First Comes the Course, Then Comes The Community Groups

You’ve no doubt heard about disc golf’s large following, and its community base is extensive, reaching across the world. And while it may seem incredible to have disc golfer followers and friends from around the world, there’s definitely something special about having a community based in your own neighborhood. But if you have to travel long distances for a chance to mingle with your own crowd, it’s time to consider a community closer to home. We can already hear people lamenting the lack of a disc golf course in their area. If you’re one of the crowd that wants a disc golf community but don’t know how to develop one, believe us when we say that, though it may seem unattainable, getting a disc golf course in your area is possible, and we’re here to help.

an image of group of people playing disc golf

Photo Credit: Elisha Sweetten

Use Your Talents For The Course

If you’re a fan of ours, you already know that we have articles about how to petition your council for a course and how to play without a course. But how can your personal talents lend a hand in making a disc golf course a reality in your area?

  • Mention Your Hobbies: Many people think that bringing up their favorite hobbies will make other people roll their eyes, but not so! Sharing the passionate disc golf part of you is likely to inspire others to try it out. Getting a disc golf course starts with a community support. Once the course is built, your community base will grow as others come to try it out.
  • Use Your Charm: Everyone has a little bit of magic in them, and the disc golf community is known for its friendliness. Charming your way through interactions with council members is a great way to make them see the light. 
  • Use Social Media: If you want to market anything, social media is a good place to start. The platforms are free for organic searches, and you can invite everyone you know around you! Plus, many disc golf groups have Facebook pages, so you’ll likely get to know some great people around you.

Benefits of the Course

an image of kids and men holding frisbee beside a disc golf basket target

Photo Credit: Elisha Sweetten

Not only does creating a disc golf course bring your community closer together, it also paves the way for friendships and community building from across the nation. 

  • Local Legends: Building a disc golf course unites a community, bringing people from all over town to play. Setting up a Come and Try day encourages people to join your group. When you’ve established yourself as a faithful disc golf player, many people will take advantage of your dedication and join you on the course.
  • Club Establishments: One of the most essential parts of a growing disc golf community is its clubs. Clubs are only as good as its members. If you set up a rapport with people in your community, your disc golf club will thrive. Coming together over the creation of a course will cement friendships and promote continued collaborations.
  • National Involvement: If your disc golf course is created by a professional, your course will pass inspection as a possible location for future tournaments. People that flock to national tournaments will create a great foundation in your community, encouraging people to come back time and again.

If you’re wondering how to get started, look toward RAD Creations! Our designers work with you to fulfill your course dreams and provide marketing through our own website and social media. Remember, if you build it, they will come.