A First In South Australia – The Tintinara Disc Golf Course

Disc golf is steadily becoming more and more popular, and as city organisations are placing more of an emphasis on the health and well-being of their residents, it seems that many are turning to this sport for help. In May 2016, the first disc golf course in South Australia opened at Lake Indawarra after countless hours of dedication from local players, city officials, and more. Named after the town it’s in, the Tintinara Disc Golf Course is ushering in a new movement when it comes to family fun and promoting an active lifestyle.

RAD Creations Recreation Activity Design Tintinara Disc Golf Course DesignAll About The Course

Catering to both brand new players and those who are familiar with the sport, the layout at Tintinara plays around the lake and offers beautiful views throughout. There are a total of nine baskets with 18 different tees, and their disc golf basket design allows you to play from easier beginner-friendly areas or gives you the option to challenge yourself a bit more.

As you play through the trees, you’ll enjoy benefits similar to a short hike. Many people love disc golf for its ability to make exercise completely fun, as groups of friends or family members can head out to the course, throw some discs, and have some laughs. Staying active is key to a healthy lifestyle, and the Tintinara Disc Golf Course can certainly help with that effort.

New to disc golf? No problem, as discs and scorecards can be obtained from Heart of the Parks during open hours. Easy to navigate signage allows brand new players to step right up and know exactly where they should aim as well as guides them to the next hole with ease.

Local Support

Unlike other courses that have been installed across Australia by avid disc golf players, the main push behind Tintinara was through the Coorong District Council and its Obesity Prevention and Lifestyle (OPAL) team. Together with the Tintinara Action Club, the entire community has worked to install this course and promote it to residents and beyond.

Its location was particularly important, as Tintinara is a great stopping point when traveling. Positioned on the Dukes Highway between Adelaide and Melbourne, the disc golf course encourages people to park the car for a while, get out and stretch their legs, and also enjoy a sport that’s likely brand new to them.

A very small town itself, Tintinara disc golfers are excited about the potential that this course brings to their area. Not only does it cut down on travel time when they want to get a round or two in, but tournaments thrown here also encourage others to visit, thus boosting the local economy and helping to spread the word about this great course.

Recreation Activity Design Tintinara Disc Golf Park

The next time you’re near Tintinara and you’re interested in having a bit of fun, stop by the disc golf course at Lake Indawarra. You’ll no doubt find some locals there who are more than willing to help you learn the basics of the game while showing you around, and you just might find your new recreational passion.

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