Disc golf basket design

Disc Golf a global phenomenon

Disc Golf a global phenomenon

Tourists going to rural towns to play disc golf? Who would go out of their way to find a destination location specific to disc golf? Well, it might surprise you to know that not only the sport has grown, but the financial ability to travel out of hometowns has also become a reality for many professionals, aspiring and otherwise. Professionals who had the ability to drop everything and leave for disc golf tours used to be down in the single digits, but that number has grown exponentially. Players are now able to compete professionally, which means that more people can flock not only to urban regions but to rural courses as well.



Disc Golf for tourism


So why build or maintain a disc golf course in your area? Simple. If you’re looking for an economic boost in your town, disc golf promotes tourism. Statistically speaking, disc golf courses in rural areas are more frequented by travelers. More urban areas tend to have greater numbers, but that is to be expected. The closer a disc golf course is to a populated area, the more likely locals will attend, but the further a course is to a peopled location, the more likely out-of-towners are to visit and increase property revenue.


These rural courses provide destination locations for church and school groups, among others. Some courses, including the Kiah Ridge Christian Conference Center in Tahmoor NSW, have already implemented disc golf courses into youth activities. Though commonly used as a retreat for church and school youth, Kiah Ridge’s course addition will soon become a destination location for disc golfers around the country.



As the popularity of disc golf continues to rise, becoming a touring location is more likely, which will ultimately mean the increase of revenue in your town. Disc golfers from around the country need accommodations, food, and likely souvenirs in prime touring locations. Disc golf course advertisement in your area brings players of all ages. Publicity for the sport, in turn, offers publicity for your town. The PDGA’s website gives a list of expected items to consider when planning an event. As a destination location for disc golf, your town can promote local to provide a town-wide exhibition of home-grown craftsmanship.


Local designers can also sell disc golf equipment specific to your town. Innova Disc Golf provides blueprints and custom layouts for disc imprints for your town and event. Visit their website at Innova Australia. Disc golf equipment is collectable, so add your town to the list.


Let’s be honest, it’s a known human fact that we tend to leave stuff at home when we should have brought it with us. Destination disc golfers may leave equipment at home, which brings us to you, the merchandizers. Offering on-hand professional equipment can also boost profits in your town. By keeping discs and bags available to destination golfers, your town can become a temporary hub for disc golf needs.

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Keep the green in your game

Keep the green in your game

With all the hype about environmentally friendly activities and conservative fossil fuel usage, it can be somewhat daunting to find a sport that is not only clean to play, but also clean to build, maintain, and promote. Disc golf has some advantages that other sports don’t: you can play it anywhere, the cost of installation is inexpensive, maintenance of the course is minimal, and the course is actually enhanced by nature. If you’re looking to improve your city and you worry about your carbon footprint, check out these benefits to disc golf.



Freak of Nature


Now, even if your favorite sport doesn’t involve the ceremonial burning of gum trees and the sacrifice of shrubbery to a pagan god, there’s still a good chance that the field on which you’re playing cricket has had some impact on its environment. Many sports require cleared turf to set up for tournaments and recreational play. Disc golf, however, uses its environment to improve the game. Take a look at any disc golf course and you’ll see how nature provides the best obstacles for play. If you’re looking to create a course in your area, keep that in mind. You may promote more flora and fauna growth in your town!


Besides the cost for creating a field in another sport, there is also the manner of upkeep. Private clubs taking water from your city’s supply to create an immaculately green lawn for a private ball golf course may fry your beans, especially during a drought! Fortunately, disc golf prefers to go au natural. Allowing original vegetation to grow not only improves the state of the environment, but it also promotes natural evolution of habitat.


Actually installing a course is probably a lot cheaper than you think. Now, we know what you’re thinking: we just mentioned that installing a course for any sport causes some environmental damage. While this is true, disc golf is unique because of its low cost of installation. What does this have to do with the environment? The lower the cost, the fewer objects needed to install the course. You’ll be saving money while still encouraging people to enjoy nature!


