Let’s Explore Thredbo Disc Golf Course

A popular attraction all year long, Thredbo offers a host of summer and winter activities designed to meet the needs of everyone. Whether you’re hoping to help the kids burn off some extra energy or you’re looking for a new way to be active, there’s no denying that Thredbo is the place to be. One of their many activities is actually available all year long, and it’s something that’s great for all ages.

Recreation Activity Design Flat Friday Thredbo NSWThredbo features both a summer and winter disc golf course designed for all skill levels. Played according to rules that are similar to the game of golf, individuals use plastic discs and try to land them into an elevated metal basket in as few throws as possible. Named Friday Flat, the summer arrangement features holes designed for beginners and advanced players. Winter’s course, called the Golf Course, is designed for intermediate and professional players.

Getting To Know Friday Flat

Brand new players will feel right at home on holes 1 through 9 at Friday Flat, the summertime course at Thredbo. The area’s natural foliage offers a good amount of natural obstacles to navigate around, but hole lengths here are fairly short and geared toward all abilities. Bring your own discs or purchase some at Thredbo Sports and get ready to enjoy a fun afternoon!

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If you’re ready to test your skills during the hot summer weather, there’s still a challenge for you at Friday Flat. The course offers two sets of tees, and instead of playing the beginner’s Red layout, you can have some fun on the Blue track. While all nine holes here are par 3’s, the ability to throw far will certainly help you out.

Winter Fun At The Golf Course

A different challenge awaits you at this second Thredbo disc golf course, as both White and Gold layouts are designed for experienced players. You’ll notice more trees to contend with and some holes do reach a more lengthy par 4. The Golf Course is great for disc golf players who have some experience under their belts, and while anyone can certainly test their skills here, it was designed to be demanding.

Not only will you have more length to contend with, but several areas do present some water hazards that could add strokes to your score in no time. Both layouts at the Golf Course offer players the chance to practice all elements of their game, including technical shots as well as trying to gain distance.

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The next time you’re near New South Wales, take some time to explore all that Thredbo has to offer. You may be initially attracted to skiing, running on the trail, fly fishing, or even hiking, but make sure to stop by the disc golf course while you’re there.

Disc golfing is a great activity for families with young children, adults who are looking for a new way to exercise, and even older folks who want to stay active outside. Both the Golf Course and Friday Flat are great places to come with friends and engage in a little competitive fun.

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