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Disc Golf Juniors

Disc Golf Junior

With all the constant hustle and bustle from over scheduling and children’s schooling activities, parents are often flustered when trying to schedule breaks in the day that will stimulate both mind and body. Luckily, disc golf is inexpensive, easy to learn, and doesn’t require booking in advance. College students have been throwing the disc around for several decades now, but kids are getting more and more involved in the sport. And the reason why? Disc golf is easy and fun to play, and courses are located all over the country!


Many parents find it difficult to find activities for young kids because they might have troubles grasping both concepts and objects. The good news is that the rules of disc golf are simple:

  1. Start at a tee off pad
  2. Throw a disc toward the disc golf basket
  3. The fewest throws by the end of the course wins

And that’s it! Because the game is so simple, kids tend to pick it up quickly. Frisbee golf course layouts range from exceptionally easy to difficult, and you can usually judge which course will fit your family best.

an image of a family playing disc golf


As parents, you probably hear that you should provide stimulation for your child. Sometimes that’s easier said than done. Finding time to schedule activities is hard, and it takes time. Usually one aspect of activity—like a puzzle or football—stretches the brain or develops a child physically, but the other aspect lacks. Disc golf, however, incorporates both physical and mental use at the same time.

an image of kids playing disc golf

Body Works: Disc golf has the unique ability to work muscle groups simultaneously. Throwing a disc teaches kids balance while working muscle groups like the legs, core, and shoulders, a whole-body workout! Children also get the benefit of walking out in nature. Often, one of the best parts of disc golf is the workout both you and your kids get by being out in nature and hiking from one point to the next!

Brain Works: Did you know that calculating a throw and factoring in elements like wind and range of motion is a skill that kids can take to university? Knowing how to essentially eyeball a range of motion teaches kids physics! Children who spend their time judging distances have already seen the practical applications of the basics of physics, and mathematical concepts will make more sense in the future.

Emotion Works: That’s right. Spending time outdoors helps your kids improve emotionally. Getting Vitamin D has proven to boost moods, preventing anxiety and depression, and it gives them an outlet for the jitters. Also, spending time in the fresh air improves mood and makes kids feel better. I mean, doesn’t it for you?


One of the best perks of disc golf is its accessibility. Not only are disc golf courses all around, but many online sites also pay homage to the sport, so you’re never alone. If you feel out of the loop when it comes to disc golf, don’t worry. There are plenty of resources, and starting a disc golf play group is easy to start and even easier to finance.

The online resource Kids Disc Golf gives an example of how a parent started a league for his child, and it was easy to begin. If you’re both new to disc golf, take the time to find out about it! There’s nothing better than getting out there with your child!

A Sport For Everyone – Understanding The Benefits And Growth Of Disc Golf In Australia

A Sport For Everyone – Understanding The Benefits And Growth Of Disc Golf In Australia

An image of group of people in a disc golf park

The quest to stay active is one that many people around the world struggle with, and now that so many people are spending so much of their time on electronic devices, it seems as if we’ve lost the sense of wonder and excitement that comes from enjoying what nature has to offer. When it comes to staying physically fit, often times people are at a loss, as taking a walk around their local park may not be incredibly exciting, but having the time and money to commit to other sports may also not be the right fit.

For Australians who want to increase their level of physical activity while enjoying the company of their friends or family, what options do they have? More and more people are pointing to disc golf, a sport that’s grown within the country exponentially in the last few decades. On the surface, it may seem like little more than playing a casual game with friends, but as we dig a bit deeper, you’ll see that it’s the answer to many of the challenges facing the park and leisure industry.

What Exactly Is It?

Disc golf is an all-inclusive sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and walks of life. You don’t have to be in top physical condition to play, and from casual rounds to intense competition, there’s a varying level of commitment that’s appropriate for everyone. The implementation of disc golf parks across Australia has completely changed the way that people view recreational activity, as it infuses new life into already established parks and sports arenas.

