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I Lost XXkg Playing Disc Golf

I Lost XXkg Playing Disc Golf

The influx of technology in our everyday lives has certainly changed the way many of us parent compared to previous generations, and getting our kids off of their digital devices is harder now more than ever before. Not only is it important to ensure your child is involved in other activities, but incorporating physical exercise for kids is equally as integral to their overall health and well-being. Whether your child is naturally fit or their doctor has recommended that they engage in some sort of exercise program, what activities can you turn to that are both fun and challenging?

For many, disc golf is the answer. While it might not look like exercise on the surface, the act of throwing a disc and walking to it across 18 holes can burn calories and help aid in weight loss for kids. However, it’s not just children who can benefit either – we spoke with two professional disc golf players who completely transformed their health through the sport.

an image of women walking at disc golf park

Living A Healthier Life

Jordan Castro is a 25-year-old from Minnesota. While he discovered disc golf in middle school with his friends and fell in love with the sport right away, he didn’t utilize it as a weight-loss tool until later in life. “My dad passed away from not being healthy and I didn’t want to end up like him,” he shared. “I just wanted to live healthily and eat better.”

Castro set out a goal to lose 45kg and blended a healthy diet along with disc golf as his main form of exercise. He tours the country and competes at the highest level the sport has to offer, and he knew that if he lost weight, he would feel better and be able to play better. At the start of his weight loss journey, he measured in at 165kg.

“I wanted to play every day. It was a good way to explore nature while exercising. It was super challenging and I wanted to get better,” Jordan said. And play every day he did, sometimes walking several kilometers just to finish his favorite courses. Once he got started, the weight kept coming off, resulting in him exceeding his goal and losing 86kg.

Trying to find good exercises for kids can be challenging, but Castro has a few wise words to share: “If I can do it you can do it. You have to set up a plan and a goal and stay determined. It’s life-changing – it’s going to be hard and challenging but it will all be worth it in the end.”

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Doing What It Takes

It might sound easy for a single young man to find the time to exercise and lose weight, but what about people who have busy lives? Victor ”Skywalker” Nyhuus is a 40-year-old living in Sweden. While he discovered disc golf with his friends at age 12, he didn’t really pick up the sport until he was an adult. Married with two children, as well as working two different jobs, Victor still found the time to meet his weight loss goals.

“I was at 171kg at my heaviest when I realized that I had to do a real change in my life. Now almost 4 years later I’m at 94kg. I’m still not at my goal, which is 88kg,” he said. Although he is considered to be a professional player and competes against the best in the world, Nyhuus takes a more lighthearted approach to the game:

“I have never strived to the best player in the world; my goal with disc golf has always been having fun and being active, meeting new people, going to new places, and spreading the sport that I love so much to new people! I love competing in disc golf and I have been in many different countries to play – it is great to see how the sport is growing all around the globe. I have also made a lot of new friends from all over the world through disc golf.”

So how can disc golf seamlessly blend kids and exercise? Victor explains, “It’s fairly cheap compared to a lot of other sports and it’s easy to fall in love with it. You are outdoors, get fresh air, and you can do it at your own pace. All ages can play it and it’s perfect for the family to get more active together. People of all levels of the game can play it together. It’s an easy and fun way to be out getting exercise without feeling like you are exercising!”

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The Perfect Exercise Program For Kids

Disc golf has brought some impressive results to both Victor and Jordan’s lives, and there’s no reason that kids around the world can’t engage in this fun and exciting sport. If you’re not sure how to introduce disc golf and healthy living to your family, consider these thoughts from Nyhuus:

“Kids these days get so much input from social media about how they should look and many kids feel bad about themselves. I think you as a parent have to be a role model and make sure you don’t cut corners with giving them food that’s not good for them and just let them sit at their computer and iPad. Start looking at yourself – what do you do to live a healthy life? Lead by example and try to get the whole family included in a better way of living with both exercise and healthy food!”

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Keep the green in your game

Keep the green in your game

With all the hype about environmentally friendly activities and conservative fossil fuel usage, it can be somewhat daunting to find a sport that is not only clean to play, but also clean to build, maintain, and promote. Disc golf has some advantages that other sports don’t: you can play it anywhere, the cost of installation is inexpensive, maintenance of the course is minimal, and the course is actually enhanced by nature. If you’re looking to improve your city and you worry about your carbon footprint, check out these benefits to disc golf.



