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Provide Your Communities With Something Completely New

Provide Your Communities With Something Completely New

The constant drone from your fellow administrator about the same subject—earning money and supporting the community—every day for three weeks straight seems tired. Still, you may be stuck at that meeting unsure about what to do without any new suggestions. Understanding the community but being unable to find a profitable solution can seem daunting. So, what about disc golf?

Disc golf may be completely foreign to you. It’s not the first time we’ve heard that. Disc golf, however, is easy to learn and maintain. It’s also a safe sport, which means that people won’t be breaking necks spending time on your course. And last, but certainly not least, your community will become closer, and the closer the community, the more likely a disc golf course is to attract attention from outside sources.

An image of a family on a disc golf course


Quite often when you’re starting something new that you’re fairly sure no one else has ever heard of, it’s common to wonder who would be interested in a new sport. Disc golf, however, is growing exponentially, and it’s only a matter of time before it hits your town.

But who is going to join a sport in your community that they’ve never tried? The beauty of disc golf is its simplicity. Disc golf does not require an established player base. New players can quickly pick up the sport, which makes it highly desirable to people either unsure about sports in general or are hesitant about playing. It really is open to everyone!

And, yes, disc golf is highly available to those who need a little more assistance.

  • Though the Perkins school for the blind is located in Boston, it still provides information and plans for people who are blind that still wish to play. They provide uniquely tailored instructions for the blind.
  • The deaf community is not only involved in disc golf, but it has a designation specifically tailored to the disability. The DDGA, though only currently available in the United States, offers information, membership, and links to media at their website.
  • Installing ramps and wheelchair accessible locations gives your frisbee golf course design an edge. Priding paths or even terrain will make your site more popular than many others. Consider the revenue you can receive from players from all over the country drawn to your course! Community members with disabilities can benefit from installation specifically tailored to their needs.


Disc golf has been around for a surprising amount of time. Long before Frisbees were openly marketed, students would throw pie tins to each other. We have long since evolved, and the disc golf industry, let alone the Frisbee industry, has expanded exponentially.

If you’ve played golf before, you’ve got the gist of what happens on the course. There is a teeing off location, baskets, and a whole lot of green and obstacles in between. The person at the end with the lowest score wins! Easy, right? Well setting up the course is just as easy.

An image of a family playing disc golf


Sure, this all sounds good, but where will you put a course? Luckily, that question is fairly easy to answer. Consider that park you have in the middle of town. Is it rundown? Is it begging for a revamp to keep away trouble makers and vandals? That’s the perfect location! Not only does disc golf offer a presentable location for anyone who wants to visit, but it also keeps that location looking pristine. Amazing, right? All of this from a little game!

If you have a little more money to spend, consider providing a location close to your town that utilizes all types of sports. Sports clubs tend to bring in even more revenue, and adding an attraction to an already teeming sports location brings in even more people. Plus, for parents who are afraid of their children getting hurt, disc golf is a safe alternative to many sports, including football and soccer. You’ll be grateful you took the time to look at locations to benefit your town and community.


So why would you want a disc golf course? Well, for all the information we’ve previously stated and more.

Setting up a course is easy and cost-effective. Before you baffle at a price, consider what we can do for you. With a professional and experienced designer, you don’t have to worry about designing a course or wondering where to put in the equipment. A well-designed course is more fun, and joining a tournament course will definitely more than make up for the price of installation. RAD Creations offers disc golf course options to suit all budgets, and their courses provide designs that are ready-to-play. You can view our installed courses and designs here.


After all this information, how do you know when to put in a course? Well, the answer is now! RAD provides the means for a community to grow! Don’t forget how important your town is to you and your fellow citizens. Get out there are get it done!

