The Health Benefits of Disc Golf

Dismal and dark is the lot across the way. An old man coughs and falls to the ground. You continue to stare instead of going to his aid because you know the darkness will swallow him soon. You haven’t been outside for months, and, as the mayor of the town, you can see that the light has gone out of the eyes of the children. Stray litter paves the sidewalk. The children and parents stare about in a wild haze as their fat bodies waddle quickly from the grocery store. You know you should have called RAD Creations to put in that disc golf course.

We often see many factors play roles in bringing down the fitness in our communities, but cost and accessibility shouldn’t be part of them. Disc golf is practical and affects both the mind and the body. Though it may seem simple, disc golf has so many benefits to make you a happier and healthier person.

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The Body’s Escape

If you’re new to disc golf and you don’t know what you’ll find in the sport, consider following someone around. And we mean that literally. Even if you haven’t gotten the rules down yet, simply walking the course beats sitting at home and catching up on reruns of the Brady Bunch. Once you start walking, the movement will become a gateway drug into disc golf. As soon as you start, you won’t be able to stop.

Creating a beautiful environment gets people out the door and into nature. Disc golf is a sport that is not only for everyone, but it highly involves everyone. Grandparents, small children, and your buddy Fred with lockjaw can all handle easy rises and falls of your disc golf course’s hiking trails. As long as you go slow enough for wheelchair Sammy, you can invite the whole clan! All you really need to get anything out of this sport is a desire to explore the outdoors and a hankering for fun! Creating an environment suitable for the whole family is easy to make and cost-effective.

Do You Mind?

Disc golf is a mental game for both the creator and the players. Fitting pieces together and having a say in where you might create difficulty in the course definitely stretches those mind muscles. Deciding what discs to play for any given tee and knowing how your body will respond to the adjustment in plastic will make your mind active. After all, isn’t that what we’re looking for?

Going outdoors is proven to be a help—if not a temporary cure—for some mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Biologically, when you’re moving, your body releases endorphins that aid in lightening your mood and giving your body an additional mental boost. Even if your players feel like the only thing they can do is get out of bed that morning, creating an environment where they can go to relax will strengthen your community.

Healthy competitive sports inspire a sense of community, and putting a disc golf course in your town will bring people from all over to compete. You’ll be the talk of the area, and friends and family will have the chance to do something for a family reunion. Players forming companionships with other players give the economy as well as the community spirit a boost.

Has your town utilized every aspect it can get out of the sport? If not set up an appointment with RAD Creations to do something about enlivening your town. Disc golf will do that to you!