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Licola Wilderness Village – Creating A Legacy For Disc Golfers

Licola Wilderness Village – Creating A Legacy For Disc Golfers

Being able to play on a professionally installed disc golf course is a treat that many Australians don’t get to enjoy all too often, but when you also bring a range of other fun activities along with a family-friendly atmosphere, you’ve stumbled upon a recreational heaven. Such is the case at Licola Wilderness Village, a facility in the Victorian Alps that sits along the McAllister River. Expertly run with passion and dedication by Camp Manager Adam Wake, it has become a destination for disc golfers and a legacy for adults and kids alike.

An Epic Course

Designed in 2012 by the team at DiscGolfPark Australia, the course at Licola Wilderness Village offers a little something for everyone. While it may only consist of 9 holes, it’s both a great layout for beginners and one that will challenge seasoned players to shoot well if they want a great score. There’s a relatively even mix between shorter holes that offer birdie opportunities along with longer holes which will allow players to practice their distance drives.

At only 705 meters and a par 28, the frisbee golf course design at Licola Wilderness Village provides individuals of all ages the chance to get some light exercise while enjoying a family-friendly game. You can be as competitive as you like when playing disc golf, opting for a serious challenge between friends or an opportunity to learn a new skill with classmates or co-workers. Players can pick up scorecards at the office and if you don’t have your own discs, that’s perfectly fine. With a small refundable deposit, borrow some for a round or two!

Changes At The Village

The township of Licola is owned by the Lions Clubs of Victoria and southern New South Wales with the Village itself taking up a large portion of the area. Camps are held regularly during school holidays to offer fun activities and a sense of community to all in the Victoria area. Running such a finely-tuned establishment is no small task, and for Adam Wake, it’s become home to him.

After 11 years of building Licola Wilderness Village into an incredible place full of exciting amenities, Adam is moving on to other opportunities. He was instrumental in the installation of the disc golf course and countless other activities including archery, field games, raft building, and more. The team at RAD owes an immense amount of gratitude toward Adam for all that he’s done to bring unique recreation to Licola and we wish him success moving forward.

What Are You Waiting For?

While it may not be centrally located in a major city, the disc golf course at Licola Wilderness Village is worth the trip. Not only will you get the chance to play on a professional course that weaves in and out of the beautiful camp setting, but you’ll be able to enjoy other adventures during your visit. Great for team building, school trips, or just a weekend full of family fun, Licola Wilderness Village needs to be on every Australian’s bucket list.

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Pine Lines – A gem in the Perth Hills

Pine Lines – A gem in the Perth Hills

an image of pine lines disc golf course

Imagine a disc golf course that’s on a picturesque piece of land with holes that are as challenging as they are lovely to look at. If you live near Gidgegannup in WA, then this dream has actually been turned into a reality. Pine Lines is a custom 18-hole course that’s located about 45 minutes northeast of Perth and has received national recognition time and time again. Home to the Perth Open for the last five years, it’s a gem of a layout within the Perth Hills. Let’s explore what Pine Lines has to offer!

What You’re In For

Although Pine Lines isn’t open to the general public as it’s situated on a piece of private land, this 50-acre monster does host multiple tournaments over the winter months. Established in 2015 by Keenan Vellios & David Bandy, the holes weave their way in and out of a pine tree plantation. As if there was any doubt, we’ll confirm it for you – this course is very heavily wooded, and with turf tee pads and disc golf baskets designed by RPM baskets and RAD , it demands the highest level of play.

An image of trees in a disc golf course

Pine Lines measures in right around 2007 meters and is typically set as a par 64, but has recently been extended to 22 holes for the 2019 Perth Open. It’s made up of a very nice mix of holes, with nearly half of them offering a birdie opportunity if you can muster the right line and others letting you air out your arm, within reason of course. Some areas are a bit more wide open but don’t count on max distance as your main strategy here; instead, get ready to use every shot you have in the bag.

A Mecca Of Disc Golf

An image of trees and a disc golf target in the middle of a disc golf course

Not only is Pine Lines exquisite in its own right, but the town of Gidgegannup itself is a place worth visiting. A very small area with under 3,000 residents, it boasts a Wildflower Scenic Drive and regular shows by the Gidgegannup Agricultural Society. For those who love nature and want to experience more than just what Pine Lines has to offer, a stroll through the town will scratch your itch to be one with Mother Earth.