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Disc Golf a global phenomenon

Disc Golf a global phenomenon

Tourists going to rural towns to play disc golf? Who would go out of their way to find a destination location specific to disc golf? Well, it might surprise you to know that not only the sport has grown, but the financial ability to travel out of hometowns has also become a reality for many professionals, aspiring and otherwise. Professionals who had the ability to drop everything and leave for disc golf tours used to be down in the single digits, but that number has grown exponentially. Players are now able to compete professionally, which means that more people can flock not only to urban regions but to rural courses as well.



Disc Golf for tourism


So why build or maintain a disc golf course in your area? Simple. If you’re looking for an economic boost in your town, disc golf promotes tourism. Statistically speaking, disc golf courses in rural areas are more frequented by travelers. More urban areas tend to have greater numbers, but that is to be expected. The closer a disc golf course is to a populated area, the more likely locals will attend, but the further a course is to a peopled location, the more likely out-of-towners are to visit and increase property revenue.


These rural courses provide destination locations for church and school groups, among others. Some courses, including the Kiah Ridge Christian Conference Center in Tahmoor NSW, have already implemented disc golf courses into youth activities. Though commonly used as a retreat for church and school youth, Kiah Ridge’s course addition will soon become a destination location for disc golfers around the country.



As the popularity of disc golf continues to rise, becoming a touring location is more likely, which will ultimately mean the increase of revenue in your town. Disc golfers from around the country need accommodations, food, and likely souvenirs in prime touring locations. Disc golf course advertisement in your area brings players of all ages. Publicity for the sport, in turn, offers publicity for your town. The PDGA’s website gives a list of expected items to consider when planning an event. As a destination location for disc golf, your town can promote local to provide a town-wide exhibition of home-grown craftsmanship.


Local designers can also sell disc golf equipment specific to your town. Innova Disc Golf provides blueprints and custom layouts for disc imprints for your town and event. Visit their website at Innova Australia. Disc golf equipment is collectable, so add your town to the list.


Let’s be honest, it’s a known human fact that we tend to leave stuff at home when we should have brought it with us. Destination disc golfers may leave equipment at home, which brings us to you, the merchandizers. Offering on-hand professional equipment can also boost profits in your town. By keeping discs and bags available to destination golfers, your town can become a temporary hub for disc golf needs.

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Why Should I Host A Disc Golf Event?

Why Should I Host A Disc Golf Event?

It’s one thing to head out with some friends and enjoy a nice round of disc golf, but did you know that there’s another facet to the sport that can offer a wealth of benefits to your local community? Not only is disc golf a great way to stay active and enjoy a fun sport, but it’s an endeavour that can be transformed into a full-blown event.

You don’t have to be a stellar disc golf player to run an event, and even if you don’t have much experience in hosting larger gatherings, the essentials are pretty easy to manage. Hosting a disc golf event can benefit a club or school in a number of ways, making it an ideal activity.

Addressing Your Local Club

If you’re fortunate enough to have a disc golf club in your area, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be hosting events every so often. While the nature of these activities can vary from a casual tournament all the way up to a seriously competitive weekend, the benefits you’ll enjoy are countless. Think back to when you first started disc golfing – how instrumental is it for new players to have a sense of community?

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the Course Why should I host a disc golf event

That’s exactly what hosting an event will do for your group, as it brings together new and established players for a bit of competition and a whole lot of fun. These social connections are key when trying to grow your membership base and spread the word about disc golf in general, so the more events you host, the better. Keep in mind that event fees can be directly reinvested into the club to help with course improvements, fundraising efforts, and more.

How Schools Can Win

It’s not just established players who can enjoy the benefits of a disc golf event, as there’s a huge push across the world to educate people of all ages about the sport. By partnering with a local school to host a fun disc golf day at your area course, you’re helping to introduce a new way for kids to engage with nature and stay active. Once students have been taught the basics of the game, you can host a range of events that build upon that knowledge.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the Course Why should I host a disc golf event

Youngsters may be inclined to join a local disc golf club, or perhaps even start a youth club of their own! Depending on how many courses are in your area, your school could partner with others to host inter-school competitions, thus adding another extracurricular event to the options currently available. As students grow up with the sport, they may even exhibit such a passion for disc golf that they work toward installing new courses and spreading the word to the local community.

