Provide Your Communities With Something Completely New

The constant drone from your fellow administrator about the same subject—earning money and supporting the community—every day for three weeks straight seems tired. Still, you may be stuck at that meeting unsure about what to do without any new suggestions. Understanding the community but being unable to find a profitable solution can seem daunting. So, what about disc golf?

Disc golf may be completely foreign to you. It’s not the first time we’ve heard that. Disc golf, however, is easy to learn and maintain. It’s also a safe sport, which means that people won’t be breaking necks spending time on your course. And last, but certainly not least, your community will become closer, and the closer the community, the more likely a disc golf course is to attract attention from outside sources.

An image of a family on a disc golf course


Quite often when you’re starting something new that you’re fairly sure no one else has ever heard of, it’s common to wonder who would be interested in a new sport. Disc golf, however, is growing exponentially, and it’s only a matter of time before it hits your town.

But who is going to join a sport in your community that they’ve never tried? The beauty of disc golf is its simplicity. Disc golf does not require an established player base. New players can quickly pick up the sport, which makes it highly desirable to people either unsure about sports in general or are hesitant about playing. It really is open to everyone!

And, yes, disc golf is highly available to those who need a little more assistance.

  • Though the Perkins school for the blind is located in Boston, it still provides information and plans for people who are blind that still wish to play. They provide uniquely tailored instructions for the blind.
  • The deaf community is not only involved in disc golf, but it has a designation specifically tailored to the disability. The DDGA, though only currently available in the United States, offers information, membership, and links to media at their website.
  • Installing ramps and wheelchair accessible locations gives your frisbee golf course design an edge. Priding paths or even terrain will make your site more popular than many others. Consider the revenue you can receive from players from all over the country drawn to your course! Community members with disabilities can benefit from installation specifically tailored to their needs.


Disc golf has been around for a surprising amount of time. Long before Frisbees were openly marketed, students would throw pie tins to each other. We have long since evolved, and the disc golf industry, let alone the Frisbee industry, has expanded exponentially.

If you’ve played golf before, you’ve got the gist of what happens on the course. There is a teeing off location, baskets, and a whole lot of green and obstacles in between. The person at the end with the lowest score wins! Easy, right? Well setting up the course is just as easy.

An image of a family playing disc golf


Sure, this all sounds good, but where will you put a course? Luckily, that question is fairly easy to answer. Consider that park you have in the middle of town. Is it rundown? Is it begging for a revamp to keep away trouble makers and vandals? That’s the perfect location! Not only does disc golf offer a presentable location for anyone who wants to visit, but it also keeps that location looking pristine. Amazing, right? All of this from a little game!

If you have a little more money to spend, consider providing a location close to your town that utilizes all types of sports. Sports clubs tend to bring in even more revenue, and adding an attraction to an already teeming sports location brings in even more people. Plus, for parents who are afraid of their children getting hurt, disc golf is a safe alternative to many sports, including football and soccer. You’ll be grateful you took the time to look at locations to benefit your town and community.


So why would you want a disc golf course? Well, for all the information we’ve previously stated and more.

Setting up a course is easy and cost-effective. Before you baffle at a price, consider what we can do for you. With a professional and experienced designer, you don’t have to worry about designing a course or wondering where to put in the equipment. A well-designed course is more fun, and joining a tournament course will definitely more than make up for the price of installation. RAD Creations offers disc golf course options to suit all budgets, and their courses provide designs that are ready-to-play. You can view our installed courses and designs here.


After all this information, how do you know when to put in a course? Well, the answer is now! RAD provides the means for a community to grow! Don’t forget how important your town is to you and your fellow citizens. Get out there are get it done!