Freak of Nature


Now, even if your favorite sport doesn’t involve the ceremonial burning of gum trees and the sacrifice of shrubbery to a pagan god, there’s still a good chance that the field on which you’re playing cricket has had some impact on its environment. Many sports require cleared turf to set up for tournaments and recreational play. Disc golf, however, uses its environment to improve the game. Take a look at any disc golf course and you’ll see how nature provides the best obstacles for play. If you’re looking to create a course in your area, keep that in mind. You may promote more flora and fauna growth in your town!


Besides the cost for creating a field in another sport, there is also the manner of upkeep. Private clubs taking water from your city’s supply to create an immaculately green lawn for a private ball golf course may fry your beans, especially during a drought! Fortunately, disc golf prefers to go au natural. Allowing original vegetation to grow not only improves the state of the environment, but it also promotes natural evolution of habitat.


Actually installing a course is probably a lot cheaper than you think. Now, we know what you’re thinking: we just mentioned that installing a course for any sport causes some environmental damage. While this is true, disc golf is unique because of its low cost of installation. What does this have to do with the environment? The lower the cost, the fewer objects needed to install the course. You’ll be saving money while still encouraging people to enjoy nature!


Recreation Activity Design Rob Hancock Memorial Disc Golf Course Greenwood WA


Bonus Promotions


Any menial manager knows that trying to promote anything, let alone impacts on Earth, can take you to the brink of physically shaking your intended clientele. Promoting an event using prizes and fun, however, can get the bogen down the way galloping toward you any time, day or night. Casually placing environmentally forward signage around your disc golf course will stick in the minds of children and adults. They’re more likely to remember facts when linked with playing something fun. Also, if you are looking for an increased audience for town facts and announcements, people coming from around the country might have a chance to see events from sign postage. The possibilities are endless.


We’re hoping that you’ve been a fan of disc golf for a long time, but if you haven’t, it’s time to get started! Not only is disc golf inexpensive, you can also play without feeling burdened by guilt for environmental impact. What could be better? Grab a disc and head out to the nearest course!

Disc Golf – A sport for everyone

Disc Golf – A sport for everyone

There are many who struggle to enjoy disc golf because of mental or physical disabilities. Sometimes it seems embarrassing to play with friends when they seem to have everything down and you’re still struggling to toss the disc effectively. If this describes you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy disc golf with anyone else. Disc golf is all-inclusive, and the unique heads in this sport create adaptations and events specifically geared toward those of us who would normally struggle with the sport. Let’s read on to find out how disc golf can adapt to anyone’s game!

Physical and mental adaptations and events

Often, sports can seem out of the reach of those who are not physically or mentally up to the task, but adaptations of the sport can service a wide range of goals for people with physical and mental disabilities. If you’re skeptical, we’ll show you a few modifications and products to get everyone involved in the sport you love!

The sport that focuses on all-inclusion

Disc golf can easily be adapted to solo or multiple players. Many parks are wheelchair accessible in this no-contact sport, so everyone can feel comfortable roaming throughout the park. Disc golf is central around the players, and its easy adaptation is calming for those with physical and mental disabilities. Just like David Yakos, we don’t want anyone excluded from a sport because it’s not disability-friendly. You’ll feel at home in a sport that strengthens mind and body for all players!


Modified Play: Just like the Special Olympics, everyone needs a place to feel welcomed and suited to a sport. Perkin’s School for the Blind in Massachusetts, USA caters specifically to children learning to play disc golf. This simplified version develops skill, sportsmanship, hand-eye coordination, and more and works well for those with physical and mental handicaps. If you wish a program like this would show up in your neighborhood, don’t be afraid to start one of your own! The link listed above gives you exactly what you need to start your own centre.

Assistance devices: Embarrassment to play disc golf with friends and family should not be a reason not to play. Many struggle to throw discs with the same finesse as the professionals. Inventor David Yakos was among the many. Instead of giving up the sport, however, he chose to rise above the struggle and create a device that helps everyone with throw discs around. The Folf Club helps those with both physical and mental challenges to give them more confidence on the course.