Recreation Activity Design Rob Hancock Memorial Disc Golf Course Greenwood WA


Bonus Promotions


Any menial manager knows that trying to promote anything, let alone impacts on Earth, can take you to the brink of physically shaking your intended clientele. Promoting an event using prizes and fun, however, can get the bogen down the way galloping toward you any time, day or night. Casually placing environmentally forward signage around your disc golf course will stick in the minds of children and adults. They’re more likely to remember facts when linked with playing something fun. Also, if you are looking for an increased audience for town facts and announcements, people coming from around the country might have a chance to see events from sign postage. The possibilities are endless.


We’re hoping that you’ve been a fan of disc golf for a long time, but if you haven’t, it’s time to get started! Not only is disc golf inexpensive, you can also play without feeling burdened by guilt for environmental impact. What could be better? Grab a disc and head out to the nearest course!

Raise your standards, raise your game

Raise your standards, raise your game

You’re on the course with your favorite disc golfer, learning the tricks and discussing ways to improve your throw. Suddenly the driver you’ve been using for the past year has a whole new dimension. You can finally hit those hoops. You’ve made it, and not just by a hair. You’ve upped your tournament score drastically, and now you’ve made it to the highest division! If this doesn’t describe you, don’t worry about it! There are loads of ways to improve, and one of the best is through interaction with people who are better than you. Below we’ll explore the best ways to advance by utilising the people around you.

Recreation Activity Design RAD How to Disc Golf Raise your game

Use the people around you

Disc golf can be a struggle if you feel you’ve nowhere to turn to improve. But believe it or not, those golfers you idolize were once in your shoes. All you need to do is get your feet wet in the disc golf scene to make introductions with highly skilled players.

Monthly Leagues: Many clubs around Australia offer disc golf leagues, some for recreation and some for competitions. Disc golf leagues for recreation are usually varied in skill-level, which means that you’ll have the chance to meet both new and seasoned players. Some clubs are sponsored by local businesses and invite disc golfers with more experience to their championships. Here’s a list of Australian Disc Golf Clubs – a great place to start.

Putting Leagues: People from all over tend to drift toward putting leagues when their short games could use a little work. Not only are putting leagues set up around various disc golf parks, but some are also held indoors. That’s right. You don’t have to go out in the blistering cold or the scorching heat to practice. Many putting leagues offer incentives as well, which means that tournament champs and professionals flock to these gatherings to be a part of the action. You can definitely pick up some tips making the rounds at a putting league.

Reach out to a Pro: People like praise. It’s one of our innate desires. So if you’re thinking you can’t make a connection with local pros, think again! Professionals like to make the rounds to different disc golf courses, and meeting them through your monthly or putting leagues is only a matter of time.  Professionals can not only give you advice in recreation, but they can also give you tips to make it to a professional level!

Team Building: Though you can definitely play disc golf on your own, there are so many benefits to playing with a team! Disc golf is unique because it requires you and your teammates to judge each other on your tee-offs and style. Teams enhance your game by offering friendly feedback. Plus, you’ll raise the bar by going out and playing with them! Teams are a great way to give you practice and keep you heading out for more! If you’d like to organise a clinic, get in touch with RAD here.

Move up in Skill: It should be fairly obvious that if you move up in ranks you get to meet better players. Challenging yourself by competing against better players forces you to improve. You will also get invited to more events, which means that you’ll get more practice! I know what you’re thinking: easier said than done, right? Check in with clubs and your own leagues to make it happen! If you believe you can, you can!

Get in there

If you’ve made it onto a disc golf course, you’ve made your first step! All others who have spent more than a few weekends on the courses, you’re already mostly there. Get yourself out there! It’s not hard to be one of the greats when you spend your time on a sport that you love!

Australian Disc Golf Course Directory

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Disc Golf – A sport for everyone

Disc Golf – A sport for everyone

There are many who struggle to enjoy disc golf because of mental or physical disabilities. Sometimes it seems embarrassing to play with friends when they seem to have everything down and you’re still struggling to toss the disc effectively. If this describes you, there is no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy disc golf with anyone else. Disc golf is all-inclusive, and the unique heads in this sport create adaptations and events specifically geared toward those of us who would normally struggle with the sport. Let’s read on to find out how disc golf can adapt to anyone’s game!

Physical and mental adaptations and events

Often, sports can seem out of the reach of those who are not physically or mentally up to the task, but adaptations of the sport can service a wide range of goals for people with physical and mental disabilities. If you’re skeptical, we’ll show you a few modifications and products to get everyone involved in the sport you love!