Disc golf events aren’t overly complicated to host, and as long as you have a few people helping you along and you make sure to have a clear and organised plan, you’ll have just as great of a time as all of the attendees. If you have a passion for disc golf or simply want to provide new and exciting recreational activities in your town, consider hosting a disc golf event!

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Camp and Recreation Disc Golf Integration

Camp and Recreation Disc Golf Integration

an image of kids and a lady playing disc golf

Companies and personal ventures with outdoor facilities, though fantastic dream-inducing endeavors, can sometimes fall a little short in the finances. So, how do you ensure that people will not only visit your location, but come back time and again? 

Diversifying is absolutely essential to creating an environment for future visits. So how do you go about that? Disc golf, though perhaps not as popular as its counterpart, golf, is rapidly growing, and its introduction to a facility is sure to bring die-hard and encourage newbies to come back often.

Disc Golf’s Contribution

Disc golf provides an activity that perfectly coincides with camp and recreational activity guidelines, providing a safe environment for families and youth groups.

  • Self Esteem: Disc golf provides a sense of accomplishment for kids as they build each other up through teamwork. Camps provide the network to ensure connectivity to each other, and disc golf, which can be played individually and in teams, allows friends and family members to grow closer through sport.
  • Physical Activity: One of the staples of excellent recreational sites and camps are their physical activities. Luckily, disc golf provides a recreational activity that can be as difficult or easy as you’d like. 
  • Technology Cleanse: One of the best things about getting out in nature is its ability to keep you from your phone. Camps and recreational facilities provide this, and disc golf gives families and friends great bonding experiences without screens.
  • Make Friends: Camps friends from across the nation to visit each other as often as once a year. Providing physical activity like disc golf cements relationships for the future, bringing kids back year after year to meet up and get life-changing experiences from your facility.
  • Develop Social Skills: Since disc golf is a highly social sport, providing stability in youths’ lives. The easy-going change of pace for kids and adults is highly relaxing, proving that the disc golf at your location will be a destination vacation.
  • Live Together: Too often in today’s society, friends and family don’t have the chance to live with new people. While that might not seem like a great part of going to camp, playing disc golf can keep your group together, which will make your cabin or campsite a lot more fun to live in.

Disc Golf For All

an image of kids and a lady playing disc golf

If you’re feeling like your camp could use a spruce or your camp facility could use a break, consider what disc golf could do for your staff! Disc golf is highly accessible to all people, and that includes those with disabilities. If your camp or recreational facility is made to accommodate wheelchairs, adding a disc golf course is simple, and it is easily accessible. If you don’t have a wheelchair-accessible location, now is the time to start!

Since the installation and maintenance of disc golf courses are relatively cheap, taking the time to search for professional assistance in construction should be a breeze. At RAD Creations, we offer professional help that will ensure a safe environment at low cost to you. And, if that wasn’t enough, we’ll advertise on our site for you! 

Really, it’s a no-brainer.

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First Comes The Course, Then Comes The Community Groups

First Comes the Course, Then Comes The Community Groups

You’ve no doubt heard about disc golf’s large following, and its community base is extensive, reaching across the world. And while it may seem incredible to have disc golfer followers and friends from around the world, there’s definitely something special about having a community based in your own neighborhood. But if you have to travel long distances for a chance to mingle with your own crowd, it’s time to consider a community closer to home. We can already hear people lamenting the lack of a disc golf course in their area. If you’re one of the crowd that wants a disc golf community but don’t know how to develop one, believe us when we say that, though it may seem unattainable, getting a disc golf course in your area is possible, and we’re here to help.

an image of group of people playing disc golf

Photo Credit: Elisha Sweetten

Use Your Talents For The Course

If you’re a fan of ours, you already know that we have articles about how to petition your council for a course and how to play without a course. But how can your personal talents lend a hand in making a disc golf course a reality in your area?