Special Events: The United States Disc Golf Association (USDGA) has already hosted an international event for players with impairments such as amputees, wounded veterans, blind and partially sighted, special Olympians, stroke survivors, cerebral palsy, and many others. This has been the first event of its kind in the United States and is open to everyone over 16 years old. The founders were inspired by people with these impairments who have competed in like events and now are excited to host a championship that allows them to show off their talents. The USDGA offers this event for people all over the world and hopes to continue this event in the years to come. If you’re interested in signing up, visit USDGA.

The sport that focuses on all-inclusion

Disc golf can easily be adapted to solo or multiple players. Many parks are wheelchair accessible in this no-contact sport, so everyone can feel comfortable roaming throughout the park. Disc golf is central around the players, and its easy adaptation is calming for those with physical and mental disabilities. Just like David Yakos, we don’t want anyone excluded from a sport because it’s not disability-friendly. You’ll feel at home in a sport that strengthens mind and body for all players!



21 Reasons Disc Golf Helps in Life

21 Reasons Disc Golf Helps in Life

How often do you encounter people who believe that sports are useless or that your sport ambitions are a waste of time? People who have not spent a lot of time out on the course or on a field will likely not understand how sports can really help people grow, especially kids.

an image of kids and adults playing disc golf Photo Credit: City of Mandurah

       1. DO THE WORK

Many people will take the easiest path to get to anywhere. The quickest distance between two points is a straight line, right? While that may be true in math, it certainly isn’t in sports, or, for that matter, in life. Kids who spend time in sports come to understand quickly that you don’t get to be a professional from sitting on the couch. 

Disc golf teaches youth that they need to build strength through constant practice. Throwing the perfect putt is more than swinging your arm. Time and dedication, though not unique to disc golf, means you’ll get better, but there’s always room to improve.


Easily one of the most difficult parts of sports to master, having a good attitude is essential for communication in the real world. Kids who grow up with a “losing” attitude will give up for before they reach their potentials, which is equally devastating for any parent.

Disc golf’s adaptability for individual and team play makes it the perfect sport for building a good attitude. When your kid throws a complete dud, it’s easy for young children to fly off the handle. Enough practice and love for the sport, however, develops a child’s tolerance for failure. If your kid makes an excellent throw and gloats, that is an excellent opportunity to make him or her understand the meaning of sportsmanship.


In life, people fail all the time. If this is something new to you, you might want to get off the couch. Kids who learn early on failure is a part of life are more likely to accept a dignified defeat in the future. Sports teach kids to brush off the dirt and get in the saddle again.

According to Ernest Hemingway, “Courage is grace under fire.” While it might not seem like a fitting quote for disc golf, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Disc golf requires an even temper. Competing takes a lot of concentration and practice, so understanding the lesson in failure is essential for competing in the big leagues.

       4. DO YOUR JOB

But what job is yours when playing disc golf? If you’re not on a team, it may seem like your only job is to play the game. But what about other people on the course? Disc golf has a tight-knit community, which means that anyone on the field would be happy to enjoy the game with you. Though this may not seem like much, it builds cooperation in a child, making it easier for them to transition from “all about me” to “all about the team.”


an image of kids and adults playing disc golfPhoto Credit: City of Mandurah

Even if your kids are not on a team, when you play disc golf, you play with everyone in your community. Feel like you don’t have a community around you? Online groups and organizations constantly help out newbie and seasoned players. Kids who spend time in a disc golf community learn to stay consistent in life. 

Life involves people. It’s unavoidable. Kids who learn early that they live for the benefit of others learn great lessons in compassion. When people help your kids with any activity, that child will expect to help others in the future.

       6. BE HUMBLE

What is humility anyway? Humility is basically a measure of teachability. In life, if your kid grows up believing he or she is better than anyone else, it’s going to take quite some time for them to learn anything. 

Disc golf takes a lot of learning and quite a bit of trial and error. This teaches kids that they have to learn from others to grow. What better way is there to learn than from a game they love?