The sport that focuses on all-inclusion

Disc golf can easily be adapted to solo or multiple players. Many parks are wheelchair accessible in this no-contact sport, so everyone can feel comfortable roaming throughout the park. Disc golf is central around the players, and its easy adaptation is calming for those with physical and mental disabilities. Just like David Yakos, we don’t want anyone excluded from a sport because it’s not disability-friendly. You’ll feel at home in a sport that strengthens mind and body for all players!


Modified Play: Just like the Special Olympics, everyone needs a place to feel welcomed and suited to a sport. Perkin’s School for the Blind in Massachusetts, USA caters specifically to children learning to play disc golf. This simplified version develops skill, sportsmanship, hand-eye coordination, and more and works well for those with physical and mental handicaps. If you wish a program like this would show up in your neighborhood, don’t be afraid to start one of your own! The link listed above gives you exactly what you need to start your own centre.

Assistance devices: Embarrassment to play disc golf with friends and family should not be a reason not to play. Many struggle to throw discs with the same finesse as the professionals. Inventor David Yakos was among the many. Instead of giving up the sport, however, he chose to rise above the struggle and create a device that helps everyone with throw discs around. The Folf Club helps those with both physical and mental challenges to give them more confidence on the course.


Special Events: The United States Disc Golf Association (USDGA) has already hosted an international event for players with impairments such as amputees, wounded veterans, blind and partially sighted, special Olympians, stroke survivors, cerebral palsy, and many others. This has been the first event of its kind in the United States and is open to everyone over 16 years old. The founders were inspired by people with these impairments who have competed in like events and now are excited to host a championship that allows them to show off their talents. The USDGA offers this event for people all over the world and hopes to continue this event in the years to come. If you’re interested in signing up, visit USDGA.

The sport that focuses on all-inclusion

Disc golf can easily be adapted to solo or multiple players. Many parks are wheelchair accessible in this no-contact sport, so everyone can feel comfortable roaming throughout the park. Disc golf is central around the players, and its easy adaptation is calming for those with physical and mental disabilities. Just like David Yakos, we don’t want anyone excluded from a sport because it’s not disability-friendly. You’ll feel at home in a sport that strengthens mind and body for all players!



Why Should I Host A Disc Golf Event?

Why Should I Host A Disc Golf Event?

It’s one thing to head out with some friends and enjoy a nice round of disc golf, but did you know that there’s another facet to the sport that can offer a wealth of benefits to your local community? Not only is disc golf a great way to stay active and enjoy a fun sport, but it’s an endeavour that can be transformed into a full-blown event.

You don’t have to be a stellar disc golf player to run an event, and even if you don’t have much experience in hosting larger gatherings, the essentials are pretty easy to manage. Hosting a disc golf event can benefit a club or school in a number of ways, making it an ideal activity.

Addressing Your Local Club

If you’re fortunate enough to have a disc golf club in your area, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be hosting events every so often. While the nature of these activities can vary from a casual tournament all the way up to a seriously competitive weekend, the benefits you’ll enjoy are countless. Think back to when you first started disc golfing – how instrumental is it for new players to have a sense of community?

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the Course Why should I host a disc golf event

That’s exactly what hosting an event will do for your group, as it brings together new and established players for a bit of competition and a whole lot of fun. These social connections are key when trying to grow your membership base and spread the word about disc golf in general, so the more events you host, the better. Keep in mind that event fees can be directly reinvested into the club to help with course improvements, fundraising efforts, and more.

How Schools Can Win

It’s not just established players who can enjoy the benefits of a disc golf event, as there’s a huge push across the world to educate people of all ages about the sport. By partnering with a local school to host a fun disc golf day at your area course, you’re helping to introduce a new way for kids to engage with nature and stay active. Once students have been taught the basics of the game, you can host a range of events that build upon that knowledge.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the Course Why should I host a disc golf event

Youngsters may be inclined to join a local disc golf club, or perhaps even start a youth club of their own! Depending on how many courses are in your area, your school could partner with others to host inter-school competitions, thus adding another extracurricular event to the options currently available. As students grow up with the sport, they may even exhibit such a passion for disc golf that they work toward installing new courses and spreading the word to the local community.

