Disc Golf – Good for your mind and body

Whether disc golf is something you’ve already delved deeply into or is a brand-new obsession, there is always something to love in disc golf. But what makes you love the sport? Most likely it’s because it fills something in your life, from getting exercise to learning new ways to control your mind and body.

Those of you who have played disc golf for years know what we’re talking about. Disc golf has a way of making both your mind and body feel good. If you’re new to disc golf, then it’s about time you learned about the benefits to playing the sport, and this includes more than just enjoying throwing the disc around.

Benefits to the body

Disc golf has a way of making our proverbial competitive bone itch. From leading the way at a competition to simply competing against yourself, we’ve all felt the need to improve our games. But did you know that disc golf has many other physical benefits as well? Here are just a few:

  • Heart Health: If you want to stay young, the key is dying young. For those of you who want to stay trim while still living life to the fullest for the longest period of time, we suggest paying attention to your heart. Disc golf makes your heart healthy. The sport gets you out of the house and sets your heart pumping. What could be better?
  • Lose Weight: If you’ve seen any of our other posts, you’ll know that there is quite a following with regard to disc golf weight loss. Not only are there assets to get you interested and started on your weight loss journey, but there are actually weight loss groups that report to and support each other on their quests. If you’re curious about starting one, simply start a search online to find a group that interests you.
  • Better Sleep: You’ve probably heard before that, to get better sleep, exercise is key. Well, they’re not wrong. Anything that gets your heart pumping will prepare your body for better sleep.
  • Fresh Air and Sun: When you were a kid, your parents probably told you to go outside and play. Not only was this a way to get you out of the house, but you probably felt better getting some Vitamin D. Spending time in the sun has proven to boost mood and drive away rickets. If nothing else, just enjoy the sun!

Benefits to the mind

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Anything that gets you out of the house is bound to help your mood. As we’ve said before, simply getting Vitamin D helps you feel better. But what does disc golf do for the mind? We’re glad you asked.

  • Reacquaint Yourself with Nature: Nature is beautiful and all, but what does that have to do with mental health? Actually, quite a lot. Spending time in nature is relaxing. When suffering from a mental illness like depression or anxiety, spending time with nature keeps you grounded and will lift your mood. Nature will also inspire you to think creatively. When you’re playing disc golf, you’ll feel healthy competitiveness, and this will naturally let you enjoy not only the game but life, too.
  • Stress: Remember when we were talking about anxiety literally a paragraph ago? Well, if you don’t struggle with anxiety but you’re feeling pressure in your work life, at home, or anywhere, take some time out of your schedule to go to a disc golf course. Not only does fresh air play a part in making you feel better, but enjoying physical activity was made for this. Disc golf, in particular, gives you a reason to get out and enjoy life.
  • Brain Health: Do you ever have trouble remembering or repeating things? Do you ever have trouble remembering or repeating things? Wait. . .that sounds familiar. . . . Supplying oxygen to your brain by any type of exercise gives your brain an extra boost. Disc golf, likewise, has breathing techniques specific to the sport! This will help your synapses connect with one another and promote healthy thinking.
  • Bringing in the Family: Now, you don’t even need to take this literally. Anyone close, including friends and coworkers, can be considered family. Spending time with loved ones reduces stress and promotes brain health. You’ll not only feel a sense of friendly competitiveness, but you’ll also spend a lot of time laughing, which boosts mood.

If you’re new to disc golf, you’ve probably spent a lot of your time wondering how to feel better or improve your life. As is evidenced above, disc golf is practically synonymous with better physical and mental health. So what are you waiting for? Disc golf is just waiting for someone like you to join the team!