  • Mention Your Hobbies: Many people think that bringing up their favorite hobbies will make other people roll their eyes, but not so! Sharing the passionate disc golf part of you is likely to inspire others to try it out. Getting a disc golf course starts with a community support. Once the course is built, your community base will grow as others come to try it out.
  • Use Your Charm: Everyone has a little bit of magic in them, and the disc golf community is known for its friendliness. Charming your way through interactions with council members is a great way to make them see the light. 
  • Use Social Media: If you want to market anything, social media is a good place to start. The platforms are free for organic searches, and you can invite everyone you know around you! Plus, many disc golf groups have Facebook pages, so you’ll likely get to know some great people around you.

Benefits of the Course

an image of kids and men holding frisbee beside a disc golf basket target

Photo Credit: Elisha Sweetten

Not only does creating a disc golf course bring your community closer together, it also paves the way for friendships and community building from across the nation. 

  • Local Legends: Building a disc golf course unites a community, bringing people from all over town to play. Setting up a Come and Try day encourages people to join your group. When you’ve established yourself as a faithful disc golf player, many people will take advantage of your dedication and join you on the course.
  • Club Establishments: One of the most essential parts of a growing disc golf community is its clubs. Clubs are only as good as its members. If you set up a rapport with people in your community, your disc golf club will thrive. Coming together over the creation of a course will cement friendships and promote continued collaborations.
  • National Involvement: If your disc golf course is created by a professional, your course will pass inspection as a possible location for future tournaments. People that flock to national tournaments will create a great foundation in your community, encouraging people to come back time and again.

If you’re wondering how to get started, look toward RAD Creations! Our designers work with you to fulfill your course dreams and provide marketing through our own website and social media. Remember, if you build it, they will come.

Increasing Council Praise Through Disc Golf Involvement

Increasing Council Praise Through Disc Golf Involvement

an iamge of two men talking in a disc golf park

Being a part of local government is no small task – trying to make everyone happy all of the time is a tall order to fill, however, most councils find they can balance their priorities and make enough improvements to their local community that they receive fair amounts of praise. From installing new playgrounds to maintaining and bettering sports fields, the impact a council can have is tremendous.

But what if your council is looking to do more within the community? There are only so many changes one can make to existing recreational facilities, yet one potential solution lies within a sport that’s quickly growing across Australia. Let’s explore how local government can receive more praise through their involvement with disc golf.

Playing The Part

an image of woman playing disc golf while two men watching

It’s clear that in order to upgrade a playground structure or to design a state of the art sporting facility, a great deal of time and energy is required from the local council. Not only do they have to approve the plans that are put in place, but they’re responsible for ensuring the safety of the facility and, as best as possible, are trying to meet the needs of all community members.

For this reason, it’s no wonder that councils get massive amounts of praise when these improvements and additions are finalized. Everyone can see just how dedicated the council is to providing better recreational opportunities within the community, and their efforts are praised time and time again. However, there’s an even bigger opportunity on the horizon when it comes to disc golf.

Teamwork And Gratitude

Installing a disc golf course is just as large of an effort as developing a new playground or field, and it often falls upon the shoulders of unpaid local disc golfers who have the desire to grow the sport within the area. While disc golf clubs will certainly need the green light from their local council to move forward with their project, it creates an ideal opportunity for government members to proactively partner with clubs in order to make the project a success.

an image of disc golf apparels

Time and time again, disc golf players can share stories about how their local council wasn’t helpful when it came to course design and installation, often turning what should be a fun process into one that’s completely overwhelming. Instead, why not take it upon yourself to be supportive of this new recreational opportunity and help out every way that you can?