Disc golf events aren’t overly complicated to host, and as long as you have a few people helping you along and you make sure to have a clear and organised plan, you’ll have just as great of a time as all of the attendees. If you have a passion for disc golf or simply want to provide new and exciting recreational activities in your town, consider hosting a disc golf event!

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First Comes The Course, Then Comes The Community Groups

First Comes the Course, Then Comes The Community Groups

You’ve no doubt heard about disc golf’s large following, and its community base is extensive, reaching across the world. And while it may seem incredible to have disc golfer followers and friends from around the world, there’s definitely something special about having a community based in your own neighborhood. But if you have to travel long distances for a chance to mingle with your own crowd, it’s time to consider a community closer to home. We can already hear people lamenting the lack of a disc golf course in their area. If you’re one of the crowd that wants a disc golf community but don’t know how to develop one, believe us when we say that, though it may seem unattainable, getting a disc golf course in your area is possible, and we’re here to help.

an image of group of people playing disc golf

Photo Credit: Elisha Sweetten

Use Your Talents For The Course

If you’re a fan of ours, you already know that we have articles about how to petition your council for a course and how to play without a course. But how can your personal talents lend a hand in making a disc golf course a reality in your area?

  • Mention Your Hobbies: Many people think that bringing up their favorite hobbies will make other people roll their eyes, but not so! Sharing the passionate disc golf part of you is likely to inspire others to try it out. Getting a disc golf course starts with a community support. Once the course is built, your community base will grow as others come to try it out.
  • Use Your Charm: Everyone has a little bit of magic in them, and the disc golf community is known for its friendliness. Charming your way through interactions with council members is a great way to make them see the light. 
  • Use Social Media: If you want to market anything, social media is a good place to start. The platforms are free for organic searches, and you can invite everyone you know around you! Plus, many disc golf groups have Facebook pages, so you’ll likely get to know some great people around you.

Benefits of the Course

an image of kids and men holding frisbee beside a disc golf basket target

Photo Credit: Elisha Sweetten

Not only does creating a disc golf course bring your community closer together, it also paves the way for friendships and community building from across the nation. 

  • Local Legends: Building a disc golf course unites a community, bringing people from all over town to play. Setting up a Come and Try day encourages people to join your group. When you’ve established yourself as a faithful disc golf player, many people will take advantage of your dedication and join you on the course.
  • Club Establishments: One of the most essential parts of a growing disc golf community is its clubs. Clubs are only as good as its members. If you set up a rapport with people in your community, your disc golf club will thrive. Coming together over the creation of a course will cement friendships and promote continued collaborations.
  • National Involvement: If your disc golf course is created by a professional, your course will pass inspection as a possible location for future tournaments. People that flock to national tournaments will create a great foundation in your community, encouraging people to come back time and again.

If you’re wondering how to get started, look toward RAD Creations! Our designers work with you to fulfill your course dreams and provide marketing through our own website and social media. Remember, if you build it, they will come.

Getting Started In Disc Golf Is Easier Than You Think!

Getting Started In Disc Golf Is Easier Than You Think!

When was the last time you tried something new? It may have been painting or cooking, or perhaps you joined a sports team without knowing much at all about what you’d be doing. Take your mind back to the emotions you were feeling beforehand – there was likely a fair amount of excitement involved, but equally, there was anxiety and uncertainty around not wanting to do this thing in the wrong way, right?

an image of a man playing disc golf in a disc golf course

Believe it or not, many people feel that exact same way when it comes to disc golf. It’s a sport that’s not as widely known as football or basketball, and therefore it brings an air of mystery along with it. You may have driven past a disc golf course in the past and wanted to play but hesitated as you weren’t sure what to do – today we’re going to solve that problem once and for all.

Just Have A Go!

If you look at a professional level disc golf player, you’ll likely see that they have a lot of gear. A bag full of discs is always by their side and along with a towel, stool, scorecard, and more, it might seem a bit intimidating to get started, let alone expensive. Don’t worry – you’re not required to have this level of investment right off the bat, as disc golf can be played with literally just one disc.

an image of a disc golf store

Whether you borrow one from a friend or buy the cheapest one at your local sporting goods store, simply bring one disc to the course if you’re hesitant about disc golf in general. While there are special discs for different types of shots, this one Frisbee will give you enough of a feel for the game to see what you think about it.