The only way to advance is to find a player that knows more than you. If your kid feels like he or she is the best at what they do, they have a hard lesson to learn. There is always someone better. But that doesn’t have to be a bad thing! Disc golf’s community is special in its consideration of the new generation of players. Kids learn to accept advice from those who know more than them and use it to their advantage.


Disc golf is unique in its structure because it requires individual scoring. There are no referees telling you your shot was incorrect or you marked too few points. Kids pick these things up quickly, which means that when you show integrity out on the course, so will your kid.

       9. TAKE THE BLAME

How often in life have you felt like you were the scapegoat for a deal or activity gone wrong? Many people learn that, if they can take the blame off of themselves, they won’t have to feel guilty about making a wrong choice. Sports teach kids to take the blame for a mistake made, and—almost more importantly—that they won’t be shouted down when they try to admit the truth.

Team sports especially teach this lesson. When you’re playing on a disc golf team, it’s essential to admit you might be wrong. Taking the blame helps kids learn responsibility within a safe environment, a disc golf provides a unique platform that allows them to take the lessons they make it teams to their personal play.


One of life’s most certain outcomes is failure. During a game of disc golf, if someone tends to beat you, it’s best to support the winner, not give up in a fit of rage. Kids learn sportsmanship and to not take a single loss personally. One of life’s greatest experiences is learning something.


Coach Vince Lombardi supposedly started every game with a lecture about putting on socks. Though this may seem small, he explains, “You see, if there are wrinkles in your socks or your shoes aren’t tied properly, you will develop blisters. With blisters, you’ll miss practice. If you miss practice, you don’t play. And if you don’t play, we cannot win.” 

Disc golf can change rapidly with the slightest of flicks of the wrist. Small details like the change in wind can hugely impact any throw. Mastering the smallest details is difficult, but, in life, mastering details leads to success.

       12. SET GOALS

This is a great rule for everyone, and a lot of these life lessons are easily learned through disc golf. To succeed at disc golf, you have to set goals. Tournaments for disc golf require skill, and that is only developed through practice. Individual effort on individual throws is necessary for true mastery. 

Developing goals for disc golf easily translate into life. Goals are essential for academic achievement, and developing them lead to greater realization of potential. Setting goals for obstacles that seem hard or impossible makes them attainable, developing a skill that will take your kid above and beyond the average.

       13. WALK SLOWLY

We don’t mean that literally, but, if you’re having a hard time hobbling around, you may want to slow up a bit. Take small steps in your goals. A goal for an accomplishment years in advance is nice, but there are steps that lead you there. 

Disc golf is often taken slowly by everyone, even the professionals. They were once in your kid’s shoes, taking one step at a time to get to that trophy. Since disc golf is fun, it’s easier for a kid to stay committed, which will teach them to take the slow road to victory in any field.

       14. LOSE YOURSELF

In this generation, many kids feel that it’s all about number 1. But is that the attitude you want your kid to have for the rest of his or her life? Likely not. The shirt that says, “There is no ‘I’ in ‘TEAM’ but there is a ‘ME’” is somewhat agitating, but is common to see on famous teams with individual players.

Disc golf, however, is different. Letting go of the “I” craze is freeing, and gives more support to your teammates, teaching kids to appreciate the games of teammates and enjoying the ride along the way.


Life is not just about making yourself seem better than others, it’s also about the alliances you make and the friendships you experience. Disc golf provides mental and emotional support, not to mention the physical benefits of the game. It’s all about how high your kids can lift themselves and others.


All success comes through sacrifice, or suffering, or both. The famous sports movies show blood, sweat, and tears to get to win the championship. There are millions of examples of people who sacrificed to attain a dream. This is necessary to get anywhere in life.

Disc golf takes a lot of time and effort to be the best, which teaches kids that life is not full of “participation awards.” It’s only through constant effort that the greatest satisfaction is attained.


The only way to achieve success is through constant dedication and discipline. Think back to the time you went through school or your first job. Did you wait until someone else had done the work before you got off your break? If so, you may have learned pretty quickly that getting fired is amazingly easy to accomplish.

Disc golf provides the opportunity for kids to learn how time and energy are translated to success. If you spend your time out on the course halfheartedly throwing your disc at pigeons, you’ll never accomplish your goals successfully. Spending time on life does not guarantee progress.

