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Living Near A Disc Golf Course Brings More Benefits Than Many Realize

Living Near A Disc Golf Course Brings More Benefits Than Many Realize

If you’re already obsessed with disc golf, imagine how exciting it is to have a course that’s close to your home. Rather than having to make a big journey after work just to be able to go throw, you can get in the car, and in a few short minutes be doing the thing that you love. Adults, particularly ones who didn’t grow up with disc golf in their lives, realize the benefit that this proximity brings, but kids may not be fully aware.

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As disc golf continues to grow in Australia, more and more youngsters are being exposed to the sport, and having the opportunity to access a course with ease is a key element in allowing disc golf to thrive. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that living near a course can truly bring to one’s life.

Seeing Is Believing

Those who love disc golf already know the amazing gift that comes with living near a disc golf course, but those who have yet to play often attribute their involvement to the simple act of having a course nearby. Seeing the baskets and wondering “what are they playing?” is many times the exact thing that gets people excited, and for both kids and adults, it’s a small piece of joy that the RAD team can bring to a community.

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Disc golf is ideal for people of all ages and athletic abilities, allowing for casual play amongst groups of friends all the way to competitive events with professional players. Unlike other sports that require teams, disc golf can be played alone and is a safe activity for kids to do at local parks.

Benefitting The Community

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It’s not just individual people who can welcome disc golf into their lives and see positive results simply from having a course nearby, but small towns all the way to large cities can also see an amazing shift from the simple installation of a course. Chris Finn, owner and business manager of RAD, shares how he’s seen disc golf change the lives of many:

“When approaching the City of Joondalup in 2014 to get a new course at Chichester Park in Woodvale, it was this hope of bringing joy for future generations of kids and adults that drove me to try and grow the sport and get more courses in the ground. It took 6 months to get an appointment to speak to the Mayor, but once I had, he got behind the project and could see the community benefits were great.

The most exciting for me now in 2019 is when I drive to and from work past this course and see a constant stream of kids, adults, couples, and groups playing disc golf. It gives me the drive to continue to do what I do to help this sport into the future. Half of the people playing the sport in Australia today have started to play disc golf after visiting a course, whether locally or internationally. This figure shows that once the course is in the ground, people will play.”

The RAD team is dedicated to improving the well-being of all Australians through disc golf and as more and more courses are installed across the country, the benefits of having a course nearby will continue to become apparent.

Top 5 Reasons To Use An Experienced Disc Golf Course Designer


When determining the best way to promote and help the community, schools, town councils, and resorts without near access to a professional course sometimes take it upon themselves to create a disc golf course. While it may seem like a simple solution to just set up the materials in an open area, there are certain problems that arise from taking the reins. Safety, project management, and integration into new environments are all hurtles to overcome when creating a course.

RAD Creations is unique in its mission to efficiently set up courses all over Australia. With its team of highly experienced designers spending over 20 years designing courses, RAD Creations is the best disc golf architect team in Australia and New Zealand. Starting a course is difficult, but we have plans to suit your needs.


an image of papers and designs of a disc golf course

Spending the time to find and complete tasks from large to small can seem overwhelming, but hiring a professional to take over takes the guesswork out of designing your course. Along with the convenience of professional help, experienced disc golf designers also provide these key elements to an excellent disc golf course.

Safety: Professional disc golf designers know how to maneuver around obstacles and to make the landscape work for you. Safety concerns that affect playing disc golfers and passersby on the course and are carefully handled to support both parties and to increase the organic flow of your facility. Other park users, such as campers and sports teams, will have the room to spread out and enjoy the park without worrying about hits from wandering discs. Safety is paramount to designing a course, and professionals can give you peace of mind without breaking the bank.

An image of tools use in designing disc golf course

Fun: Layouts may seem simple, but a lot of time and energy goes into every professional design. Designers navigate disc golf courses around the natural flora and fauna, providing a course that is easy to navigate. Governments and facility advisers can benefit from the easy flow of the course, encouraging participants to come again and again. A course, after all, doesn’t simply depend on how far the putt will take you.

