Raise your standards, raise your game

You’re on the course with your favorite disc golfer, learning the tricks and discussing ways to improve your throw. Suddenly the driver you’ve been using for the past year has a whole new dimension. You can finally hit those hoops. You’ve made it, and not just by a hair. You’ve upped your tournament score drastically, and now you’ve made it to the highest division! If this doesn’t describe you, don’t worry about it! There are loads of ways to improve, and one of the best is through interaction with people who are better than you. Below we’ll explore the best ways to advance by utilising the people around you.

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Use the people around you

Disc golf can be a struggle if you feel you’ve nowhere to turn to improve. But believe it or not, those golfers you idolize were once in your shoes. All you need to do is get your feet wet in the disc golf scene to make introductions with highly skilled players.

Monthly Leagues: Many clubs around Australia offer disc golf leagues, some for recreation and some for competitions. Disc golf leagues for recreation are usually varied in skill-level, which means that you’ll have the chance to meet both new and seasoned players. Some clubs are sponsored by local businesses and invite disc golfers with more experience to their championships. Here’s a list of Australian Disc Golf Clubs – a great place to start.

Putting Leagues: People from all over tend to drift toward putting leagues when their short games could use a little work. Not only are putting leagues set up around various disc golf parks, but some are also held indoors. That’s right. You don’t have to go out in the blistering cold or the scorching heat to practice. Many putting leagues offer incentives as well, which means that tournament champs and professionals flock to these gatherings to be a part of the action. You can definitely pick up some tips making the rounds at a putting league.

Reach out to a Pro: People like praise. It’s one of our innate desires. So if you’re thinking you can’t make a connection with local pros, think again! Professionals like to make the rounds to different disc golf courses, and meeting them through your monthly or putting leagues is only a matter of time.  Professionals can not only give you advice in recreation, but they can also give you tips to make it to a professional level!

Team Building: Though you can definitely play disc golf on your own, there are so many benefits to playing with a team! Disc golf is unique because it requires you and your teammates to judge each other on your tee-offs and style. Teams enhance your game by offering friendly feedback. Plus, you’ll raise the bar by going out and playing with them! Teams are a great way to give you practice and keep you heading out for more! If you’d like to organise a clinic, get in touch with RAD here.

Move up in Skill: It should be fairly obvious that if you move up in ranks you get to meet better players. Challenging yourself by competing against better players forces you to improve. You will also get invited to more events, which means that you’ll get more practice! I know what you’re thinking: easier said than done, right? Check in with clubs and your own leagues to make it happen! If you believe you can, you can!

Get in there

If you’ve made it onto a disc golf course, you’ve made your first step! All others who have spent more than a few weekends on the courses, you’re already mostly there. Get yourself out there! It’s not hard to be one of the greats when you spend your time on a sport that you love!

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