The team at RAD have designed 70+ disc golf courses throughout Australia – more than half the total number in the country. Our professional course designers are experienced in working with varied clients in diverse locations to skilfully design facilities that ensure participants of all abilities safely enjoy their experience.

Chris Finn
Chris FinnA Disc Golf Expert with Unrivaled Experience and Vision
With a remarkable 31-year journey in playing and teaching disc golf, Chris stands as a true authority in the sport. As a multiple Australian Champion and a seasoned competitor on the global stage, Chris brings an unparalleled understanding of the finest course designs worldwide. His extensive expertise ensures that every project he undertakes reflects unbiased exposure to the best practices and innovations in the field.
Drawing from 28 years of professional experience in the land surveying industry, Chris combines his passion for disc golf with his visionary approach to course designs. He envisions spaces that engage and captivate stakeholders at all levels, fostering an unforgettable experience for players and spectators alike. Prior to leading RAD as the owner and business manager, Chris successfully owned and managed an award-winning surveying consultancy based in Perth. This invaluable background empowers him to design courses that not only embody his passion for the sport but also meet the rigorous requirements of public and private sector project developments.
Chris’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his ability to harmoniously blend the elements of nature, sport, and infrastructure make him an exceptional talent in the field of disc golf course design. With every project, he brings a wealth of knowledge and a unique vision that elevates the standard and leaves a lasting impact on communities and players.
Andrew Ferguson
Andrew FergusonA Disc Golf Maestro Empowering the Sport's Growth
With over a decade of experience playing and promoting disc golf across Australia and the globe, Andrew stands as a true advocate for the sport. His passion for disc golf shines through in every aspect of his work, from initial consultation to the successful completion of over 35 disc golf course projects. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the game, Andrew has collaborated with various local governments, schools, and private businesses to design and deliver exceptional disc golf courses. As an esteemed Tournament Director, Andrew has left an indelible mark on the Australian National Tour, designing multiple renowned disc golf courses. His expertise was further showcased as the Event Organiser for the prestigious 2017 Aussie Open PDGA Major. Andrew’s dedication extends beyond the course, as he has served as a valued board member of Australian Disc Golf (ADG) and played a pivotal role in co-founding Geelong Disc Golf. Andrew’s personal journey with disc golf has been transformative, inspiring his unwavering commitment to the sport’s growth and development. His passion to see participation flourish and his desire to give back to the game that has enriched his life fuels his drive to create exceptional disc golf experiences for players of all levels. With Andrew’s wealth of knowledge, infectious enthusiasm, and relentless pursuit of excellence, he continues to shape the disc golf landscape and inspire countless individuals to embrace the sport’s transformative power.

Bald Hill Disc Golf Course, CLARINDA VICTORIA

Bald Hill Park Disc Golf Course is a brand new facility in the City of Kingston. The community of Clarinda, just outside Melbourne, can now call themselves home to a top of the line disc golf facility. This 9 basket 18 tee course not only has full signage and concrete tee pads, but also boasts a practice area complete with a “how to play” information sign and practice basket – the perfect introduction for those new to the sport. This new addition to the Melbourne area will be a draw card for visitors, help increase disc golf participation and encourage members of the local community to exercise in the outdoors.

The service provided by the team at RAD has been excellent, from the initial consultation to the detailed planning of the course. They were able to maximise the space at Christian College Geelong and provide an excellent course.
Steve Sullivan, Christian College Geelong

DiscGolfPark has designed a fantastic 18-tee course at Tintinara incorporating the features of the natural landscape. It is a great playing course for all ages and skill levels taking in lake views and walking trails through the native vegetation. The DiscGolfPark staff were exceptional in their knowledge of the sport and course design.
They were also very helpful, timely and supportive every step of the way regardless of distance, ensuring the equipment was of high quality and the installation process was trouble-free.  I highly recommend DiscGolfPark and look forward to the growth of the sport and more courses being developed in South Australia”

DiscGolfPark has designed a fantastic 18-tee course at Tintinara incorporating the features of the natural landscape. It’s a great playing course for all ages and skill levels, taking in stunning lake views and winding walking trails through the native vegetation. The course offers a fun challenge for beginners and experienced players alike.

The DiscGolfPark staff were exceptional in their knowledge of the sport and course design. They were incredibly helpful, timely, and supportive throughout the entire process, no matter the distance. They ensured the equipment was of high quality and made the installation process smooth and trouble-free. I highly recommend DiscGolfPark and look forward to the growth of disc golf in South Australia, with more courses being developed for everyone to enjoy.

Tanja Morgan, Coorong District Council

Disc Golf is a sport that is experiencing phenomenal growth across the world especially in Australia and the City was proud to support this project. Chichester Park Disc Golf Course is another example of the City’s commitment to fostering active and healthy lifestyle opportunities for the local community.

Troy Pickard, City of Joondalup Mayor

It was great working with Andrew and the team. They designed a great course that looks and plays amasingly. Campers have been enjoying the challenge and flexibility of the course. Highly recommend Andrew to everyone.

Rob Cummins, Lady Northcote Recreation Camp YMCA Victoria