The goal of the game is simple and not unlike traditional golf, where the individual to get the fewest strokes wins. However, instead of using a club and a ball, players use specially designed discs and throw them using varying types of form. Courses across Australia offer a wide range of difficulty, allowing for seasoned players to test their skills regularly and those brand new to the game to have an enjoyable experience will still getting exercise.

As Parks and Leisure Australia has mentioned in their latest report, the ability for residents to have access to activities that promote social interaction, relaxation, and connecting with nature is critical to overall health and well-being. A round of disc golf easily meets all of these desires and then some.

Improving One’s Health

Statistics about the health of Australians, in general, are shocking, as nearly 25% of younger individuals are overweight and 63% of adults struggle with their health. Obesity in the country costs nearly $60 billion annually, and while this figure is spread across multiple areas of care, consider how much it could go down if people were able to get out and play a few rounds of disc golf every week, thus improving their health with ease?

An image of young ones practicing playing disc golf in a field

It’s not just the number when we step on the scale that calls for a reexamination of how we spend our time, but our emotional and mental health can also be significantly improved by this increased time outdoors. Up to 40% of young people have experienced some form of depression, and while it may sound superficial, spending time in the sunshine with friends while practicing disc golf grips and throws can make a huge difference toward a more balanced mood.

Like many other sports, disc golf offers participants the ability to focus on a particular skill set and measure their growth over time. Rather than offering a one-time activity that temporarily keeps people off of their smartphones or video games, it’s a game that will continuously challenge you but only to the level that you so desire. Individuals who are more competition-minded will love the option to play in local tournaments against others to see how their skills compare.

Assisting With Urban Planning

Disc golf parks in Australia have grown quickly in recent years, with a 2016 report noting that of the 48 courses country-wide, 15 of them were installed that year. As more and more people become interested in playing and both small towns and larger cities see the benefits that the sport brings to their community, it’s natural for disc golf’s popularity to continue to rise. Installing a 9 or 18 hole course in an already established park or sports facility is quite simple and relatively inexpensive, requiring minimal upkeep and even offering the potential to make money.

Tournaments at local courses promote partnerships between specific disc golf clubs and businesses, encouraging even more people to head out and get some exercise while watching their favourite players compete, as well as providing a boost to the economy through increased foot traffic. As the sport builds up a stronger base around each course, the potential for larger events and thus an even greater monetary benefit only increases.

An image of Paul McBeth playing in a disc golf event

Any urban plan that’s looking to enhance community offerings, improve safety at local parks by increasing visibility, and provide a family-friendly activity to boost the health and well-being of local residents should consider what disc golf can bring to the table. Similar to a light hike in terms of physical activity, a round of disc golf a few times per week can assist with weight loss goals, improve cardiovascular health, and lighten the mood during any stressful week. Overall, it’s a game that brings nothing but positives to the lives of Australians and can be truly life-changing for cities across the country.

Disc Golf – The Family Sport

Disc Golf – The Family Sport

Have you ever heard of disc golf? Though it may seem relatively new, disc golf has been around for over 40 years, and it just keeps getting bigger. Many sports today—like basketball, football, and cricket—often start players at a young age, but relative skill knocks out half of the players as the kids get older. Plus, if you feel cracking in your knees when you bend down to sit with a bag of chips in your hand, you probably don’t want to participate in a sport with your kids that’s going to put you in the hospital. Disc golf, however, grows with you, and it entertains the whole family.

An iamge of group of kids holding frisbee


Easy: And we don’t mean that in a “it’s a gray area” kind of way. Unlike many sports today, not only is the concept of disc golf easy to learn, but it actually plays out that way on the field. The biggest thing you need to know is how to throw a frisbee. Sound too easy? That’s because it should be! Because of its simplicity, young children are not only welcome, they are encouraged to play. Children learn coordination from many outside sources, but disc golf showcases the entire body. Besides, instilling a love for disc golf when they’re young will keep them active in the future! Specialized discs and skill come from continuous play, but you won’t struggle wanting to get out there on the field!

