Boosting Your Community Through Disc Golf Tourism

An image of group of kids playing disc golf

The well-being of any town or community is a complex topic to address, and depending on the varying aspects of your area, there may be different ways that you’d want to tackle the project of boosting revenues. Local economies often see growth from one-time events, but how can you ensure that your efforts will result in a long-term and sustainable change?

Believe it or not, communities around the world are finding immense amounts of success through disc golf, a sport that’s exponentially grown in popularity over the last few decades. Courses are easy and inexpensive to install and can bring new life to communities both large and small. Let’s take a look at just how this sport can be truly transformative!

A Numbers Game

It’s common sense that the more people there are who visit a specific town, the greater the chances are that the town will flourish. Restaurants, hotels, gift shops, and more all benefit from an increase in population, and if you have a disc golf course in your area, you’ll naturally see this benefit rather quickly. Disc golfers regularly travel to neighboring communities to play a variety of courses, allowing you to benefit from their frequent visits.

An image of Paul McBeth playing the Aussie Open

The sport also incorporates tournaments fairly often, and these big events are even more of an incentive for out of town individuals to come to your neck of the woods. Tournaments often bring in hundreds of people, and in some cases across the globe thousands, offering a huge surge in local revenues.

Supporting Local Groups

One of the great elements that disc golf brings to any community is a sense of camaraderie, where local groups and leagues are formed with the intention of playing together, growing their skills as individual players, and making new friends in the process. These clubs rely on memberships to thrive and can partner with local businesses to help each other out. Sponsorship between disc golf groups and retailers can bring attention to both parties in a mutually beneficial and inexpensive way.

Local disc golf stores near you can enjoy added revenues from stocking disc golf discs in their shop, again offering a symbiotic relationship – clubs in the area may work out a special scenario to stock discs with their artwork on it and with each disc they sell they’re advertising the course while also making a profit. Companies can even sponsor tournaments too, putting their name and logo in front of hundreds of eyes.

Setting Yourself Apart

Ultimately, disc golf is still growing and hasn’t yet become as mainstream as other sports, making it a prime opportunity for local councils to set themselves apart from other communities by getting involved. Installing a disc golf course in your area and supporting local players while also encouraging partnerships between clubs and businesses shows that you’re truly invested in the well-being and growth of your community.

Disc golf is an exciting new activity that adds an immense amount of value to any community and has shown time and time again to be a successful source of revenue for a multitude of parties. When you’re looking to integrate dynamic ways to boost your economy, consider what disc golf can do for you!