Keep the green in your game

With all the hype about environmentally friendly activities and conservative fossil fuel usage, it can be somewhat daunting to find a sport that is not only clean to play, but also clean to build, maintain, and promote. Disc golf has some advantages that other sports don’t: you can play it anywhere, the cost of installation is inexpensive, maintenance of the course is minimal, and the course is actually enhanced by nature. If you’re looking to improve your city and you worry about your carbon footprint, check out these benefits to disc golf.



Freak of Nature


Now, even if your favorite sport doesn’t involve the ceremonial burning of gum trees and the sacrifice of shrubbery to a pagan god, there’s still a good chance that the field on which you’re playing cricket has had some impact on its environment. Many sports require cleared turf to set up for tournaments and recreational play. Disc golf, however, uses its environment to improve the game. Take a look at any disc golf course and you’ll see how nature provides the best obstacles for play. If you’re looking to create a course in your area, keep that in mind. You may promote more flora and fauna growth in your town!


Besides the cost for creating a field in another sport, there is also the manner of upkeep. Private clubs taking water from your city’s supply to create an immaculately green lawn for a private ball golf course may fry your beans, especially during a drought! Fortunately, disc golf prefers to go au natural. Allowing original vegetation to grow not only improves the state of the environment, but it also promotes natural evolution of habitat.


Actually installing a course is probably a lot cheaper than you think. Now, we know what you’re thinking: we just mentioned that installing a course for any sport causes some environmental damage. While this is true, disc golf is unique because of its low cost of installation. What does this have to do with the environment? The lower the cost, the fewer objects needed to install the course. You’ll be saving money while still encouraging people to enjoy nature!


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Bonus Promotions


Any menial manager knows that trying to promote anything, let alone impacts on Earth, can take you to the brink of physically shaking your intended clientele. Promoting an event using prizes and fun, however, can get the bogen down the way galloping toward you any time, day or night. Casually placing environmentally forward signage around your disc golf course will stick in the minds of children and adults. They’re more likely to remember facts when linked with playing something fun. Also, if you are looking for an increased audience for town facts and announcements, people coming from around the country might have a chance to see events from sign postage. The possibilities are endless.


We’re hoping that you’ve been a fan of disc golf for a long time, but if you haven’t, it’s time to get started! Not only is disc golf inexpensive, you can also play without feeling burdened by guilt for environmental impact. What could be better? Grab a disc and head out to the nearest course!