Challenging: One of the greatest pleasures of a disc golf course is its versatility. A professional course designer knows how a simple 9-tee course can blossom in an otherwise bland landscape. Professionals know how to move disc golf players in and out of trees and up and down hills, perfectly making use of any terrain.

An image of disc golf park

Integration: One of the hardest parts of getting a disc golf course started is developing a relationship with your community. Communicating with leaders to integrate a disc golf course with an existing park enhances an already beneficial space to create a place where many can travel to participate in disc golf. Camps, golf clubs, and destination locations already set up can integrate disc golf into open and sporting areas without hassle, and the added facility will bring in an alternative crowd, adding to your business. Though that may seem easy, a professional designer’s ability to provide safety and integrate a park’s facilities with a disc golf course takes time and attention that only comes from experience.

Project Management: Designers not only work with the materials to build a course, they also work with the people responsible for the area. Since there are many moving parts in the creation of a disc golf course, professional know-how is important to creating a park that is both functional for disc golfers and regular passersby.

an image of a disc golf course


There are so many parts to starting a disc golf course, but, with the help of an expert, creating a safe and professional course is more than possible. With low disc golf course design costs, designers like RAD Creations offer services that link your community through a sport we all love. Our creating and marketing techniques provide the next step to your course dreams.

How Disc Golf Works on Golf Courses

How Disc Golf Works on Golf Courses

It seems like golf and disc golf have been at odds for the last few decades. While one is traditional, the other is new and all-inclusive. So, do they meet in the middle? Well, no, but the two coexist and offer unique advantages for players of all ages and skill sets.

An image of playing disc golf in disc golf park

Mundaring Sporting Club marries the two sports in one great club, making disc golf and traditional golf both affordable and easily accessible. So, what is the benefit of having both sports in a sporting club? Because golf has had such a long career, it can easily bring traditional athletes to disc golf while still maintaining its original pull for ball golfers, and disc golfers can enjoy ball golf at a lowered price, perfectly marrying the two sports.


Golf began in roughly 1421, starting off—believe it or not—as nothing like a gentleman’s sport. In fact, it began as whacking pebbles, and it didn’t become an official sport for another seventy years. Golf has evolved over the years to invite people of all skill sets, from novices to highly trained professionals.  But the game has lost some of its thunder. The sport, however, has become popular in a new form: it’s younger brother, disc golf.

an image of men in a disc golf course

Disc golf’s basic playing principles still lie in ball golf, but the Frisbee’s introduction into disc golf came through target practice. Throwing discs and pie tins at trees may not have been glamorous, but it started a revolution. Now, the revolution of both sports in clubs available simultaneously has taken advantage of the popularity of both disc golf and ball golf.

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Because a majority of disc golf’s playability depends on the location and innovation of a course’s landscape, adding disc golf to an already-established ball golf course is easy. A professional course designer can use both routine paths and delve into untraveled routes to effectively use space and take advantage of changes in terrain. Having the additional source of revenue through adding very little to an already-established course will boost the attendance of a popular golf club.

Ball golf is on the decline as people get busier and the difficulty of mastery has made many turn a cold shoulder to this traditional game. The revitalization of golf through disc golf is highly affordable, and it brings in people from all disciplines. Because disc golf is very popular with the younger generations, you’ll likely see in influx of varying demographics coming for one sport and staying for the other. Giving your club a boost through adding disc golf can also revitalize you golf course, so consider the effect adding a few baskets will have!

an image of people trying to shoot frisbee in a disc golf basket

It’s no secret that the main reason for many golf-park closures has to do with the lack of incoming revenue. Many golf products come from the balls and memberships purchased. Because ball golf is on the decline, membership income is harder and harder to come by. Disc golf offers affordable products, and charging membership fees for access to both disc and traditional golf clubs makes it possible for people to take advantage of those benefits. And, the more people interested in either sport will increase the likelihood of membership in clubs.