Rules: You are definitely not alone if you don’t know the rules for disc golf, and that’s what we’re here for. Just like what we affectionately call “ball golf,” disc golf is played by throwing a disc from a tee into a basket, and the person with the fewest number of strokes wins! Easy, right? That’s all you need to know to head to the course!

Everyone: And we mean everyone. Just like we mentioned before, kids learning a new sport or coordination will love this sport, but that’s not everyone. Disc golf has been designed to effectively accommodate everyone, including the blind, deaf, and handicapped. If your child has a disability, don’t be afraid to check out a disc golf course or park near you to see what the sport offers! Usually, something as simple as flat surfaces or whistles make a world of difference.

Free: So what if economists think that there is no such thing as a free lunch? The energy you expend on the disc golf field is energy best spent. Seriously. And the courses near you? They are most likely free. Because a disc golf course is so easy to maintain, it’s easy for a city to incorporate courses into parks, which are accessible to anyone and everyone. Even pay-to-play disc golf courses at resorts and golf clubs will only set you back $5-10 to have a throw.

Fun: Not only is playing disc golf fun to play, it also gives yourself and your children the opportunity to explore nature. Many disc golf courses around Australia and New Zealand offer beautiful hiking vistas, and the extra exercise you get from climbing and throwing a disc around keeps you and your kids in great shape.

An image of family playing disc golf in a disc golf park


We know having a lazy day every once in a while is nice, but spending time with your family engaging in a sport you love is definitely one of the perks of family living. Disc golf can be as interactive and exercise-intensive as you want, which means it can also be calm and relaxing. So, the next time you’re lying about at home, consider picking up a disc and heading to your nearest disc golf park.

Fundraising with Disc Golf

Fundraising with Disc Golf

Many times the word “fundraising” strikes fear into the hearts of people, as they envision having to go door to door trying to sell products to unwilling buyers. But when it comes to disc golf, using frisbees – or even branded clothing – to try to raise money isn’t as complex as you might think. The basics of hosting a tournament and using products to make a profit can be broken down into just a few simple steps.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the Course Need help fundraising with Disc golf?

How Do I Even Begin?

Let’s say you have your sights set on hosting a small one-day tournament at your local disc golf course. At first glance, it might feel overwhelming to think about, but the first step is to secure your location and check with your state coordinator if you plan on sanctioning your event.

Once those items are in order, the fun really begins. If you are part of a disc golf club, you might think about using some of your club funds to place an order for custom-stamped discs. These discs can be sold up to and during your event to raise money for course improvements, to donate to a local charity, or to make a contribution to a larger cause that’s close to your heart.

While it’s true that an order of custom-stamped discs might set your club back a few hundred dollars, the amount of profit that can be generated from selling them is exponentially larger than that.

During Your Event

Utilising the tools available to your club to create a great event through discs and disc golf clothing is even easier with many companies assembling awesome players packs. These items can often be the difference between an amateur player deciding to register for your event or not. They don’t need to be expensive and you can even create your own with super affordable price points that your club will appreciate.

Tournament directors can even opt to have extra items for sale during their tournament in an effort to generate additional revenue. We’ve all been to an event and realised we forgot our water bottle, towel, or maybe didn’t bring an extra shirt for round two. The availability of these products will only work to make your event that much more polished and professional while serving the players in attendance.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the Course Need help fundraising with Disc golf?

It’s Easier Than It Looks

Many of us have been to a local C-Tier and thought “wow, these guys know what they’re doing!” but in reality, it’s not as hard to run an event as it seems. Much of it is planning and jumping through hoops with local organisations to make sure your event isn’t interfering with other plans.

Once you’ve run a few local tournaments and have gotten the hang of it, as well as having built up your stock of custom discs and apparel, you’ll find that fundraising with frisbees is one of the most fun and easiest ways to raise money for your disc golf club! If you’re interested in partnering with RAD to run an event in your town, feel free to contact us and we can help you get started!

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Disc Golf – Good for your mind and body

Disc Golf – Good for your mind and body

Whether disc golf is something you’ve already delved deeply into or is a brand-new obsession, there is always something to love in disc golf. But what makes you love the sport? Most likely it’s because it fills something in your life, from getting exercise to learning new ways to control your mind and body.