       18. MANAGE TIME

Like we’ve said before, discipline is easily developed through disc golf. But what about time management? Since neither you nor your kid can do everything at once, time management is essential to life. But how does disc golf help? Scheduling time for visits to the course provides a structured agenda for the future.


Pressure and stress are components of life that just keep cropping up whether you like it or not. Anxiety is common in our world today. In fact, it might surprise you to know that one in fourteen aged 4-17 have experienced an anxiety disorder in their lifetimes. That means that millions of kids experience anxiety every year!

Disc golf provides a safe environment for kids to experience these feelings while enjoying the experience. Disc golf welcomes people of all backgrounds, including the blind, deaf, and handicapped. Feelings of depression are improved through Vitamin D and outdoor recreation. Also, kids who feel alone will have the backup of fellow kids to make them feel loved and appreciated.


Many times, kids get bogged down with worries about what they can and cannot control. Worrying about the future is common, and you do have some control in that arena, but bad things happen, making life impossible to pin down completely. 

Disc golf provides an avenue for control. Is your putt not powerful enough? Practice throwing the disc at varying strength and build your upper body strength. Does your aim cause birds to scatter? Practice throwing the disc into a garbage can in your back yard. Playing disc golf helps kids differentiate between areas they can and cannot control.

       21. HAVE FUN

We saved the best for last. It’s possible (and encouraged!) to have fun in a competition. Teaching kids it’s not all about the trophy surely develops a sense of humor, which we all need. Kids can learn from disc golf that they can have fun without feelings of anxiety or depression. All they have to do is spend the time and enjoy the ride.

an image of a girl playing disc golfPhoto Credit: City of Mandurah

There are a million reasons why disc golf is perfect for your kids, but learning life skills is probably at the top of your list for the most important activities. Disc golf not only teaches your kids to be independent, but other equally tremendous attributes. So, what are you waiting for? Get out on the course!

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Disc Golf – A Lifetime Sport

Disc Golf – A Lifetime Sport

It may seem like disc golf, though very prevalent in some areas of the country, simply doesn’t make the list of most popular sports in the world. The familiar “Huh?” when you try to explain your passion seems indicative of a sport that’s having difficulties getting its feet off the ground. So how much is disc golf actually growing? How much of disc golf has made it to mainstream sports broadcasting?


an image of the global disc golf course growth chart

Yes, disc golf has increased rapidly, even the past few years, and it’s continuing to grow in areas outside of the US, where disc golf originated. Nearly 20% of all disc golf courses in the world are outside the US. Since Australia now only boasts 55 (as of the latest poll last year), it’s time we joined the band wagon and became a disc golf giant. 


What’s in a disc? Men and women are both interested in disc golf, but how many of each are really invested in the sport? If you look at mere statistics, the overwhelming answer is men, showing 92% of males playing disc golf.

But that doesn’t mean that women are not joining the ranks. Although only 8% of the PDGA’s registered disc golf players are women, the number is growing rapidly. With an increase of around 300%, women number in the 3,600s, and the number is still on the rise. Imagine how high that number could reach in a matter of years if everyone brought their mum along.

an image of the PDGA Membership 2018 Age Group pie chart

Photo Credit: PDGA 2018


We’ve heard it time and again. Disc golf is played by people of all ages and creeds. It may surprise you to know how the numbers stack up. Everyone, from various educational backgrounds to wide ranges in household incomes, play disc golf.

  • Age: While it may not surprise you to know that the majority of players are in the 20-40 age group, it may surprise you to note that people who love disc golf also play from ages 0 – 70+. Now, we’re not saying that the youngest of our members are walking around in diapers chucking a disc, but families bring loved ones to the course, which increases the age range of disc golf members.
  • Household Income: Any sport is usually associated with a price tag, and many newcomers to the sport may think that investing time in a sport that will cost them is not the best option for their families. However, since disc golf is relatively cheap and free courses are available across the country, people from all financial backgrounds can join disc golf. The majority of disc golfers earn less than $100,000 per year, but don’t let that scare you if your pocket book is empty. Roughly 18% of all disc golfers make less than $40,000 per year, which is below the average income in Australia.
  • Education: Many disc golfers now have an average education level, much like the general population. The vast majority of disc golfers have received less than a Bachelor’s degree, but people of all education levels enjoy the sport.

an image showing - DISC GOLF can be enjoyed by ANYONE DESPITE AGE & LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE 

Disc golf is absolutely an “everyone” sport. From location to personal attributes, people all over the world enjoy disc golf, and it is continuing to grow rapidly. Membership has grown by 358% over the last ten years, and it continues to become more popular every year. So, who knows? You may have disc golf friends ranging from Norway to Chile in the years to come!