Consider Mundaring Sporting Club. Like we’ve mentioned before, this sporting club includes both ball golf and disc golf, but the club doesn’t stop there. Along with its pre-evidenced golf course, it also envelops a string of disc golf courses, and it’s growing all the time! Paying a low membership fee of $245 annually includes national affiliation costs and access to the sporting club for both ball and disc golf. One of the best parts of this successful club is its community. It continues to gain members and inspire others to take up new sports and invite family members to its accommodating facilities. For more information, visit their website.

an image showing man playing disc golf


Though traditional golf is on the decline, disc golf is growing all the time. Making use of space for ball and disc golf can revitalize your club and bring in new members. From the very successful Mundaring Sporting Club, it’s easy to see how possible your future is. Consider combining the sports, and enjoy an upswing in your routine!

Boosting Your Community Through Disc Golf Tourism

Boosting Your Community Through Disc Golf Tourism

An image of group of kids playing disc golf

The well-being of any town or community is a complex topic to address, and depending on the varying aspects of your area, there may be different ways that you’d want to tackle the project of boosting revenues. Local economies often see growth from one-time events, but how can you ensure that your efforts will result in a long-term and sustainable change?

Believe it or not, communities around the world are finding immense amounts of success through disc golf, a sport that’s exponentially grown in popularity over the last few decades. Courses are easy and inexpensive to install and can bring new life to communities both large and small. Let’s take a look at just how this sport can be truly transformative!

A Numbers Game

It’s common sense that the more people there are who visit a specific town, the greater the chances are that the town will flourish. Restaurants, hotels, gift shops, and more all benefit from an increase in population, and if you have a disc golf course in your area, you’ll naturally see this benefit rather quickly. Disc golfers regularly travel to neighboring communities to play a variety of courses, allowing you to benefit from their frequent visits.

An image of Paul McBeth playing the Aussie Open

The sport also incorporates tournaments fairly often, and these big events are even more of an incentive for out of town individuals to come to your neck of the woods. Tournaments often bring in hundreds of people, and in some cases across the globe thousands, offering a huge surge in local revenues.

Supporting Local Groups

One of the great elements that disc golf brings to any community is a sense of camaraderie, where local groups and leagues are formed with the intention of playing together, growing their skills as individual players, and making new friends in the process. These clubs rely on memberships to thrive and can partner with local businesses to help each other out. Sponsorship between disc golf groups and retailers can bring attention to both parties in a mutually beneficial and inexpensive way.

Local disc golf stores near you can enjoy added revenues from stocking disc golf discs in their shop, again offering a symbiotic relationship – clubs in the area may work out a special scenario to stock discs with their artwork on it and with each disc they sell they’re advertising the course while also making a profit. Companies can even sponsor tournaments too, putting their name and logo in front of hundreds of eyes.

Setting Yourself Apart

Ultimately, disc golf is still growing and hasn’t yet become as mainstream as other sports, making it a prime opportunity for local councils to set themselves apart from other communities by getting involved. Installing a disc golf course in your area and supporting local players while also encouraging partnerships between clubs and businesses shows that you’re truly invested in the well-being and growth of your community.

Disc golf is an exciting new activity that adds an immense amount of value to any community and has shown time and time again to be a successful source of revenue for a multitude of parties. When you’re looking to integrate dynamic ways to boost your economy, consider what disc golf can do for you!

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Petition Your Council – Introduce Disc Golf To Your Community

Petition Your Council – Introduce Disc Golf To Your Community

Trekking through the rain in the middle of July is not the best way to find your next disc golf course. Strange wild beasts and even stranger people winding their way through the matted grass and itching for another bite of your sandwich can certainly put you off, especially when your rucksack starts smelling strongly of salami. So, what’s next? It might be easier than you think.

Petitioning the local members of your city councils and creating a media buzz with regard to your disc golf needs involves not only your community, but those around the nation. After all, your petition for a disc golf course likely affects them as well.



Not only is disc golf cheap to play, but it also is relatively easy on city budgets. Installation is minimal with baskets and tee-off locations. Parks are prime locations for disc golf courses. They are open to the public, and not paying for play will bring the community together. A disc golf club, as well, can bring in money to pay for disc golf tournaments and merchandise, requiring no funds from local government.