In all honesty, though, the Perth Open is reason enough to make a trip to Pine Lines, as this event is organized with the utmost of care and is run by locals who know the course inside and out. As a PDGA C-tier, it draws competitors from many areas in Australia and is one of the more notable tournaments during the season. Pine Lines isn’t open often, so if you can make it to this special event at least once, you’ll get to experience disc golf as you’ve never seen it before.

The crew that works tirelessly to keep Pine Lines well-maintained deserves an extra round of thanks, as this land has never looked better! If you’re in WA and can make it out as a spectator for this weekend’s event, it’s certainly worth the drive. Otherwise, keep your eyes open to see when Pine Lines is open again to the public and take advantage of playing this special course.

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Christian College Disc Golf Park

Disc Golf in Schools: Christian College Leading The Way

Many young students who have loved disc golf for years often have to either give it up or travel long distances to find a disc golf course. It’s likely, when out of school, that you had the opportunity to travel to different locations to find the perfect courses. With school classes taking up most of your time, though, finding a new spot is difficult. Christian College in Waurn Ponds, Victoria, has not only met basic playing needs, but they have gone a step above and beyond.

Christian College Disc Golf Park is a beginner friendly course with 6 baskets and 12 tee-off locations. Not only does the facility serve students for physical education classes, it also provides a fun recreational space between classes at lunchtime and after school. Teachers also use the course to host lessons in physics and maths and to give the students an opportunity to exercise.

Student Benefits

For those students enrolled in physics and maths who constantly complain, “when are we ever going to use this in real life?” the answer is clear: disc golf. Basic physics equations, or the three basic formulas, deal with the movement of objects in real life. Through the movement of discs, instructors can give hands-on access to tangible physics and maths. Students who need help bonding with others, disc golf provides the opportunity through team bonding. Spending time fellow students makes the school experience more enjoyable, boosting grades.

Mental and physical fitness is important for people of all ages, especially for bodies that are still growing. Concerns about whether students are exercising enough is easily avoided when an all inclusive activity like disc golf is on hand to play anytime. Think about it. Spending time outdoors brings more mental power, and added Vitamin D gives a healthy boost for the mind and body.

All Abilities

Some sports and I’m sure that you can name at least ten, have difficulties adapting to players of all abilities. Unlike most, though, disc golf’s simple design can easily adapt to those in wheelchairs, those who are deaf, and people who are blind.

Blind students, with proper disc golf grips, can learn to throw by teachers or even fellow students. Clickers and whistles to direct the blind to targets make it possible for them to play. The deaf, because they are sighted, may easily see the baskets and still interact with students. Wheelchair-accessible courses are easy to negotiate with flat surfaces, and those who need a little extra help may invest in products such as the Folf.

Proper Placement

The Christian College course is short, but its placement around the school’s two ovals provides a sufficiently technical course. Unlike many other courses, this course is private and is only available to students and those with permission offered far in advance. Instead of just placing trees on the property, the use of space-related to the disc golf park is much better for the economy and publicity for the school. Definitely a win-win scenario.

If you’re new to the game, take the time to check out the benefits of playing! If you’ve played all your life and want to know where to take your kids to school to get the most out of its space, head on over to the Christian College to get more information.

An image showing a map of christian college disc golf park

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A First In South Australia – The Tintinara Disc Golf Course

A First In South Australia – The Tintinara Disc Golf Course

Disc golf is steadily becoming more and more popular, and as city organisations are placing more of an emphasis on the health and well-being of their residents, it seems that many are turning to this sport for help. In May 2016, the first disc golf course in South Australia opened at Lake Indawarra after countless hours of dedication from local players, city officials, and more. Named after the town it’s in, the Tintinara Disc Golf Course is ushering in a new movement when it comes to family fun and promoting an active lifestyle.

RAD Creations Recreation Activity Design Tintinara Disc Golf Course DesignAll About The Course

Catering to both brand new players and those who are familiar with the sport, the layout at Tintinara plays around the lake and offers beautiful views throughout. There are a total of nine baskets with 18 different tees, and their disc golf basket design allows you to play from easier beginner-friendly areas or gives you the option to challenge yourself a bit more.

