Diversify Your Customer Base With Disc Golf

Running any kind of sports complex, whether it’s a camp, ski resort, or golf course, often involves targeted marketing to your specific clientele. Sometimes these efforts go a long way and you’re overwhelmed with the positive support that you’re given, yet for some, it seems that their attractions have become less and less appealing. If you’re interested in bringing back life to your area, what can you do?

More and more Australians are becoming involved in disc golf, a sport that’s been steadily growing across the globe for the last 40 years. Easy to play and fun for all ages, disc golf courses provide an ideal way to bring new customers to your area and help with revenue streams. Let’s learn how!

Great For Golf Clubs

One of the most popular places we’ve seen disc golf coming up is on the golf course, as this sport can bring new people to your club and helps to boost profits and memberships. Whether your land is constantly filled with players or a little quieter than you’d like, a professionally designed and installed disc golf course will utilise areas off the beaten path, allowing for players of both sports to enjoy their activities safely and uninterrupted.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Here to Help Diversify Your Customer Base With Disc Golf MundaringImage Source

A prime example of the potential a disc golf course can bring is at Mundaring Disc Golf Park in Perth. Not only does the golf club get the benefit of more activity from daily casual players, but it was home to the Aussie Open in 2017, the first PDGA Major ever to be hosted in the Southern Hemisphere. Ensuring you have a unique and challenging disc golf course design opens up even more opportunities for events and income to bolster your club.

Recreation For All

It can be said that specific sports activities only cater to individual demographics, and often times that’s true. You typically don’t see a two-year-old on skis or a teenager on the golf course, although there are always some exceptions. Yet with disc golf, people of nearly every age and athletic ability can enjoy a round of 9 or 18 holes while spending some quality time in nature.

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This all-inclusive aspect of the sport is exactly what makes it so appealing for camps and clubs to include it in their line-up of fun. Installing a course does carry an initial expense, but the maintenance required is very low once your layout is completed. Not only does it draw people to your venue, but you can even charge a nominal fee of $5 or $10 to play and add tens of thousands of dollars to your bottom line every year.

The RAD team has installed multiple courses in the country, successfully integrating disc golf into golf clubs and other existing outdoor venues. Since the inception of these layouts, the sport of disc golf has grown by leaps and bounds, creating a buzz of excitement within smaller towns that once struggled to maintain their revenue stream. If you’re looking for a way to boost your club memberships and add new life to your area, consider a disc golf course.