Disc golf – the sport where everyone fits in

Have you noticed that you can’t use the term “golf” anymore these days without specifying whether it’s the ball or disc variety you’re talking about? The sport of disc golf is on the rise, with more than 17% growth in 2016 compared to the previous year alone. More and more courses are being installed around the world, tournaments are held in new and exciting places each season, and players are getting larger payouts at high level competitions.

Contrast this to golf, or ball golf as many disc golfers will call it, which has been on the decline for years. Money Magazine noted some of the many reasons that golf is seeming to phase itself out of people’s lives, including the fact that it’s pricey, difficult, and flat-out uncool. So if you’re not into ball golf, but you’re unsure about disc golf, why should you take up the sport? Let’s explore disc golf, essentially a combination of golf and hiking, and find out why!

What Golf Can Do For You

Nearly any physical activity is good for you, but playing golf offers benefits that other strenuous contact sports just don’t have. Golf players will brag about how low key their sport is, but in reality, it boasts some pretty good features including:

  • Logging thousands of steps for each round played
  • Stimulating your brain as you focus on each shot
  • Increased opportunity for socialization which in turn boosts your mood
  • Stress reduction
  • The chance to be part of a community

In general, playing golf gets your heart pumping and provides even non-athletic individuals with the chance to get a good workout in. Because of the mechanics involved in playing ball golf, you don’t have to worry about sustaining an injury like you would in other activities.

hiking and disc golf

Take A Hike!

Let’s shift gears for a moment and examine hiking, a hobby that many people enjoy doing on their own or with their families and friends. Certainly a more strenuous activity than ball golf, hiking brings a host of health benefits with the added bonus of getting out into nature, including:

  • Helping to control your weight
  • Increasing muscle strength
  • Reducing depression
  • Lowering your risk for a plethora of diseases
  • Building up your cardiorespiratory fitness

You don’t have to live near a forest to get a good hike in the books, as many enjoy local parks, canyons, or even beachside trails. Hiking can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels, making it an activity for nearly everyone.

hiking and disc golf

Bringing Disc Golf Into The Fold

You might be wondering how ball golf and hiking relates to an article about disc golf, so let’s make the connection. When you play a round of disc golf, you’re essentially blending ball golf and hiking with a few small tweaks. The act of walking around a disc golf course is quite similar to going on a hike and offers many of the same benefits.

The mechanics of disc golf mirror ball golf quite heavily, and the game is even played according to nearly identical rules. The only thing that’s changed is you’re using your body and a disc instead of a club and a ball, and your targets are different as well.

If you’re looking for a great way to spend time outdoors and enjoy some physical fitness without breaking the bank or running the risk of getting hurt, give disc golf a try!