Why Should I Host A Disc Golf Event?

It’s one thing to head out with some friends and enjoy a nice round of disc golf, but did you know that there’s another facet to the sport that can offer a wealth of benefits to your local community? Not only is disc golf a great way to stay active and enjoy a fun sport, but it’s an endeavour that can be transformed into a full-blown event.

You don’t have to be a stellar disc golf player to run an event, and even if you don’t have much experience in hosting larger gatherings, the essentials are pretty easy to manage. Hosting a disc golf event can benefit a club or school in a number of ways, making it an ideal activity.

Addressing Your Local Club

If you’re fortunate enough to have a disc golf club in your area, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be hosting events every so often. While the nature of these activities can vary from a casual tournament all the way up to a seriously competitive weekend, the benefits you’ll enjoy are countless. Think back to when you first started disc golfing – how instrumental is it for new players to have a sense of community?

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the Course Why should I host a disc golf event

That’s exactly what hosting an event will do for your group, as it brings together new and established players for a bit of competition and a whole lot of fun. These social connections are key when trying to grow your membership base and spread the word about disc golf in general, so the more events you host, the better. Keep in mind that event fees can be directly reinvested into the club to help with course improvements, fundraising efforts, and more.

How Schools Can Win

It’s not just established players who can enjoy the benefits of a disc golf event, as there’s a huge push across the world to educate people of all ages about the sport. By partnering with a local school to host a fun disc golf day at your area course, you’re helping to introduce a new way for kids to engage with nature and stay active. Once students have been taught the basics of the game, you can host a range of events that build upon that knowledge.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Benefits of the Course Why should I host a disc golf event

Youngsters may be inclined to join a local disc golf club, or perhaps even start a youth club of their own! Depending on how many courses are in your area, your school could partner with others to host inter-school competitions, thus adding another extracurricular event to the options currently available. As students grow up with the sport, they may even exhibit such a passion for disc golf that they work toward installing new courses and spreading the word to the local community.

Disc golf events aren’t overly complicated to host, and as long as you have a few people helping you along and you make sure to have a clear and organised plan, you’ll have just as great of a time as all of the attendees. If you have a passion for disc golf or simply want to provide new and exciting recreational activities in your town, consider hosting a disc golf event!