Importance of Outdoor Play in Childhood

Do you ever see your kids playing with their friends outside anymore? Consider the necessity of outdoor stimulus! Kicking around a plastic bag through the streets does give your kids exercise, but that’s not the best way to trigger mental advancement. There are better ways to get your kids in the sunshine than putting a projector outside and making your kids squint as Princess Peach throws grenades at Bowser. Being outside is essential to a growing body—in fact, to every body—and disc golf is a great way to get your kids out in the fresh air.


an image of kids playing disc golf

Playing outside is a great way for children to learn new things about physical activity. Disc golf uses muscles that are less common than those used in everyday activity. Disc golf focuses on stabilizing muscles in both the upper and lower sections of the body, which provides a great basis for growth. Spending time outdoors naturally develops hand-eye coordination due to physical interactions, but disc golf provides the unique ability to train children to fine-tune these skills through repetitive motion.


How often do your kids get to experience working with their hands in a way that doesn’t involve moving their thumbs? Getting out into nature provides stimulus for mind and body, which is essential for growing children. Disc golf makes kids move in and participate with nature. Letting your child take risks out of the home builds their brains, and providing a creative outlet like disc golf builds their bodies.

an image of kids playing disc golf


Outside, the great frontier. Watching the wind whip flora and fauna as you rush in and out of nature’s obstacles provides a great background to some truly epic stories. Children who are stuck inside all day often experience stories given to them; to make it worse, images are given to them as well, making imagination only applicable to those who create media. Kids should experience some of this on their own.

While sports are not often referred with imagination in mind, making a sport your own takes a lot of time and patience, forcing your kids to think out different strategies. Disc golf requires thinking outside the box and developing new game plans to challenge different opponents.


Not only is disc golf good for the experience of playing a competitive game, but it also provides the opportunities to grow through learning about nature. Sitting in the house all day can be a drag. If you don’t go crazy by nightfall, you’re one of the lucky few. Just image how the lack of stimulation affects your kids! 

Spend time teaching your kids about the importance of outside living. The benefits you get from taking a trip to the disc golf course extends far beyond the physical. Take the time to teach your kids about nature. Explain what they’re seeing and how their presence impacts nature. Build strong and healthy kids through providing an outlet for the jitters and involving them in life’s great experiences.

Whatever the reason you have to get the children out of the house, consider disc golf. Not only are kids more likely to benefit from the mental and physical nature of the outdoors, but spending time with you will give your kids positive memories for a lifetime.