Disc Golf a global phenomenon

Tourists going to rural towns to play disc golf? Who would go out of their way to find a destination location specific to disc golf? Well, it might surprise you to know that not only the sport has grown, but the financial ability to travel out of hometowns has also become a reality for many professionals, aspiring and otherwise. Professionals who had the ability to drop everything and leave for disc golf tours used to be down in the single digits, but that number has grown exponentially. Players are now able to compete professionally, which means that more people can flock not only to urban regions but to rural courses as well.



Disc Golf for tourism


So why build or maintain a disc golf course in your area? Simple. If you’re looking for an economic boost in your town, disc golf promotes tourism. Statistically speaking, disc golf courses in rural areas are more frequented by travelers. More urban areas tend to have greater numbers, but that is to be expected. The closer a disc golf course is to a populated area, the more likely locals will attend, but the further a course is to a peopled location, the more likely out-of-towners are to visit and increase property revenue.


These rural courses provide destination locations for church and school groups, among others. Some courses, including the Kiah Ridge Christian Conference Center in Tahmoor NSW, have already implemented disc golf courses into youth activities. Though commonly used as a retreat for church and school youth, Kiah Ridge’s course addition will soon become a destination location for disc golfers around the country.



As the popularity of disc golf continues to rise, becoming a touring location is more likely, which will ultimately mean the increase of revenue in your town. Disc golfers from around the country need accommodations, food, and likely souvenirs in prime touring locations. Disc golf course advertisement in your area brings players of all ages. Publicity for the sport, in turn, offers publicity for your town. The PDGA’s website gives a list of expected items to consider when planning an event. As a destination location for disc golf, your town can promote local to provide a town-wide exhibition of home-grown craftsmanship.


Local designers can also sell disc golf equipment specific to your town. Innova Disc Golf provides blueprints and custom layouts for disc imprints for your town and event. Visit their website at Innova Australia. Disc golf equipment is collectable, so add your town to the list.


Let’s be honest, it’s a known human fact that we tend to leave stuff at home when we should have brought it with us. Destination disc golfers may leave equipment at home, which brings us to you, the merchandizers. Offering on-hand professional equipment can also boost profits in your town. By keeping discs and bags available to destination golfers, your town can become a temporary hub for disc golf needs.