Unused parks are a drag on the community and a pull on the economy. Utilizing your park brings revenue in the form of visitors. But hey, if you don’t want to charge for admission, visitors also bring revenue to local businesses.

All Inclusive

Unlike many sports, disc golf is openly available to everyone including the visually impaired, deaf, and disabled. Leveled courses are easily adapted to be wheelchair accessible, and, through the encouragement of friends and family, people of all abilities can be accommodated.


If you haven’t seen your aunt Betty for the past five years, even though she lives three doors down, now is the time to take her to the course. Disc golf has the unique benefit of bringing the community together. Disc golf can be played as a single- or multiple-player game.

All Seasons

Easy access to a disc golf course makes it possible to play in all types of weather, including snow and rain. If you feel uncomfortable with the temperature, practice on the field or in a disc golf club. There is always something to work on.

An image showing a women and a man wearing white shirt discussing about Tintinara Disc Golf Course Design.

The first disc golf course in South Australia – Tintinara Disc Golf Course


They say the hardest thing about a project is the start. Still, with all these benefits, it would be crazy not to at least consider what a disc golf course can do for you and your community, right?

Get a Plan

The best way to begin is to form a plan. Consider the following questions when starting a petition:

– Is your goal for the disc golf course within your city council’s budget?
– What do you need to know about the community to get the signatures you need?
– How will you communicate your petition for not only the community but for those outside your regular scope?
– What recognisable local and distant businesses will support and spread your petition?
– What targets do you have selected to view your petition?
– Is your petition creating a stir? (How can you begin conversations with these posts?)

The Councillor

What can you say about your local government council or an individual councilperson? If the answer is “not much,” you need to get out there and make him or her a good friend. Local governments were either elected by you or someone close to you, so you know they can be approachable. This, coincidently, goes hand in hand with your petition plan. Your councillor can help you develop a plan that is reasonable for both you and your town. Open a dialogue.

Ask the Public

In this day and age, it’s easy to find a location to get the word out, and the best part about it? It’s free. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are excellent free locations to start your petitions. And you can tag other people in your feed to endorse your project. If you’re a long-time disc golf player and know people from around your state, reach out to them and ask them to endorse your petition. Friends and neighbours are also great assets to provide you with signatures and give you connections with others all over Australia and New Zealand. Though a new disc golf course may only apply to your area for now, there are others out there willing to offer support to cater to more play.

Look for a Professional

Like we mentioned earlier, looking for a professional to start your disc golf journey shouldn’t be a tedious task. RAD, for example, offers many plans and professional designers that specialise in bringing more people to disc golf. You can find them at RAD. We pride ourselves on giving people more access to this amazing sport!

Though it may feel difficult to get a disc golf course in your area, don’t be deterred. Creating a connection between yourself, your community, and your nation can start through this low-cost sport, so get out there and start writing!

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Energize Your Winery Or Brewery With Disc Golf

Energise Your Winery Or Brewery With Disc Golf

Running a finely tuned business can be a difficult endeavour, and even if you own a winery or brewery that’s been around for years, it may be challenging to keep things new and exciting for your visitors. Rather than fade away from the spotlight of the hospitality industry, why not include something entirely different to your current offerings? One of the more popular options as of late is to install a disc golf course on the property, allowing people to engage in a fun activity during their visit.

Whether you’re well-versed in the frisbee life or you’ve never even heard of the term, disc golf can infuse a new sense of energy into your establishment. Let’s take a look at some of the ways this idea can bring a huge boost to your business and explore some other groups who are doing it right.

Image Source

Fun For All

Disc golf is a game that can be played by all ages, so it’s great for breweries that offer more of a family type of atmosphere. Older kids can head out to the course in groups to play while mom and dad kick back and relax or the entire family can play together, and there’s nothing quite like quenching one’s thirst after a round with a great beer or glass of wine.