Not only will local disc golfers be eternally grateful to their council for helping them throughout the process, but local government members will be praised for incorporating a unique and family-friendly activity into the community. Disc golf is growing at an exponential rate and is ideal for all ages and athletic abilities, however, it’s difficult to help introduce it to others when there aren’t enough courses in a given area.

Consider how your council could increase the level of praise and community approval you receive by partnering with local disc golf clubs on their future projects. Who knows, you just might find a new sport that you enjoy too!

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Increase Revenue In Your Community Through Disc Golf

Increase Revenue In Your Community Through Disc Golf

Think for a moment about the last time you attended a major sporting event – was it a football game or a tennis match? Take yourself back to that time and place and evaluate how many people were there. Now imagine that each of those attendees needed to fill up their car with gas before heading home, many likely ate at least one meal while in town, and for some, they even spent the night before making the drive back the following day.

an image of an event in Aussie Open

Large events like these are often held in big cities, but the impact is still the same – any game or match brings in massive amounts of money to the place in which it’s held. Not only do these events provide a fun activity for people from all walks of life, but they truly help to boost local businesses.

Now let’s take this idea and shrink it down to a much smaller scale and change some of the details a bit – picture a small to mid-sized town or city that hosts a disc golf tournament. Although these events aren’t quite as large as a major game, the impact is still relative. If you’re not sold on the idea just yet, here’s a closer look at how disc golf can increase revenue in your community.

Going The Distance

Disc golf is still an emerging sport and there aren’t a plethora of courses in each town just yet. Those who are committed to competing regularly find that they often drive hours away to partake in events, and given that they need to perform well each day, it’s a safe bet that they won’t be commuting back home multiple times. This means that local hotels and motels can enjoy an influx in bookings over a two to three day period without even having to try.

Similarly, both players and spectators typically don’t pack in days worth of food when a disc golf tournament takes place as it’s just not convenient to do so. Local cafes and restaurants will see a boost in business as well, as they’ll have a hungry bunch to feed after the competition ends each day!

Focusing On Sales

an image of an event selling disc golf apparel

Towns that are more familiar with disc golf as a whole are typically quite excited to host a tournament or two each year as they find far more visitors are willing to spend money at sporting goods stores. Think back to our initial scenario about football games – how likely are you to stop into a shop and purchase a ball, jersey, or other types of memorabilia?

The same thought process rings true for disc golfers, and anyone who stocks discs, bags, stools, apparel, or other accessories will position themselves to make a ton of money over the course of the event. Sure, people can purchase disc golf gear online at any time, but there’s something special about buying a disc while you’re in town for the event.

Aside from the retail boost that disc golf brings to a community, those who manage the courses themselves can often reap a large amount of revenue during tournament time. Courses that have been installed at golf clubs usually require a greens fee in order to play, and some parks do include a pay to play feature as well. When tournaments often have 100 or more players in attendance, this small per person fee can add up quickly.

Giving Back

an image of children playing disc golf in a disc golf park

It takes an immense amount of time and energy to host a disc golf tournament, and more often than not, the people who take on this task are doing it for free. Disc golf clubs typically run under a nonprofit status and if they do make any money from an event, they either donate it to a local organization or use it to further improve upon the courses in the area.

By supporting these clubs, residents are truly investing in the livelihood of their community and helping to make it a more beautiful place. Coupling a disc golf tournament with a one-day clinic to raise additional funds can even help to benefit children’s programs, provide the resources to integrate disc golf into local schools, and so much more.

On the surface, a disc golf tournament may seem like a niche event that shuts down your favorite park for the weekend, but in reality, it’s a major gathering that can significantly impact the well-being of a community. With more and more frequent events comes more opportunity for communities to benefit from a true influx in revenue, so the next time you hear about a tournament taking place, make sure to invite everyone you know!

