When determining the best way to promote and help the community, schools, town councils, and resorts without near access to a professional course sometimes take it upon themselves to create a disc golf course. While it may seem like a simple solution to just set up the materials in an open area, there are certain problems that arise from taking the reins. Safety, project management, and integration into new environments are all hurtles to overcome when creating a course.

RAD Creations is unique in its mission to efficiently set up courses all over Australia. With its team of highly experienced designers spending over 20 years designing courses, RAD Creations is the best disc golf architect team in Australia and New Zealand. Starting a course is difficult, but we have plans to suit your needs.


an image of papers and designs of a disc golf course

Spending the time to find and complete tasks from large to small can seem overwhelming, but hiring a professional to take over takes the guesswork out of designing your course. Along with the convenience of professional help, experienced disc golf designers also provide these key elements to an excellent disc golf course.

Safety: Professional disc golf designers know how to maneuver around obstacles and to make the landscape work for you. Safety concerns that affect playing disc golfers and passersby on the course and are carefully handled to support both parties and to increase the organic flow of your facility. Other park users, such as campers and sports teams, will have the room to spread out and enjoy the park without worrying about hits from wandering discs. Safety is paramount to designing a course, and professionals can give you peace of mind without breaking the bank.

An image of tools use in designing disc golf course

Fun: Layouts may seem simple, but a lot of time and energy goes into every professional design. Designers navigate disc golf courses around the natural flora and fauna, providing a course that is easy to navigate. Governments and facility advisers can benefit from the easy flow of the course, encouraging participants to come again and again. A course, after all, doesn’t simply depend on how far the putt will take you.

Challenging: One of the greatest pleasures of a disc golf course is its versatility. A professional course designer knows how a simple 9-tee course can blossom in an otherwise bland landscape. Professionals know how to move disc golf players in and out of trees and up and down hills, perfectly making use of any terrain.

An image of disc golf park

Integration: One of the hardest parts of getting a disc golf course started is developing a relationship with your community. Communicating with leaders to integrate a disc golf course with an existing park enhances an already beneficial space to create a place where many can travel to participate in disc golf. Camps, golf clubs, and destination locations already set up can integrate disc golf into open and sporting areas without hassle, and the added facility will bring in an alternative crowd, adding to your business. Though that may seem easy, a professional designer’s ability to provide safety and integrate a park’s facilities with a disc golf course takes time and attention that only comes from experience.

Project Management: Designers not only work with the materials to build a course, they also work with the people responsible for the area. Since there are many moving parts in the creation of a disc golf course, professional know-how is important to creating a park that is both functional for disc golfers and regular passersby.

an image of a disc golf course


There are so many parts to starting a disc golf course, but, with the help of an expert, creating a safe and professional course is more than possible. With low disc golf course design costs, designers like RAD Creations offer services that link your community through a sport we all love. Our creating and marketing techniques provide the next step to your course dreams.