If your winery or brewery is already a popular spot within the area, get ready for even more business by installing a disc golf course. Many organisations charge a nominal day use fee and have discs for sale on-site, allowing for additional income with ease. Not only will you attract your regular customers to your location because of this added activity but you’ll also appeal to disc golfers in the area who may not have ever visited you otherwise.

One of the many benefits of disc golf is that it is such an easy sport to enjoy and it involves a fair amount of physical activity without being overly strenuous. By installing a course on your property, you’re aligning your company with one of many ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Image Source

Is It Too Good To Be True?

The initial installation of a disc golf course is fairly inexpensive because the disc golf course design cost is low, and it might seem as if this investment may not really be as great as it sounds. However, there are a plethora of wineries and breweries who have seen great success. Dry Dock Brewing in Colorado joined forces with their local disc golf club to create a nautical themed course, and Flat Creek Estate, a popular winery in Texas, even hosts tournaments across their gorgeous 18 holes.

The first brewery in the world to feature a full 18-hole layout was Anderson Valley Brewing in California, and they’ve seen firsthand just how popular the sport has become. You can even get a little bit creative like the people at Westport Winery Garden Resort, who used old propane tanks and enlisted local artists to craft tone poles as targets instead of traditional disc golf baskets.

Image Source

For the adventurous business owner who is really looking to up their offerings to customers, installing a disc golf course at your winery or brewery just makes sense!

Get Your Slopes Ready For Year-Round Fun With Disc Golf

Get Your Slopes Ready For Year-Round Fun With Disc Golf

We all know that ski resorts can be some of the most popular recreational attractions during the winter months, but what happens when the sun comes out and people no longer want to spend time on the mountain? Some smaller groups may like the idea of biking along trails or hiking through the trees, but once the weather gets warm, there’s a significant shift away from these destinations.

Imagine if that didn’t have to be the case, and as an owner or operator of a ski resort, you could have just as many people flocking to your neck of the woods all year long! By integrating a disc golf course on your property, that dream could become a reality. Let’s get a better understanding of just how disc golf and ski resorts are an ideal match.

Rad Creations Recreation Activity Design Get Your Slopes Ready For Year-Round Fun With Disc GolfImage Source

Using What You Have

In many instances, installing a disc golf course requires a lot of upfront work to groom a section of land so that it accommodates this family-friendly game. The slopes and bike paths of a ski resort, however, are already primed and ready for a 9 or even 18 hole course to be installed with ease. A low-cost endeavor that will pay for itself time and time again, disc golf incorporates an active way for people to enjoy time at your facility.

Just like people come to expect a charge when they want to spend time skiing down the mountain, visitors can also pay a minimal fee for access to the course. A small $5 or $10 a day use charge could start to add up quickly and provide a great stream of revenue during off months. Not only are disc golf baskets easy to maintain but the sleeve component used for installation allows them to be removed and stored away during busier winter months.

Growing By Leaps And Bounds

Many would argue that disc golf is becoming one of the more popular sports across the world, and its recent growth in Australia has been huge. Not only does it offer a way for people of all ages to get more exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it also benefits local communities in a big way. Disc golf courses tend to be vacation destinations for die-hard players, thus boosting the economy through lodging, restaurants, and more.

If the thought of incorporating a disc golf course onto your property sounds overwhelming, there’s a team that can help. Recreational Activity Design is well-versed in utilizing the unique features of ski resort properties and has developed some incredible courses across the country. One of their more popular layouts is at Thredbo, a popular resort with a wide variety of outdoor activities.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Courses Thredbo Friday Flat WinterImage Source

Whether your facility is a prime location that has visitors year-round already or you’re looking to expand upon the attractions you currently offer, disc golf is a great way to make your property even more special. A sport that uses inexpensive equipment to play and is suited for all levels of athleticism, disc golf can open up more opportunities than you ever thought possible!