As you play through the trees, you’ll enjoy benefits similar to a short hike. Many people love disc golf for its ability to make exercise completely fun, as groups of friends or family members can head out to the course, throw some discs, and have some laughs. Staying active is key to a healthy lifestyle, and the Tintinara Disc Golf Course can certainly help with that effort.

New to disc golf? No problem, as discs and scorecards can be obtained from Heart of the Parks during open hours. Easy to navigate signage allows brand new players to step right up and know exactly where they should aim as well as guides them to the next hole with ease.

Local Support

Unlike other courses that have been installed across Australia by avid disc golf players, the main push behind Tintinara was through the Coorong District Council and its Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle (OPAL) team. Together with the Tintinara Action Club, the entire community has worked to install this course and promote it to residents and beyond.

Its location was particularly important, as Tintinara is a great stopping point when traveling. Positioned on the Dukes Highway between Adelaide and Melbourne, the disc golf course encourages people to park the car for a while, get out and stretch their legs, and also enjoy a sport that’s likely brand new to them.

A very small town itself, Tintinara disc golfers are excited about the potential that this course brings to their area. Not only does it cut down on travel time when they want to get a round or two in, but tournaments thrown here also encourage others to visit, thus boosting the local economy and helping to spread the word about this great course.

Recreation Activity Design Tintinara Disc Golf Park

The next time you’re near Tintinara and you’re interested in having a bit of fun, stop by the disc golf course at Lake Indawarra. You’ll no doubt find some locals there who are more than willing to help you learn the basics of the game while showing you around, and you just might find your new recreational passion.

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A Piece of Australian History – Poimena Reserve Disc Golf Course

A Piece of Australian History – Poimena Reserve Disc Golf Course

The sport of disc golf has come a long way around the world with milestones dating back to the early 1970s. When it comes to the courses that Australia has to offer both casual and professional players, perhaps one of the biggest events was the installation of Poimena Reserve Disc Golf Course in 1985. Located in Austins Ferry, a small suburb outside of Hobart, it has become a hotspot of activity.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Courses Poimena Disc Golf Course

Image Source

Until the mid-1980s, there was no true permanent location for people to play in the entire country, but with the implementation of 9 fixed baskets and the support of the Glenorchy City Council and local residents, the course has been improved and expanded upon to create an ideal destination for some disc golf fun.

How Poimena Reserve Is Special

Given its age, this disc golf course has undergone a range of upgrades, improvements, and expansions over the decades to create one of the most desired layouts in the area. Initially, it consisted of just 9 baskets, and it was on this configuration that the Australian Open took place each November. In 2007, 9 more holes were added thanks to the hard working Hobart Disc Golf Club to create a well-rounded course totalling 18 baskets. Not only has the Australian Championships since been held there since, but another big event hosted there is the inaugural competition – the Two Heads Disc Golf Open.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Courses Poimena Disc Golf Course

Image Source

In addition to the layout itself undergoing an expansion, new tee signs and tee pads were installed to make it that much easier to navigate from hole to hole. Another upgrade in 2010 brought alternate tee pads, allowing players to choose between two places to tee off depending on their skill level. Free to play and open all year round, Poimena Reserve is a great place for friends and families to spend a few hours in nature.

What Can You Expect?

Designing an exceptional disc golf course is no easy task, and the geographic features on the Poimena Reserve property made for an extra challenge. Players will find themselves winding around a massive hill throughout all 18 holes, and not only does this mean that shots must be even more precise, but it also allows for individuals to enjoy beautiful views of the River Derwent. Measuring in at 1900 meters, you’ll certainly get your fair share of exercise after just one round.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Courses Poimena Disc Golf Course

Image Source

Poimena Reserve Disc Golf Course was the site of both the 2011 and 2015 Australian Disc Golf Championships, and with a fan base that includes a range of the world’s top professionals like Nate Doss and Valerie Jenkins, it’s safe to say that this layout is one of the most prized in the area. The next time you’re interested in trying a new activity with your friends or family members, consider heading out to the area to play some disc golf.

Even if you’re short on time, the configuration allows for only 9 holes to be completed with ease. With 40 acres of beautiful scenery to enjoy and a little friendly competition in the works, Poimena Reserve DGC might be your new favourite place to play!

