ensure every putt is caught and fun features like throwing over the river make this a layout that you have to play.

Charging In Dubbo

If you’ve spent some time on this course and want to try your hand in a competitive atmosphere, we have just the tournament for you. The Dubbo Charge takes place in September and offers locals and visitors the chance to play two rounds with some of the best in the area. A variety of divisions will be represented, so whether you’ve been playing for years or simply want to experience what a tournament is like, this is an event you won’t want to miss.

After you play, take the opportunity to absorb the sights and sounds of Dubbo itself, as the area is a hub of activity. From shopping and museums to visiting the Taronga Western Plains Zoo, there’s a ton to do after each of your rounds. For residents of Dubbo, Sandy Beach is located close to most of the city’s schools, allowing for easy access when kids want to head over and play after their classes for the day.

an image of a man playing disc golf in a park

Grab your discs and head to Sandy Beach Disc Golf Course for a layout that will challenge your skills as you weave in and out of trees and have to throw over the water – twice! Or, pick up some discs at the Dubbo Information Centre and embark upon a casual round with your friends. Disc golf offers a great way to exercise while having fun, and there’s no better place to learn the game than at Sandy Beach DGC.

The Mundaring Disc Golf Course – Propelling The Sport To The Next Level

The Mundaring Disc Golf Course – Propelling The Sport To The Next Level

an image of Mundaring disc golf course

Many people around the world who have fallen in love with disc golf wish that the sport was taken as seriously as so many others that we see. However, if you live near Perth and have access to the Mundaring Sporting Club, you’ll see that it’s held in exceptionally high esteem. Home to the Mundaring Disc Golf Course, this facility offers the first professionally designed course in Australia.

The Mundaring Disc Golf Course brings players a notable challenge if throwing from the advanced tees and offers a more casual and fun frisbee golf course layout for beginning players. Complete with a clubhouse on site and a team of people who are dedicated to promoting the sport across the country, Mundaring is the place to be.

What’s It Like?

A 35-minute drive east from Perth will land you on the doorstep of Mundaring Sporting Club, a location that boasts a ball golf course and 36 holes of disc golf to feast upon. Each of the 18 white tees gives newer players the chance to become more comfortable with the game, while the 18 gold holes are used for competitions including the Aussie Open and the DUDE Pro tournaments.

an image of disc golf basket in a disc golf course

The Mundaring Disc Golf Course was established in 2014 and designed by a team of people who not only have a passion for the sport but also have, combined, decades upon decades of experience in creating such layouts. The course was created with a variety of individuals in mind, including local schools and youth groups, as disc golf is a fast growing sport amongst youngsters. Mundaring features a short 6 hole loop that’s great for school trips, birthday parties, and more.

Making A Name For Itself

So why would someone make the drive to this place just to throw some frisbees? Well, it’s not just about the course at Mundaring, it’s all in the attitude that’s presented, as the Sporting Club shows players just how professional disc golf can be.

an image of boys playing disc golf

With this in mind, visitors should remember that this is a pay to play course. An honor system requires payment of $10 per person or $20 per family for a full day of unlimited play, as the costs associated with maintaining the facility aren’t cheap. After you’ve mastered the course, or allowed it to get the best of you, take some time to sit back and relax in the clubhouse and review your round shot by shot with your friends.

Anyone fortunate enough to make the trip to Australia, or those who already live here, should certainly make visiting the Mundaring Disc Golf Course a high priority. Each hole provides a unique challenge and if the weather is hot, you’ll no doubt experience one of the most trying rounds of your lifetime. Bring all of your discs, make a game plan, and while you play, take in the feeling of being on a professional level course.

Granite Mountain Disc Golf Course – The must play course if you’re in Queensland

If You’re In Queensland, The Granite Mountain Disc Golf Course Is A Must

Imagine being able to play an 18 hole disc golf course that blends some of your favorite components into one, and then getting to explore a quaint little town after your round. For those who live in or are visiting Queensland and ask themselves – are there disc golf courses near me, your dreams will soon become a reality once you head over to Applethorpe. A very small town located within the Southern Downs Region, Applethorpe is home to the Granite Mountain Disc Golf Course.

an image of family playing disc golf in a rocky mountain of Granite Mountain Disc Golf Course

Having hosted the Queensland Championships in 2018, Granite Mountain is a shining example of what we hope all disc golf courses could be like. Let’s take a closer look at this layout and see exactly what it has to offer.

an image of a girl playing disc golf in Granite Mountain Disc golf course

A Disc Golfer’s Dream

The Granite Mountain Disc Golf Course features 18 holes, although some sources point to 27 with the inclusion of a 9 hole introductory course, and is nestled within the natural terrain of Blue Mountain. As you play this par 61, you’ll experience varying elevations, wooded holes, open fields, and even some water hazards. Measuring in at just around 1775 meters, nearly every shot in your bag will be put to the test.

While it sounds like it couldn’t get any better, there is just one catch when it comes to this course – it sits on private property and isn’t open to just anyone. Course designers and landowners Nathan and Carmen Lee are more than gracious, however, and a simple phone call ahead of time will typically grant you access. The Lee’s have a plethora of animals on the property and players are encouraged to say hello and chat a bit.

Is Privacy The Way To Go?

Those who have massive amounts of available land may wonder just how the Lee’s and others feel when it comes to having a disc golf course on their property, and if you’re in love with disc golf, then the answer is easy. However, those who don’t necessarily play often or even care much for the sport can still benefit from having a course on their own land.

an image of a girl playing disc golf in Granite Mountain Disc golf course

Advertising your course as private and requiring individuals to request access can help you to keep your life as quiet as you’d like and prevents nearly all mischievous activity that could potentially take place. Some like to charge a small fee for access, and more often than not, the desire to play a private course far exceeds the fact that someone may have to pay a few dollars to do so. After the initial investment and time required to install the layout, it’s a great way for homeowners to make a little extra cash on the side.

Granite Mountain Disc Golf Course is one of the more beautiful layouts in the area and provides players of all skill levels the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional course. Whether you want to attend the Queensland Championships in the future or simply hope to check off every course on your bucket list, give the Lee’s a call and set up a time to play this amazing course yourself!


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