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Disc Golf: Building your community

Disc Golf: Building your community

Disc golf hosts a variety of benefits, including mental, physical, and emotional. Can you imagine yourself out there on the green, the course’s known squirrel nemesis on the brink of jumping from heights to claw you, but at the last second, the clang of your disc hitting the basket throws him off course? Your victory, instead of merely a feat of stamina, boosts the morale of the players and known pros around you. Alright, so we might be getting ahead of ourselves, but the sense of community built by disc golf can increase commonality and support for yourself and the people around you.

The Great Equaliser

Sports are known for their abilities to bring people together. From national championships to the Paralympics, sports have been modified to fit everyone. Disc golf is no different.

Disc golf is known for its accessibility for the disabled. Many parks are now wheelchair accessible, and any flat terrain is usually maintained by the town, as it is a public place. As a disc golf enthusiast and a paraplegic, YouTube user wheelzoffortune shows that all you need are a “pair of arms and a decent amount of strength.” He frequently uploads videos sharing his life with his disability and how he maintains a great arm for disc golf. Also, Perkins School for the Blind uses disc golf as a basis for motor skills in their young students. Their established website details the requirements for setting up disc golf for the blind and illustrates what students can learn from the sport. The school also considers wheelchair accessibility and allows for adjusted ring placement. You can build an online community with these examples or simply create your own!

Did you know that playing disc golf is a great excuse to lose weight? In fact, if you search online, there is quite a list of people who have begun the “disc golf diet.” Combined with healthy food intake, disc golf encourages people to walk—and even hike—to destinations usually uninteresting or unattainable. Disc golf can be played quickly or slowly, so there is no pressure to make it through the course at a certain speed. Communities that strive for healthier ways to encourage each other to create a stronger bond, and disc golf, a sport centered around its inexpensive and versatile nature, is a great way to get started.

Recreation Activity Design Building a disc golf community

Clubs for Community

Yes, you read that right. Disc golf clubs are centered around disc golf courses, so the communal nature of the course can help everyone! Though it’s harder to get a club going in an area unfamiliar with the sport, it is still possible! A disc golf club is a place to spark interest, and combined interest in the sport is the way to bring your community together.

Clubs can provide accommodations to the disabled and the fit. A disc golf club is focused on its members, which means local tournaments can be specific to the disabled, or open to anyone. If you advertise for special tournaments for the disabled or not physically fit, you may see an upswing in the different kinds of people roaming about your town. Simple events get the town interested, and registering your club online can set you up for tournament circuits.

Clubs also provide tournaments for your area. Don’t see the benefit in that? Consider, then, what would happen if your town were the center of a new disc golf tournament. People from around your country, let alone your area, come to participate. Presenting prize money is the least of your worries if you consider the economic gain to your town with the purchases of disc golf equipment and pay-to-play. With a united front, your town’s sponsor of the event would lead to considerable local merchandise purchased with just the game of disc golf.

Does it sound like a dream yet? Joining together as a community has vast benefits, not only to individuals but to the whole town as well! Disc golf is a world-recognised sport, so finding inspiration for starting a club and getting people involved is a global affair. The health benefits to everyone in town by installing a course and starting a club will make your town a healthier place. So, what are you waiting for?

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How To Increase Your Club Membership & Revenue With Disc Golf

How To Increase Your Club Membership & Revenue With Disc Golf

Golf courses have been a long-standing element in the modern recreational world, but in general, they have always catered to a pretty specific audience. Those who feel like golf may be too expensive or simply not the right sport for them may go their entire lives without visiting your club, thus limiting the amount of revenue you’re able to bring in. But what if there was a way to suddenly boost membership with minimal effort?

That’s where disc golf comes in, as it’s a sport that’s certainly at home on the golf course. Disc golf is a great way for a golf club to diversify its recreational opportunities for members and visitors, helping to provide an additional revenue stream for your organization. Let’s take a closer look at just how this has been successful for others and how you too can benefit.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the Course Increase membership & revenue with Disc Golf

The Benefits It Brings

In general, the more services a business can offer, the greater their customer demographics will be. Adding disc golf to an existing golf course is no exception, as you’ll be bringing an entirely new group of people to your facility. The sport is growing rapidly, with over 3000 members in the Australian Flying Disc Association and even more casual players who are just discovering disc golf for the first time.

