Starting Your Own Disc Golf League – Why Does It Matter?

Whether you’ve just been bitten by the disc golf bug or you’ve played for longer than you care to admit, there’s one thing that we know to be true – there is no such thing as too much disc golf. Playing casual rounds by yourself or with friends is fun, and competing in tournaments can bring to light an entirely different side to the sport. But how else can you enjoy playing in an environment that blends the two?

Many people turn to disc golf leagues, as this format for play brings a host of benefits to local players, your club, and the sport as a whole. Let’s check out some of the reasons why starting a league in your area is a total no-brainer!

An image showing family playing disc golf frisbee in a park


Despite the fact that disc golfers are typically pretty friendly people, there doesn’t always seem to be a huge emphasis on community in some parts of the world. In many instances, you can head out to a course and without knowing a single person there, thus experiencing a bit of isolation around the sport. This is where leagues come in quite handy, as they help to build your community, promote friendships between players, and offer an easy way to bring new players to the sport.

Imagine hanging out with your best friends for a few hours once a week – that’s basically what a league entails. Sure, you’re hitting your favourite course and throwing in some friendly competition along the way, but it’s the ideal way to blend socialization with regular exercise. Depending on your particular goals, you can even structure your league in such a way that includes handicapped scoring, offering players of literally any skill level the chance to come out without feeling overwhelmed.

An image showing man people buying disc golf frisbee and two people running


Disc golf clubs often enjoy hosting leagues because it brings about a wealth of benefits for their particular group. You can use part of each week’s entry fees to raise money for new baskets or tee pads or to help print up bag tags and t-shirts. Many times a league will have a specific cause in mind that they raise money for, and these goals can include assisting local groups or charities abroad.

Tying in tournaments into an established league is also quite handy, as you already have a core group of people to advertise to. Simply plan a few events each season on top of your pre established league night and you’ll be surprised by how quickly your local disc golf scene grows. Not only will your course be getting some welcome attention but the players in your community will continue to improve upon their skill set and form an even deeper connection with the sport.

The next time you find yourself wishing that you had more opportunities to play disc golf in your area, consider starting a league of your own or teaming up with an established club to get the ball rolling. After a little planning and some word of mouth, you’ll soon see nothing but benefits!