Those of you who have played disc golf for years know what we’re talking about. Disc golf has a way of making both your mind and body feel good. If you’re new to disc golf, then it’s about time you learned about the benefits to playing the sport, and this includes more than just enjoying throwing the disc around.

Benefits to the body

Disc golf has a way of making our proverbial competitive bone itch. From leading the way at a competition to simply competing against yourself, we’ve all felt the need to improve our games. But did you know that disc golf has many other physical benefits as well? Here are just a few:

  • Heart Health: If you want to stay young, the key is dying young. For those of you who want to stay trim while still living life to the fullest for the longest period of time, we suggest paying attention to your heart. Disc golf makes your heart healthy. The sport gets you out of the house and sets your heart pumping. What could be better?
  • Lose Weight: If you’ve seen any of our other posts, you’ll know that there is quite a following with regard to disc golf weight loss. Not only are there assets to get you interested and started on your weight loss journey, but there are actually weight loss groups that report to and support each other on their quests. If you’re curious about starting one, simply start a search online to find a group that interests you.
  • Better Sleep: You’ve probably heard before that, to get better sleep, exercise is key. Well, they’re not wrong. Anything that gets your heart pumping will prepare your body for better sleep.
  • Fresh Air and Sun: When you were a kid, your parents probably told you to go outside and play. Not only was this a way to get you out of the house, but you probably felt better getting some Vitamin D. Spending time in the sun has proven to boost mood and drive away rickets. If nothing else, just enjoy the sun!

Benefits to the mind

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Anything that gets you out of the house is bound to help your mood. As we’ve said before, simply getting Vitamin D helps you feel better. But what does disc golf do for the mind? We’re glad you asked.

  • Reacquaint Yourself with Nature: Nature is beautiful and all, but what does that have to do with mental health? Actually, quite a lot. Spending time in nature is relaxing. When suffering from a mental illness like depression or anxiety, spending time with nature keeps you grounded and will lift your mood. Nature will also inspire you to think creatively. When you’re playing disc golf, you’ll feel healthy competitiveness, and this will naturally let you enjoy not only the game but life, too.
  • Stress: Remember when we were talking about anxiety literally a paragraph ago? Well, if you don’t struggle with anxiety but you’re feeling pressure in your work life, at home, or anywhere, take some time out of your schedule to go to a disc golf course. Not only does fresh air play a part in making you feel better, but enjoying physical activity was made for this. Disc golf, in particular, gives you a reason to get out and enjoy life.
  • Brain Health: Do you ever have trouble remembering or repeating things? Do you ever have trouble remembering or repeating things? Wait. . .that sounds familiar. . . . Supplying oxygen to your brain by any type of exercise gives your brain an extra boost. Disc golf, likewise, has breathing techniques specific to the sport! This will help your synapses connect with one another and promote healthy thinking.
  • Bringing in the Family: Now, you don’t even need to take this literally. Anyone close, including friends and coworkers, can be considered family. Spending time with loved ones reduces stress and promotes brain health. You’ll not only feel a sense of friendly competitiveness, but you’ll also spend a lot of time laughing, which boosts mood.

If you’re new to disc golf, you’ve probably spent a lot of your time wondering how to feel better or improve your life. As is evidenced above, disc golf is practically synonymous with better physical and mental health. So what are you waiting for? Disc golf is just waiting for someone like you to join the team!

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Disc Golf’s penchant for soothing the savage beast

Disc Golf’s penchant for soothing the savage beast

Do you remember what it was like to be a child? Cacophonous sounds and colors everywhere. Being the shortest person on the block. Learning to throw a ball. We’ll bet the one thing you remember best is not wanting to sit still. Parents, teachers, camp leaders, you hear us, right? Kids aren’t meant to sit still, and heaven knows that they don’t.