Then, once you fall in love with it like the rest of us have, you can take the time and money to invest in a disc golf starter kit and eventually an entire bag full of your very own discs.

When And Where?

an image of group of people holding a disc

Another challenge that people often foresee when wanting to try disc golf is that they don’t know when to actually go and play. If there are other people on the course, can you join too? Are there specific times when you can play, or will you run into issues of not having a reservation?

Rest assured, most courses are open to all players during daylight hours, and the bulk of them are also free to play. The only exception might be if a tournament is taking place, but there will be plenty of signs letting you know that the course has been reserved for this special event.

The next time you feel inspired to try something new, grab a disc, a few friends, and head out to the nearest disc golf course. The entire sport places a focus on community and if other players are there, they will likely take some time to explain things to you and teach you the ropes. Don’t let disc golf feel intimidating, as it’s one of the few activities that is ideal for all ages!

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Disc Golf – A Lifetime Sport

Disc Golf – A Lifetime Sport

It may seem like disc golf, though very prevalent in some areas of the country, simply doesn’t make the list of most popular sports in the world. The familiar “Huh?” when you try to explain your passion seems indicative of a sport that’s having difficulties getting its feet off the ground. So how much is disc golf actually growing? How much of disc golf has made it to mainstream sports broadcasting?


an image of the global disc golf course growth chart

Yes, disc golf has increased rapidly, even the past few years, and it’s continuing to grow in areas outside of the US, where disc golf originated. Nearly 20% of all disc golf courses in the world are outside the US. Since Australia now only boasts 55 (as of the latest poll last year), it’s time we joined the band wagon and became a disc golf giant. 


What’s in a disc? Men and women are both interested in disc golf, but how many of each are really invested in the sport? If you look at mere statistics, the overwhelming answer is men, showing 92% of males playing disc golf.

But that doesn’t mean that women are not joining the ranks. Although only 8% of the PDGA’s registered disc golf players are women, the number is growing rapidly. With an increase of around 300%, women number in the 3,600s, and the number is still on the rise. Imagine how high that number could reach in a matter of years if everyone brought their mum along.

an image of the PDGA Membership 2018 Age Group pie chart

Photo Credit: PDGA 2018


We’ve heard it time and again. Disc golf is played by people of all ages and creeds. It may surprise you to know how the numbers stack up. Everyone, from various educational backgrounds to wide ranges in household incomes, play disc golf.

  • Age: While it may not surprise you to know that the majority of players are in the 20-40 age group, it may surprise you to note that people who love disc golf also play from ages 0 – 70+. Now, we’re not saying that the youngest of our members are walking around in diapers chucking a disc, but families bring loved ones to the course, which increases the age range of disc golf members.
  • Household Income: Any sport is usually associated with a price tag, and many newcomers to the sport may think that investing time in a sport that will cost them is not the best option for their families. However, since disc golf is relatively cheap and free courses are available across the country, people from all financial backgrounds can join disc golf. The majority of disc golfers earn less than $100,000 per year, but don’t let that scare you if your pocket book is empty. Roughly 18% of all disc golfers make less than $40,000 per year, which is below the average income in Australia.
  • Education: Many disc golfers now have an average education level, much like the general population. The vast majority of disc golfers have received less than a Bachelor’s degree, but people of all education levels enjoy the sport.

an image showing - DISC GOLF can be enjoyed by ANYONE DESPITE AGE & LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE 

Disc golf is absolutely an “everyone” sport. From location to personal attributes, people all over the world enjoy disc golf, and it is continuing to grow rapidly. Membership has grown by 358% over the last ten years, and it continues to become more popular every year. So, who knows? You may have disc golf friends ranging from Norway to Chile in the years to come!

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Increasing Council Praise Through Disc Golf Involvement

Increasing Council Praise Through Disc Golf Involvement

an iamge of two men talking in a disc golf park

Being a part of local government is no small task – trying to make everyone happy all of the time is a tall order to fill, however, most councils find they can balance their priorities and make enough improvements to their local community that they receive fair amounts of praise. From installing new playgrounds to maintaining and bettering sports fields, the impact a council can have is tremendous.