Introducing A New Sport For Burnie Residents – Disc Golf

Introducing A New Sport For Burnie Residents – Disc Golf

If you’ve been exploring in the heart of Burnie and want to engage in a fun activity, there’s no shortage of great things to do. The Regional Museum, Aquatic Centre, and of course exciting things at the coast are all on the list of most visitors and residents, but sometimes changing it up a bit can be great. Rather than engaging in the same routine, why not try disc golf? Established in 2018 and designed by Michael Rubock, it’s become a great addition to the Burnie area.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Courses Burnie Disc Golf

Image Source

A sport that’s been steadily growing in popularity over the last 40 years, disc golf is making its way into what seems like every city and town in Australia. Designed to be fun for all ages, it’s a sport that doesn’t require a lot of money or athletic ability. Let’s dig a little deeper and see what Burnie Disc Golf Course has to offer!

Easy To Find, Easy To Play

Conveniently located on View Road, Burnie Disc Golf Course is a short drive away from Burnie Primary School, Hellyer College, and the University of Tasmania, Cradle Coast Campus. You’ll often see students of all ages enjoying a round at this nine-hole course, as it’s a great way to take a break from studying and get outside to enjoy some fresh air.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Courses Burnie Disc Golf

Image Source

While some disc golf courses are quite long and require an advanced set of skills to really have a good time, the course in Burnie was specifically developed by Rubock to appeal to all experience levels. A nice mix between short, medium, and long holes are blended with a range of terrain, offering some open areas and some sections that require you to deal with trees in your path.

Burnie Disc Golf Course features some elevated baskets for an added challenge along with concrete tee pads that allow for safe and smooth play. If you’re lucky, you might even catch some wildlife while you’re out for a round! Measuring in at a total of just over 1100 meters, it’s a great way to get some exercise in.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Courses Burnie Disc Golf

Image Source

Support From The City

Disc golf is a sport that can be played by all, and it’s often promoted as a great family activity. The park settings in which courses are typically installed offer a great level of safety and encourage people to get their exercise while playing a fun game. Given that the sport has received so much overwhelming support across the country, the local Burnie Council assisted with the process on this once vacant council parkland located near the dog park.

Since its installation, the inaugural Burnie Disc Golf Championship tournament took place there and had numerous players come out to enjoy the fun. Sponsored by the City Council and Discology, it was a great first event for this amazing course. The next time you’re interested in a fun adventure in the sun, pick up some discs and head over to the Burnie Disc Golf Course. See who can make it to the basket in as few throws as possible and enjoy a little bit of friendly competition!

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Let’s Enjoy Some Fun At The Mandurah Disc Golf Course

Let’s Enjoy Some Fun At The Mandurah Disc Golf Course

There are a ton of ways to spend time with friends and family outside, and sometimes the usual activities can get a bit old. If you’re interested in doing something fun that’s great for all ages, consider heading out to the disc golf course in Mandurah. Located at Hall Park on the Western Foreshore, it’s an easy drive from John Tonkin College and would make a great stop before or after visiting the Just 4 Fun Aqua Park or Community Museum.

Wondering what disc golf entails and curious about how it made its way into the city? Keep reading to learn about one of the quickest growing sports in Australia – a sport that’s designed for all activity levels and skill sets.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Courses Mandurah Disc Golf Course

Enhancing The Outdoors

The City of Mandurah has been incredibly supportive of the disc golf course at Hall Park, installed in 2015 by Andrew Ferguson and Chris Finn of RAD – Recreation Activity Design. Not only was a series of events held welcoming local families to the course, but the entire project was funded as part of a Western Foreshore revitalization project with money coming from the Federal Attorney General’s Department through the Safer Streets Fund.

Officially, Mandurah Disc Golf Course opened in March of 2016, but plenty of smiling faces were seen there well before then. Discs can be checked out from the Mandurah Visitors Centre or you can bring your own to enjoy this nine-hole layout. Print out a scorecard ahead of time here and engage in some friendly competition!