Rad Creations Recreation Activity Design Disc Golf’s penchant for soothing the savage beastGetting the mindset

When children are told to sit still, they have to mentally focus on that task—a lot like many adults, are we right?—which makes sitting still unproductive. Those young minds feel cramped in an activity that doesn’t let their creative juices flow. Anything getting them moving is bound to help them express themselves, but disc golf’s unique unstructured approach gives them the creativity to problem solve in the bounds of a safe environment.

Involving children in outdoor activities not only improves physical health but mental health as well. Disruptive children respond best to hands-on activities because they need an outlet for pent-up frustrations and a reason to understand complicated systems. A typical disc golf game can last about an hour, which means your kids can get plenty of play-time, and they can move to additional activities quickly.

Rad Creations Recreation Activity Design Disc Golf’s penchant for soothing the savage beast

Disc Golf’s unstructured advantage

It can feel like a lot to ask of a sport to play to the advantage of multiple players, single players, unsupervised play, and no adult intervening. There are so few sports out there that truly “have it all.” And that why disc golf has a much larger advantage than typical sports like cricket, rugby, football, or even ball golf. Here are just some of the advantages of disc golf that you don’t see in every other sport.

Low Supervision

Let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to curl in a ball and watch Netflix while finally relieving the burden of constant child supervision. Though it’s true that you shouldn’t leave your children wandering aimlessly through the streets, disc golf does offer parents and teachers the ability to teach children and simply watch them play.

Little to No Adult Direction 

Like we said previously, playing disc golf can give children the ability to think creatively. Children are usually starved for creative outlets that let them problem solve, but disc golf is such an outlet. Disc golf courses are usually found in public parks or on school grounds, promising a well-lit and safe location for children to learn. Once children learn disc golf (which is actually much easier than you might expect to catch on to), they don’t need adults pointing them in the right direction. The teeing-off areas and final baskets are clearly marked and some hiking trails that also exist as disc golf courses provide easy hills for youngsters.

Variations of the Game 

Who’s heard of both a team and solo game? We’ll bet there aren’t that many out there that are so versatile. Because disc golf is naturally unstructured, singles, doubles, or many players can play a round at the same time. Your weird cousin Mo and his wife Champagne can make those weird flapping gestures on their own time, or you can take your kids and howl with the best of them. We’ll bet your kids won’t be disappointed.

Time Constraints 

Here’s the catch: there aren’t any! Unlike ball golf, disc golf can take as little as 20 minutes or as long as you want! Children who are instructed in disc golf can take their time on the course at schools, camps, and parks. Many websites offer suggestions about how to make a disc golf course on your own like this resource from DGA, or you can create putting tournaments at your home if you feel like you don’t want to brave the lines at your local park.

There are many reasons children should become involved in disc golf, and these are just a few. If you feel as though your child is disruptive or needs an outlet to release energy and creativity, stop by your local disc golf supplies near you or shop online for a disc. There shouldn’t be a reason that your child behaves badly or is too energetic for school work or anything, for that matter. Disc golf is the perfect game to fit into your crazy schedules, so let’s head to the courses!

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Blending Camp And Disc Golf – A Recipe For Success

Blending Camp And Disc Golf – A Recipe For Success

When you mention the idea of camp to someone, more often than not images come to mind of warm summer days full of fun activities including swimming, climbing trees, and spending time in front of the fire. Kids of all ages can enjoy the activities at a camp while adults can also utilise them for team building trips and even vacation time away from the world.

Running a successful camp is no small task, and if you’ve been struggling to infuse some life into your area, you may consider adding a disc golf course to your property. A sport that’s blossoming in Australia and around the world, disc golf is ideal for all ages and offers a wealth of benefits to any established camp.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the game Camps

Easy From Start To Finish

Many times camps will have large spaces of underutilised areas that are just primed for a disc golf course. Wide open areas, as well as more densely wooded patches of land, are both great options for varying disc golf holes, and the more diversity you incorporate the more attractive your course will become. Installing a disc golf course is relatively inexpensive and then practically takes care of itself for the remainder of its years.