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Importance of Outdoor Play in Childhood

Importance of Outdoor Play in Childhood

Do you ever see your kids playing with their friends outside anymore? Consider the necessity of outdoor stimulus! Kicking around a plastic bag through the streets does give your kids exercise, but that’s not the best way to trigger mental advancement. There are better ways to get your kids in the sunshine than putting a projector outside and making your kids squint as Princess Peach throws grenades at Bowser. Being outside is essential to a growing body—in fact, to every body—and disc golf is a great way to get your kids out in the fresh air.


an image of kids playing disc golf

Playing outside is a great way for children to learn new things about physical activity. Disc golf uses muscles that are less common than those used in everyday activity. Disc golf focuses on stabilizing muscles in both the upper and lower sections of the body, which provides a great basis for growth. Spending time outdoors naturally develops hand-eye coordination due to physical interactions, but disc golf provides the unique ability to train children to fine-tune these skills through repetitive motion.


How often do your kids get to experience working with their hands in a way that doesn’t involve moving their thumbs? Getting out into nature provides stimulus for mind and body, which is essential for growing children. Disc golf makes kids move in and participate with nature. Letting your child take risks out of the home builds their brains, and providing a creative outlet like disc golf builds their bodies.

an image of kids playing disc golf


Outside, the great frontier. Watching the wind whip flora and fauna as you rush in and out of nature’s obstacles provides a great background to some truly epic stories. Children who are stuck inside all day often experience stories given to them; to make it worse, images are given to them as well, making imagination only applicable to those who create media. Kids should experience some of this on their own.

While sports are not often referred with imagination in mind, making a sport your own takes a lot of time and patience, forcing your kids to think out different strategies. Disc golf requires thinking outside the box and developing new game plans to challenge different opponents.


Not only is disc golf good for the experience of playing a competitive game, but it also provides the opportunities to grow through learning about nature. Sitting in the house all day can be a drag. If you don’t go crazy by nightfall, you’re one of the lucky few. Just image how the lack of stimulation affects your kids! 

Spend time teaching your kids about the importance of outside living. The benefits you get from taking a trip to the disc golf course extends far beyond the physical. Take the time to teach your kids about nature. Explain what they’re seeing and how their presence impacts nature. Build strong and healthy kids through providing an outlet for the jitters and involving them in life’s great experiences.

Whatever the reason you have to get the children out of the house, consider disc golf. Not only are kids more likely to benefit from the mental and physical nature of the outdoors, but spending time with you will give your kids positive memories for a lifetime.

Disc Golf For Travel: Get Out The Door!

Disc Golf For Travel: Get Out The Door!

Out there on the muddy trails of life dragging you to and from work brings you only little consolation as you stare at pictures online of faraway destinations. You’d like to go somewhere, but it’s difficult to get out when you feel stuck to a routine. If this sounds like you, consider disc golf. If you don’t have the time to go to far-reaching locations, start small! Disc golf provides opportunities to take you from local hot spots, to international competitions!

an image of family playing disc golf


Even if you feel unknown in the disc golf industry, many people travel to locations all over the country, which means that your location could be a destination location for someone else. Since disc golf has quite the following, finding a disc golf course nearby is easy, and joining the crowd is half the battle. Finding a friend from anywhere else can provide an inexpensive solution to traveling long distances. Friends who play on the course can introduce new players to communities online, and many organizations dedicated to disc golf are international. Even if you don’t get out of the backyard, glide your way to the disc golf course to find people who are connected to the sport. 

an image of group of kids under training of disc golf


If you don’t know where to begin, start in your own backyard! People from your community may find the same interests as you, which means you’ll be on the course more and more. Local groups can provide carpooling if you don’t have a car, so get out and find your tribe!