But what if your council is looking to do more within the community? There are only so many changes one can make to existing recreational facilities, yet one potential solution lies within a sport that’s quickly growing across Australia. Let’s explore how local government can receive more praise through their involvement with disc golf.

Playing The Part

an image of woman playing disc golf while two men watching

It’s clear that in order to upgrade a playground structure or to design a state of the art sporting facility, a great deal of time and energy is required from the local council. Not only do they have to approve the plans that are put in place, but they’re responsible for ensuring the safety of the facility and, as best as possible, are trying to meet the needs of all community members.

For this reason, it’s no wonder that councils get massive amounts of praise when these improvements and additions are finalized. Everyone can see just how dedicated the council is to providing better recreational opportunities within the community, and their efforts are praised time and time again. However, there’s an even bigger opportunity on the horizon when it comes to disc golf.

Teamwork And Gratitude

Installing a disc golf course is just as large of an effort as developing a new playground or field, and it often falls upon the shoulders of unpaid local disc golfers who have the desire to grow the sport within the area. While disc golf clubs will certainly need the green light from their local council to move forward with their project, it creates an ideal opportunity for government members to proactively partner with clubs in order to make the project a success.

an image of disc golf apparels

Time and time again, disc golf players can share stories about how their local council wasn’t helpful when it came to course design and installation, often turning what should be a fun process into one that’s completely overwhelming. Instead, why not take it upon yourself to be supportive of this new recreational opportunity and help out every way that you can?

Not only will local disc golfers be eternally grateful to their council for helping them throughout the process, but local government members will be praised for incorporating a unique and family-friendly activity into the community. Disc golf is growing at an exponential rate and is ideal for all ages and athletic abilities, however, it’s difficult to help introduce it to others when there aren’t enough courses in a given area.

Consider how your council could increase the level of praise and community approval you receive by partnering with local disc golf clubs on their future projects. Who knows, you just might find a new sport that you enjoy too!

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How To Ensure The Growth of Disc Golf

How To Ensure The Growth of Disc Golf

an image of poeple playing disc golf

Even though local councils put sport expenditure into their budgets for communities, many people take it upon themselves to build a disc golf course for free. Camps and resorts also cut corners on important components like course design, but at what cost? It has been well documented that there have been incidents caused by people who have taken setting up courses into their own hands. Disc golf is an amazing sport, but designing and delivering a course is a big responsibility. Without professional consultation it can spiral out of control quickly. A professional is necessary to providing a safe environment for everyone, and RAD provides a service that is necessary to those who want to safely build the sport.

Since disc golf provides millions with fun and a needed break, keeping the record clean is essential to continued growth. Our RAD team of professional designers and project managers focuses on keeping environments safe for everyone. 


an image of two man standing in the middle of a disc golf park

Some tend to think that setting up their own disc golf course is cheaper and easier than hiring a professional, but this kind of thinking results in poorly planned designs and possible injury to players and other park users. 

Local councils provide the opportunity for growth in many ways, including sports. Budgets include expenditure on projects that benefit the community, so finding the funding should not be an issue. Councils who invest in hiring a professional  can take solace kin knowing the project is being handled correctly will result in a course that will stand the test of time. 


an image of papers and designs of a disc golf course

RAD employs two full-time employees and hosts of contractors, both equipped with experience spanning years, and they are highly dedicated to the sport. Our goal is to keep funds coming into the disc golf community, supporting all our members. The purpose of RAD is to create an environment that encourages disc golf to old hats and those who are new but interested with safe installations and designs for generations to come.

Our company’s and sister companies’ funding goes directly back in to growing the sport. We believe in providing a foundation for all disc golfers, and providing locations where everyone can enjoy the sport is just the tip of the iceberg. We also offer employment to people who love the sport and want support of local events, all in the name of disc golf.

If you’re looking into starting a disc golf course, consult a professional. RAD provides excellent products and services which will make your journey a snap. We also provide articles for petitioning your local councils for starting a disc golf course!

Don’t take the chance on an unsafe design when you can have a course that stands the test of time. Continue the good name of disc golf and ask a professional!

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