Disc golf allows players to enjoy a self-directed activity that’s safe, provides great exercise, and even incorporates a bit of a competitive mindset into the mix. You can include it in your regular camp itinerary or can offer it as a team-building exercise for company retreats.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the game Camps

Adding Up The Benefits

Although the sport is starting to gain more attention across Australia, one could say that it’s still in the relatively early adoption stages when it comes to incorporating it into camp environments. In most cases, disc golf courses are located in public parks and have not yet fully integrated into other areas of recreation. However the appeal to add unique extracurricular activities to your venue is clear – if your facility is one of the few in the area to offer disc golf, won’t it be that much more attractive?

A professionally designed and installed disc golf course will be safe for all players, as this is a top priority when it comes to determining a layout. Campers of all ages can play using minimal equipment, and courses can facilitate larger groups in a tournament setting or smaller numbers of people for a more close-knit experience.

Above all else, disc golf offers a unique sense of motivation while playing unlike other team activities, where your goal is to beat the course and result in the lowest score you possibly can. This experience is hugely beneficial for children of all ages as it instills the values of persistence and dedication through a fun activity.

The RAD team has installed multiple courses in Australia and is well-versed in creating incredible disc golf layouts across varying types of properties. If you’re ready to take your camp offerings to the next level and become the most appealing venue in your area, consider installing a disc golf course.

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The Health Benefits of Disc Golf

The Health Benefits of Disc Golf

Dismal and dark is the lot across the way. An old man coughs and falls to the ground. You continue to stare instead of going to his aid because you know the darkness will swallow him soon. You haven’t been outside for months, and, as the mayor of the town, you can see that the light has gone out of the eyes of the children. Stray litter paves the sidewalk. The children and parents stare about in a wild haze as their fat bodies waddle quickly from the grocery store. You know you should have called RAD Creations to put in that disc golf course.

We often see many factors play roles in bringing down the fitness in our communities, but cost and accessibility shouldn’t be part of them. Disc golf is practical and affects both the mind and the body. Though it may seem simple, disc golf has so many benefits to make you a happier and healthier person.

RAD Recreation Activity Design benefits of the game Health benefits of Disc Golf

The Body’s Escape

If you’re new to disc golf and you don’t know what you’ll find in the sport, consider following someone around. And we mean that literally. Even if you haven’t gotten the rules down yet, simply walking the course beats sitting at home and catching up on reruns of the Brady Bunch. Once you start walking, the movement will become a gateway drug into disc golf. As soon as you start, you won’t be able to stop.

Creating a beautiful environment gets people out the door and into nature. Disc golf is a sport that is not only for everyone, but it highly involves everyone. Grandparents, small children, and your buddy Fred with lockjaw can all handle easy rises and falls of your disc golf course’s hiking trails. As long as you go slow enough for wheelchair Sammy, you can invite the whole clan! All you really need to get anything out of this sport is a desire to explore the outdoors and a hankering for fun! Creating an environment suitable for the whole family is easy to make and cost-effective.

Do You Mind?

Disc golf is a mental game for both the creator and the players. Fitting pieces together and having a say in where you might create difficulty in the course definitely stretches those mind muscles. Deciding what discs to play for any given tee and knowing how your body will respond to the adjustment in plastic will make your mind active. After all, isn’t that what we’re looking for?

Going outdoors is proven to be a help—if not a temporary cure—for some mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Biologically, when you’re moving, your body releases endorphins that aid in lightening your mood and giving your body an additional mental boost. Even if your players feel like the only thing they can do is get out of bed that morning, creating an environment where they can go to relax will strengthen your community.

Healthy competitive sports inspire a sense of community, and putting a disc golf course in your town will bring people from all over to compete. You’ll be the talk of the area, and friends and family will have the chance to do something for a family reunion. Players forming companionships with other players give the economy as well as the community spirit a boost.

Has your town utilized every aspect it can get out of the sport? If not set up an appointment with RAD Creations to do something about enlivening your town. Disc golf will do that to you!

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A Family Activity – Let’s discuss the positives of playing Disc Golf!

A Family Activity – Let’s discuss the positives of playing Disc Golf!