The Sport Of The Future

If you’ve never heard of disc golf and are interested in giving it a go, the course at Mandurah is one of the best places for an inaugural round. Each of the nine holes offers a bit of a unique challenge, whether it’s a wide open space that allows you to throw as hard as you can or having to navigate between trees to make it to your target. Rather than relying on pure strength or athletic ability, disc golf is all about knowing how to throw the disc with proper form to achieve the type of shot you’re after.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Courses Mandurah Disc Golf Course

Of course, if you simply want to take a walk in the park and throw some frisbees while you’re at it, that’s okay too! Some individuals take the sport very seriously and compete in local tournaments, but it should in no way be considered something that’s not a great casual activity during the summertime or weekends. Mandurah brings a great design to all players, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a first-time player.

The next time you’re visiting the Western Foreshore and want to spend some time outside, check out Mandurah Disc Golf Park and see how you take to the sport. A blend of playing catch and taking an easy hike through the park, it’s a game that can be enjoyed by all. The City of Mandurah, together with RAD, created a true gem of a course that’s convenient, clean, and a ton of fun!

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Enjoy Some Family Fun At Alexander Heights Disc Golf Course

Enjoy Some Family Fun At Alexander Heights Disc Golf Course

Warm weather is finally here and if you’ve been looking for some fun activities to do with the kids this time of year, why not head over to Alexander Heights? The Ian Robbins Park holds a variety of your classic kid-friendly activities including a recently upgraded playground, half basketball court, and even some exercise equipment. Many love to play cricket or football here as well, making it a great place for families.

Yet if you’re interested in something a little out of the ordinary, what else can you do? Thanks to the team at Recreation Activity Design, this park now includes a 9 hole disc golf course! Let’s explore a little bit more about this sport and what makes the Alexander Heights Disc Golf Course such an ideal family destination.

Recreation Activity Design Alexander Heights Disc Golf Park
Bounded by state forest and the crystal blue waters of Lake Macquarie, Point Wolstoncroft

Easy To Locate, Easy To Play

The Alexander Heights Disc Golf Course is located within Ian Robbins Park itself, and if you’ve never been to this area before, you’ll be pleased to see how easy it is to access. Found in a regional suburb of Wanneroo, both those who live in the community and visitors from elsewhere can head to the course quite simply. Clear signage is displayed throughout the area, letting you know exactly where to start and where to go next.

If you’re new to disc golf and aren’t really sure what to do, Alexander Heights is one of the better places to learn! This layout is only 9 holes, compared to the standard 18, and is a par 28, meaning that the goal is to get your disc in the basket within three throws per hole. Measuring in at a total of 826 meters, it’s a nice enough length to get some real exercise in without being too strenuous for smaller children.

Great For All Skill Sets

You don’t have to be a first-time disc golfer to enjoy the layout here, as Alexander Heights features holes that are ideal for even more advanced players. A nice mix of technical and wooded shots are blended with more open options that will have you longing for birdies in no time. Some holes even provide the opportunity for veteran disc golfers to aim for an ace!

Whether you are in need of some new plastic while you’re in the area or are unexpectedly trying disc golf for the first time, you’ll be pleased to know that a local milk bar has you covered. You can purchase discs at affordable prices and then head over to the course to see how they fly.

As a quickly growing sport in Perth and around the world, disc golf can offer hours of family fun by providing a safe and engaging activity for all ages. Bring your little ones out for some fun on the course and don’t forget to stop by the play structures afterward – even after a round of disc golf, we’ll bet that your kids won’t be able to resist the monkey bars! The next time you’re near Alexander Heights, take some time to explore Ian Robbins Park and play some disc golf while you’re there!


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A Closer Look At Taylor Reserve Disc Golf Park

A Closer Look At Taylor Reserve Disc Golf Park

You may have driven by Taylor Reserve in the Town of Victoria Park and wondered what those odd-looking metal contraptions are, and if so, you’re not alone. Suddenly it seems that people are throwing frisbees much farther than you thought possible, and it’s clear that the sport of disc golf is alive and well. As one of the closest disc golf parks to Perth and the first in Victoria Park itself, the Taylor Reserve Disc Golf Park is an ideal place to spend time with your friends and family.

Over the years, disc golf has blossomed in Australia to become a sport that’s played both as a casual form of exercise as well as a more competitive type of activity. Taylor Reserve is a special course that new players will certainly want to visit and experienced lovers of the game will never tire of.