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Developing a Strategic Proposal for Local Governments

Developing a Strategic Proposal for Local Governments

Designing a proposal for a disc golf course delivered to your local government takes time and energy. If you’re staring at a Request for Proposal (RFP) right now, you’re going about it the wrong way. Developing a proposal requires much more than simply filling out an RFP; you have to get to know your community and local government and find out what their needs are in relation to your proposal. There’s a lot of competition for local government funding, and your proposal needs to stand out.

an image of cycle of a planning regarding our city our future


Local governments are frequently looking for constructive ways to spend money on cities, and many proposals are thrown away for incompletion, not reaching budget requirements, or not providing plans to accomplish tasks. Fortunately, we have provided a list to get your proposal not only up to high standards, but set you apart from the masses. 

1. Start from the End

Though that may seem counter-intuitive, your proposal shouldn’t start with an RFP in your hand. Start by getting to know your local government and the community months before you submit your proposal. Ask yourself some questions, including,

  • How can my town benefit from building a disc golf course?
  • What is the budget sweet spot for your local government?
  • Is a conservative budget more important than the quality of work?
  • What do the members of your council have personally invested in your project?

If you look at your proposal as a reflection of the people on your council, you’re on the right track to creating an effective proposal.

2.  Show Expertise

Local government is far more likely to accept a proposal if you have already set up a plan. What do you have to offer them? Even if you are not a professional disc golf course designer, knowing the exact budget, plan, and estimated time to completion will give you a huge boost when leaders read your proposal. Because local government agents don’t have expertise in every area, they like to accept proposals from people who know how to get a job done.

3. Get the Right Information

Going right along with our theme, make sure that the information you receive is set in stone. Know the exact cost for designing and installing a course, which includes equipment. Proposals that avoid vague, blanket monetary statements bypass the trash and suddenly make a proposal more possible.

4. Be Different

Standing apart from the crowd is beneficial in many ways, and proposing to build a disc golf course can benefit society. But how are you different? Instead of saying how great a course would be for the town, instead, tell your council what they can get out of the deal.

a. Income: Disc golf is a great way to encourage people to visit your town, which, in effect, will bring income into your city. Tournaments encourage people from all over Australia to visit, which means that more people will purchase merchandise in your town.

b. Social Capital: A happy community means a thriving city. Creating an environment that is strong socially makes it successful, which means more growth. 

c. Low Cost: Developing the park is the most expensive part of starting a disc golf course, and even prices here are negotiable. Companies like RAD Creations provide services that are reasonably priced with an experienced team to create designs.

d. Community Friendly: People of all shapes and sizes are welcome to join disc golf, and providing a location that invites everyone is a huge draw to those who want to grow cities.

5. Start Writing

Now that you’ve completed your study, start writing! Include important details, and even details that don’t seem important to you. Show your expertise through frequent community and local government interaction, and don’t be afraid to show how much you want it!

There are many ways to make your proposal stand out, and following these steps will get you there! Be excited about this new adventure, and get out there!

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Improve Social Capital Through Disc Golf

Improve Social Capital Through Disc Golf

As land developers, there are many considerations to creating an environment that will encourage people to live and work there. Making your artistic landscape jive with a thriving community depends on its balance between design and functionality. Adding a disc golf course could be the perfect solution to the cohesion of both necessities. 


Social capital refers to the profitable benefits of social interaction as it is applied to communities. That means that creating an environment guided toward social interactions will have positive benefits on both communities and businesses. It is essential in creating an environment that entices people to buy property. Outside investors buying property for businesses and homes means a larger paycheck in the end for land developers. 


Just like any other profession, development requires a plan, and disc golf fits perfectly into a messy or organised structure.

Measuring in Mind:

Measuring space for a future development also means that roads, town parks, homes, and businesses need proper places to grow. City officials look to create locations that will connect the community and provide a united mind. Because plans made follow the principle “measure twice, cut once,” it’s usually difficult to incorporate every facility for every community. However, disc golf courses work with local parks to reduce overall space, making the most of the area.