Local tournaments and clubs offer opportunities to travel to tournaments all over your region and country. Never been to Sydney? Now’s the chance to get there! Local tournaments provide prizes that not only fund your stay at that tournament, but finance your adventures in the future! If you don’t have the cash to get out to the tournaments across your country, opt for those nearby until you can afford to head out to the more expensive tours!

an image of a man playing disc golf in a tournament


Tournaments that spread overseas are even more prestigious, and, coincidentally, the prize money is significantly larger. International tournaments are posted at the PDGA website, and they are updated frequently. At the International Disc Golf Center in Georgia, United States, people from all over the world gather to compete at their favorite sport. Online and local disc golf clubs sometimes provide grants to those who are lucky enough to be one of the best, and there’s no reason why that can’t be you. Disc golf will take you beyond your backyard and into the world!


When playing disc golf, it’s easy to think that throwing the disc is the most important part to a vacation. While that may be true for many, take the time to visit local and international sites! Disc golf is a great opportunity to get you out enjoying nature, so don’t forget some of the best part: the travel! It’s easy to find people who share your interests, so get out on the course and start making some adventures!

Sense of Community

Sense of community – Be a part of the family

an image of family playing disc golf in disc golf park

Because disc golf doesn’t tend to pop into most minds as a big sport, many people believe that it doesn’t have much of a following or a sense of community, but nothing could be further from the truth. Disc golf is unique in its large community base, even rivaling football at a professional level!


an image of boys playing disc golf

Disc golf has always been that sport that you’re introduced to through a friend. ESPN might have a few hits related to disc golf, but it’s always been more of a hidden gem. That, in and of itself, should let you know how tight-knit the game is to people. But did you know that it’s a game that is highly followed in society and online? Disc golf community members welcome people from all backgrounds to enjoy their sport.

Not many sports are all-inclusive. Not only is disc golf for everyone—irrespective of race, creed, sexual orientation, age, or gender—it also supports those with disabilities. If you want to have fun and are looking to spend time with people who share your passions, take a trip to the disc golf course. Even if you don’t have a group to go with, you’ll definitely find one out on the course.


an image of group of people playing disc golf

If you’re really interested in starting but don’t know where to begin, take a gander at resources online! People from all over the world are interested in this rapidly growing sport, and many have resources that specifically tailor to your experience and comfort zone. Going it alone to a disc golf park with no prior experience may seem daunting, but there are communities around you that are happy to include you in their games. 

Clubs comprise of a larger group of those people, and many of them are, you guessed it, online. Though organized clubs with official websites may seem common in urban and not rural regions, disc golf clubs exist wherever there’s a following. Informal websites like Facebook provide excellent platforms for groups who are eager to get their sport growing in the future. Clubs and other organized disc golf groups provide maintenance for courses, prepare doubles events, organize leagues, inspire tournaments, and many other events. Clubs are always looking for new people to join, and putting more of yourself into the game and your disc golf community means you’ll get more out of it.

No matter where you lay roots, there is a community for you, and the trickiest part is usually the most fun: finding your niche. Believe it or not, there are clubs and organized disc golf groups that are more than happy to help you learn and give you support when you’re struggling. Professional and long-time players are eager to help out newbies, and they’re usually game to show you some trick shots. If you feel shy, don’t worry. Take a friend with you or make some from the community around you! No matter where you are, be it online or out on the course, there is always a disc golf community happy to join your team.

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Break the Boredom and Make Walking Fun

Break the Boredom and Make Walking Fun

Getting your 30 minutes of exercise every day is essential to a happy, healthy body. But sometimes it’s hard not to just jump in bed after a hard day of work. Plus, running may be good for you, but at what cost? If you’re not in love with your feet hitting the pavement or weights crushing you, it’s easy to believe that there’s no hope for a happy exercising session.

What about disc golf? It may surprise you to know that people who normally hate exercising love to get out and enjoy a game of disc golf. Disc golf is more than just tossing a disc, and the walks that disc golf offers you to take easily break up an otherwise boring walk.

an image of boys and girls playing disc golf


Walking: A study from the PDGA conducted over 15 courses and involving 340 people consisting of both men and women made it clear that walking is a large part of disc golf. Though that may seem obvious, we’ll bet that you don’t know the half of it. Walking around an 18-hole course gives an average of 5,613 steps, over half of the recommended 10,000 steps every day!

