Get Your Slopes Ready For Year-Round Fun With Disc Golf

We all know that ski resorts can be some of the most popular recreational attractions during the winter months, but what happens when the sun comes out and people no longer want to spend time on the mountain? Some smaller groups may like the idea of biking along trails or hiking through the trees, but once the weather gets warm, there’s a significant shift away from these destinations.

Imagine if that didn’t have to be the case, and as an owner or operator of a ski resort, you could have just as many people flocking to your neck of the woods all year long! By integrating a disc golf course on your property, that dream could become a reality. Let’s get a better understanding of just how disc golf and ski resorts are an ideal match.

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Using What You Have

In many instances, installing a disc golf course requires a lot of upfront work to groom a section of land so that it accommodates this family-friendly game. The slopes and bike paths of a ski resort, however, are already primed and ready for a 9 or even 18 hole course to be installed with ease. A low-cost endeavor that will pay for itself time and time again, disc golf incorporates an active way for people to enjoy time at your facility.

Just like people come to expect a charge when they want to spend time skiing down the mountain, visitors can also pay a minimal fee for access to the course. A small $5 or $10 a day use charge could start to add up quickly and provide a great stream of revenue during off months. Not only are disc golf baskets easy to maintain but the sleeve component used for installation allows them to be removed and stored away during busier winter months.

Growing By Leaps And Bounds

Many would argue that disc golf is becoming one of the more popular sports across the world, and its recent growth in Australia has been huge. Not only does it offer a way for people of all ages to get more exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, but it also benefits local communities in a big way. Disc golf courses tend to be vacation destinations for die-hard players, thus boosting the economy through lodging, restaurants, and more.

If the thought of incorporating a disc golf course onto your property sounds overwhelming, there’s a team that can help. Recreational Activity Design is well-versed in utilizing the unique features of ski resort properties and has developed some incredible courses across the country. One of their more popular layouts is at Thredbo, a popular resort with a wide variety of outdoor activities.

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Whether your facility is a prime location that has visitors year-round already or you’re looking to expand upon the attractions you currently offer, disc golf is a great way to make your property even more special. A sport that uses inexpensive equipment to play and is suited for all levels of athleticism, disc golf can open up more opportunities than you ever thought possible!