Land Whisperer:

A true master developer knows how to use land to its fullest potential. The natural terrain can either provide a great layout for a community, or it’ll end up as nothing but a headache. Because disc golf courses are known for their innovative use of topography, local leaders can use this area to highlight the area while providing recreation. Win-win.

Think Creatively:

Though disc golf is fairly new in the world of sports, it is rapidly growing, and it is commonly connected with other frisbee sports and golf. Creating a course is a good start to creating a positive, strong community. So, think outside the box! A design that is unlike any others will draw more people to your location. 

Think of It All:

When creating a design, it’s important to think of every cog that goes into building a successful landscape. Part of that work definitely refers to a community’s inner workings. A council is more likely to provide funds for a project that will benefit everyone in town, and putting disc golf into a landscaping design provides an affordable alternative to many facility designs. Likewise, new communities are more likely to spend money on projects that will benefit everyone and provide a location where they can raise families. 

Creating an environment that takes to heart the benefits of positive social capital promotes increased business and happiness in family life. City councils that are looking for an affordable solution to lack of community-centered facilities, and disc golf provides the answer. Not only is disc golf popular around Australia, but is growing around the globe! If you are interested in creating a course can visit RAD Creations to get quotes and to find out how financing a course creates a community with members of society to the world!

Remote Workers Can Enjoy The Time At Work

Remote Workers Can Enjoy The Time At Work

Mining towns and camps are often seen as dreary and a precursor to purgatory. All of that has changed, however. Ever since the health craze, local governments and communities have made escapes for hard labor, and many facilities are reaping the rewards of social and communal activities.

There are some towns, though, that aren’t on the short list for some of these fancier facilities. It’s hard to know where to start when you’re far away from home and spend most of your days in intense labor. Low budget towns do have a solution for rough conditions. Instituting disc golf into your community not only connects you with your family, but it can also be a solution to onsets of depression and anxiety. Creating a low-cost disc golf course design isn’t highly involved, and everyone can enjoy its benefits.


Disc golf provides a low-budget alternative to many types of sports. Unlike many others, disc golf installation includes the professional design of a course and provision of materials such as baskets, signage, and tee pads. Also, equipment for each player is easily affordable. Disc costs start as low as $10, and websites that host them provide reasonably priced shipment.

Disc golf can also be integrated with local parks, which makes creating a location for it easy. Run down parks provide a perfect location. Who doesn’t want the bloke down the street to abandon bonfires in the middle of an empty park?


With the pressures of a highly intensive job, it’s no wonder that bullying, depression, and anxiety are highly prevalent in mining towns. Long hours, stressful situations, and enclosed rooms can take a toll. Providing a facility that can relieve these stresses is highly important to health in mining towns and camps.

Disc golf provides an atmosphere that combines fresh air benefits with social interaction. Because bullying and exclusion are common in mining towns, providing a sense of community within a town or camp is essential to mental health. Disc golf is commonly played individually or in groups, providing an outlet for people of all comfort-zones.


Others in the same industry have successfully integrated disc golf into their communities. Providing an outlet for miners and their families has proved an excellent distraction and integral part of each town, forming friendships through the love of disc golf.

Since their park opened last year, Tom Price has enjoyed massive success. Its Facebook page, captures the highlights to its success. Tom Price has invited disc golf enthusiasts to learn more about disc golf through public events, and kids have become highly involved. Disc golf has turned from simply a sport into a part of Tom Price.

Paraburdoo, though not as advertised as Tom Price, has also recently introduced a disc golf course into its borders. Like many small towns, Paraburdoo is far away from city life, and disc golf has provided an excellent source of communal pride.

If you’re on the fence about adding disc golf to your town, consider the benefits. Providing your community with an opportunity to thrive physically and mentally will benefit your town in numerous ways. Because disc golf is inclusive of all people, small and large, poor and rich, disc golf provides a sense of belonging, which will make your town or camp much happier and stable.

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