Not only is walking one of the lightest and easiest forms of exercise, it also affects your whole body, making walking, in and of itself, an excellent exercise. Walking not only boosts your legs and butt, but your lower back and arms as well. Because disc golf makes you climb hills and weave in and out of rough terrain, you are getting more of a workout than you realise, and it’s fun!

Strength Training: It’s no secret that disc golf involves muscle strength. Getting your disc to the basket is one thing, but launching your disc from the tee for a forceful putt with a proper disc golf grip is another.. Muscles controlling balance, flexibility, and power are commonly used in disc golf, which gives you a pleasant alternative to simply walking. For a light activity, disc golf has a lot of extra exercise most wouldn’t expect.

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Let’s be honest, any time spent out in nature is time well spent. But spending the time walking down the same paths every day at the same time can make even your dog, Joey, yawn in boredom. Work your mind on the course and let it take a break from your daily routine.

Brain Activity: Disc golf works your brain by making you think of possible scenarios to throws and movements. Children can especially benefit from this because it encourages thought. Thinking also gives you a break from mindless walking. The best activities exercise both the mind and body!

Chemicals: Your brain works on chemicals; we all know that. Dopamine and testosterone are released in your brain every time you succeed, creating a feeling often called the “winner effect”. Winning a game or achieving a goal affects your brain in the most amazing way, making your brain’s pathways connect, actually making you smarter! Because disc golf is an easier exercise, throwing exceptional throws and accomplishing even a short walk is likely to give you more energy and brain power.

Disc golf is unique because it’s accessible to all ages and skills. So, what are you waiting for? Head out to your nearest disc golf course today!

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Disc Golf & Mental Health – How To Support Those We Care About

Disc Golf And Mental Health – How To Support Those We Care About

Most of the time, there are only a few things on our minds when we reach the disc golf course. From worrying if we brought enough water with us and the right disc golf grips and throws, to focusing on finally getting a birdie on that one difficult hole, the disc golf mindset tends to be rather fixed. When you’re about to play in a tournament or even head out for a competitive but casual round, that thought process is fine, but what if there were other things to think about?

Many of us love playing disc golf because of the sense of community it can build, as new friendships are formed that otherwise may never have existed. People look forward to seeing their friends each week at league and you know there’s almost always someone to call when you want to go out and throw. Yet with such a sense of camaraderie, are we shortchanging ourselves by not getting to know each other on a deeper level?

Disc Golf Saves Lives

Talk with any number of people out on the course and time and time again you’ll hear phrases like “This sport saved my life” or “I found a sense of family from playing.” While every story is unique to the individual who tells it, there’s no denying that disc golf, as small as it may seem compared to other sports, has played a huge role in boosting the mental health of men around the world.

Feeling like we belong is a fundamental part of having good mental health and by sharing a common interest with other guys in your area, you’re increasing your level of happiness and ability to feel grounded. Talking about whether you’re playing in the upcoming tournament in town certainly helps you to connect with others, but what we’re really getting at is something much more personal.

Are You Doing Okay?

It’s sad to say and uncomfortable to think about, but sometimes men’s mental health concerns lead them to self-harm and even taking their own lives. While this doesn’t necessarily have a specific correlation to playing on a sports team or not, consider how you can take an active role in making sure that your friends are doing okay. Asking the question is tough, and for some, answering it can be even more difficult, but if no one checks in on each other, the consequences could be devastating.

The next time you’re playing a round of disc golf, look your friends in the eyes and ask how they’re doing. Create a safe space for them to share what’s on their mind by listening without judging and only offering advice if they want it. More often than not, we just want to be heard without having other people trying to “fix” our problems, so it’s important that you act as a support system for your golfing buddies.

If it sounds too intense, think back to a time when you really needed support around your own mental health and consider how big of a difference it would have made if someone asked you how you were doing. The disc golf communities around the globe are incredible, and it just makes sense that players can be there for each other during difficult times in life.

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