Recreation Activity Design Taylor Reserve Disc golf Park Victoria Park

A Peek At What’s In Store

Taylor Reserve as a whole is a beautiful area that’s home to a wealth of outdoor activities with disc golf being just one of many things to enjoy. The course has been designed with a 9 hole layout and offers players of all abilities with a fun challenge. Between the backdrop of Perth’s skyline and the variety of trees that are present throughout, it’s truly a gem of Victoria Park.

The 9 holes at Taylor Reserve require a range of skill sets that make it fun for newcomers and challenging for those who are looking to shoot an amazing score. Both wooded areas, as well as open stretches of park, allow disc golfers to practice throwing longer shots as well as honing in their technical skills between the trees. Taylor Reserve is a par 29 course that measures in at 916 meters.

If you’re new to the sport and not sure where to go, Taylor Reserve features tee signs that display a map of each hole and give you an idea as to where your target is. Durable Disc Golf Park Targets  are easy to see and integrate an arrow that points you to the next tee area.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Courses Taylor Reserve Victoria Park Perth

The Future Is Bright

Disc golf as a whole is one of the more family-friendly sports available to residents in the area, and the Victoria Park council is well aware of the potential this lovely course harbors. There’s been a recent discussion of installing new concrete tee pads at each of the holes to offer not only a more professional look but to increase the safety of your footing as you throw.

As the weather gets warmer, why not take your entire family to Taylor Reserve’s disc golf course? Only a few discs are needed to start playing, and you can bring any level of experience or athleticism and still have a great time. Disc golf continues to attract more and more players each year, and it’s a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. The next time you’re near Perth, head over to this area and see what the sport of disc golf has to offer!

Visit the RAD Course Listing

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Kiah Ridge Disc Golf Course – The Lowdown

Kiah Ridge Disc Golf Course – The Lowdown

Kiah Ridge Christian Conference Center, a location just 1 hour and 25 minutes from Sydney, 2 hours from Canberra, and 45 minutes from Wollongong is the perfect addition to your disc golf circuit. If you’re looking for something out in the sticks, Kiah Ridge can give you that sense of adventure with a perfectly catered facility for the whole family to enjoy!

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Course Kiah Ridge Disc golf Course


Kiah Ridge Christian Conference Center is surrounded by beautiful bush, just 5 minutes drive-time from Tahmoor town centre. If you’ve never had the chance to make it out, pack up your van and hit the road! Not only are there gorgeous watering holes, but the landscape will take your breath away.

The Conference Center is designed for camps and family activities. Not only do they have places of worship, but their facilities are also utilized for whatever you may need. In case of rain, or simply a change of plans, Kiah Ridge has you covered. They provide bedding and furniture for rooms, furnished conference rooms, and they offer programs for all ages.


Alone and about in the wilderness and you can feel the blood pumping in your throat. You’ve been away from civilization for over 72 hours and you’re beginning to feel the heat at your back. Of course you’ve brought a tent, but it begins to look feeble and droopy in the heat. You blink one eye at a time, the sun cutting daggers into your eyes. While nature is fantastic, let’s give you some stability.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Featured Course Kiah Ridge Disc golf Course

Kiah Ridge’s disc golf course offers lush grounds that traverse the remnants of a ball golf course. Weave in and out of brush and trees in the 9-basket, 18-tee course. The first 9 tees have the most variety in range (from 58m to 133m), but the next nine have the most consistently long drives (from 65m to 104m). The whole course boasts a 55 par, so let’s see if you can beat those scores! Let’s see the overall stats:

  • 9 baskets
  • 18 tees
  • 55 par
  • 1436 metres

The course’s twists and turns add an extra challenge to the game, and its long course (1436 metres, not including the walking distance to each tee!) will give you the exercise you need. Kiah Ridge Conference Centers’ disc golf course is definitely worth the trip for you, your friends, and your family.


Many places feel like getting away without going away, but Kiah Ridge offers a whole new experience for you and your group. The centre is designed specifically for many uses, and now it includes an addition to your disc golf circuit!

Disc golf has been around for decades, but it’s time to make it a staple in your routine. Include a few discs in your trunk as you hit the highway and head over to Kiah Ridge! You can find everything online.

Kiah Ridge Christian Conference Centre is located at 25 Bargo River Road, Tahmoor, NSW, and you can reach them at 02 4683 1111.

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