You’ve probably at least heard of disc golf before. Your brother may play it, your girlfriend, even your third cousin twice removed with the gimpy leg might get out and throw the disc. But when it comes to family outings and camps for your kids, it’s hard to get them to participate in many activities that will help them in the future. So, how much can you and your kids actually get out of disc golf?

Disc golf is an utterly unique sport. Just let a kid throw a rock into the river and tell me that he uses backhand. It’s not likely, right? Do you want to include fair play into summer’s curriculum? Mathematics? Hand-eye coordination? Now, we’re not saying that disc golf will solve all your parenting problems, but it’s pretty close, and we’ll show you why.


Laser tag is fun, but that’s a lot of cash to hand over for just ten minutes of enjoyment. The lucky thing is that disc golf equipment is cheap—prices for discs usually start around $10—and the cost to play is equally inexpensive. Many parks throughout Australia and New Zealand offer free or inexpensive play and access to other park facilities. Here are just a few:

  • Swich-Ipswich Disc Golf Course located in Jamboree Park, Brisbane
  • Koala Park Disc Golf Course located in San Remo, NSW
  • Fehlberg Park Disc Golf Course located in Yeronga
  • Edison Park Disc Golf Course located in Canberra
  • Dinner Plain Alpine Village DGC located in Victoria
  • Fantasy Park Disc Golf Course located in Waikiki, Western Australia
  • Paraburdoo Disc Golf Course located in Paraburdoo
  • Tom Price Disc Golf Course located in Tom Price
  • Crater Lakes Disc Golf Course located in Mount Gambier

The list goes on, but we won’t, so here’s a link to all of the courses around Australia and New Zealand.

Recreation Activity Design Paraburdoo Disc Golf Course


Getting out to see the world is a good exercise for anyone, let alone the kids. Hiking up and down hills may seem crazy and boring for a nine-year-old, but pair it with throwing a disc, and the monotony of walking turns into a great sport! Not only does disc golf get your kid walking, but it also gives them experience with using different muscles.

Though disc golfing may seem like a fairly lazy sport, we beg to differ. In fact, there are many health benefits to disc golf, and there are even support groups to join if you’re feeling a little chunky. Hiking to each hoop on a variety of courses could give you anywhere from one to five miles of walking. Combined with a good diet, disc golfing might just help you shed a few pounds.

MENTAL HEALTHRAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the Game Family Activities Mental Health

Do you remember the last time you took stock of your mental health? Likely, no. It’s easy to get caught up in the business of life. If you’re looking for a sport to spruce up the upstairs, look no further.

  • Sleep: Let’s be honest. When was the last time you felt like you actually got a good night’s sleep? Any exercise can give you better sleep, but disc golf makes it fun. For those of you who have a hard time getting into the more intense exercises, disc golf will give you that extra dose of exercise without making you feel completely drained an hour later.
  • Endorphins: You know. Those fuzzy things in your head that make you feel good. Getting out into nature and breathing fresh air definitely gives your mind a boost. Not only that but spending more time with your family on a sport you all enjoy gives you those endorphins as well. And all for free.
  • Heart Health: Anything that gets your heart pumping improves your health. When you feel better about your workout, you’re more likely to keep doing it. Over time, disc golf will become your little bundle of goodness that keeps your heart happy for years to come.
  • Vitamin D: Not only does Vitamin D help your energy levels, but it also keeps your kids healthy. Vitamin D keeps your bones healthy and promotes growth in youngsters. A healthier body makes a healthier mind.
  • Math: Yeah, you heard us right. Disc golf scoring is rather rigorous. Now, that doesn’t mean that a child can’t do it, but it does mean that you have to keep close tabs on what you put down. Many tournaments will give severe penalties to players who score incorrectly. This is excellent practice for your little one, and, let’s just say it, for you, too.


As from our list above, it’s obvious that you can get far more out of disc golf than just throwing around a disc. It promotes sportsmanship, friendship, and healthy living. If you’re curious about how you can get started, don’t be afraid to ask. That’s what we’re here for.

Let’s get to the courses!

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