While there is some upfront spending associated with design and installation, the costs involved are nearly zero once everything is up and running. Disc golf courses do not take much more time to maintain than what’s already being done for the rest of the property, ensuring that this sport can bring pure profit to your organization. Imagine if you charged a green fee of $10 and five people came out to play each day. After one year, you’re seeing an additional $20,000 in revenue!

Real Life Success

Wondering how you can actually bring disc golf to your course? It’s actually not as difficult as you think, as team members from RAD have recently installed two disc golf courses on operating golf courses and have several more currently in development. Both golfers and disc golfers alike share the fairways, with the course designed in such a manner that allows for speedy and uninterrupted play for all participants.

A good disc golf course layout includes the utilization of trees, so generally our designer will focus on the more wooded rough areas off of the main fairways, even furthering the ability for both groups to play without incumbering one another. If you’re curious to learn how this can be done successfully, take a look at our installation at Thredbo Disc Golf Park.

Installing a disc golf course at your facility can bring even more opportunity during tournament play, as we’ve seen at Mundaring Disc Golf Park, an 18 hole dual tee layout. Since the course’s installation in 2014, the club has hosted numerous Australian Disc Golf Tour events and two PDGA Majors. The club also hosted the 2017 Aussie Open, attracting a large field of players from around the world including world champions in both Mens and Womens divisions from the US and Europe.

Imagine the ways you could benefit by integrating disc golf onto your club’s property, thus boosting both membership, revenue, and increasing positive word of mouth in the community!

Want A Safer Park? Consider Installing A Disc Golf Course

Want A Safer Park? Consider Installing A Disc Golf Course

Whether you’re in a big city or a small town, there’s no denying that public parks are a great resource for residents. Some like to picnic on a sunny day while others use it to play catch with their kids, but when it comes to the design of these important places, safety has to be a top priority. Unfortunately, not everyone has the best intentions when they visit these spaces, and it’s up to those in charge to consider ways to protect both the park and the people who enjoy it.

Image Source

Parks that are uninhabited due to a lack of activities to engage in often end up being targets for crime and vandalism. After all, if no one is there to see you do it, it makes these actions that much easier to complete. Ultimately, a park without easy visibility makes it an unsafe place. How can we change that? The answer may surprise you.

Disc Golf In The Park

You may have seen people playing a game with frisbees and not known what it is or walked by a funny looking metal basket and pondered just exactly what it was for. If so, you’re witnessing disc golf, a sport that’s quickly growing across the world. Played with plastic discs utilizing a set of rules similar to golf, individuals try to land their disc in the basket with as few throws as possible.

Disc golf courses can be installed in a number of places, and many are attracted to the idea of integrating them into public parks in an effort to enhance that area’s safety. Public parks naturally have great features that work well in disc golf course design, including rolling hills and beautiful trees.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of a course Want A Safer Park? Consider Installing A Disc Golf Course

How Can It Help?

Installing a disc golf course at your local park can pay off in a number of ways, but primarily is a huge step toward making that area much safer. When you have dozens of people playing disc golf throughout the entire park’s property on any given day, it equates to many eyes on the lookout for criminal activity. Those who are trying to vandalize the park will quickly see that they won’t have much of an opportunity given the amount of traffic in the area.

Even those who aren’t at the park to play disc golf can benefit by the increase in social interaction, thus creating a sense of community and pride around the land. Having a piece of property with a wide range of activities will encourage others to come out and see what’s in store, again offering increased visibility and reducing crime. Those who love the park may experience a sense of ownership and will be more apt to notice when something isn’t quite right, too.

The benefits that disc golf can bring to a community are plentiful, including an all-ages activity that promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. Above and beyond the sport’s positive influence, local residents will quickly see that installing a disc golf course is one way to move toward a safer park setting, one that welcomes people from all walks of life. We’ll bet you didn’t think the sport had so much to offer, right?

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