Crater Lakes Disc Golf Park – A Must-Visit In Mount Gambier

The sport of disc golf has exploded recently in the Mount Gambier area since a premium level course was completed at the start of 2018. Through the efforts of Ryan Nicholson, Mount Gambier Disc Golf Club President, the dream to have an 18 hole course in town was turned into a reality. Utilising an amazing piece of land and working together with RAD’s Andrew Ferguson, Crater Lakes Disc Golf has become a must-visit piece of property.

In November 2019 the Australian Disc Golf Championships were held on this picturesque course and if what the players are saying is true about this course then it needs to be at the top of your list of courses to play.

Chris Finn’s comments after playing the course for the first time at the recent championships said…

“The course is in my opinion now the best Disc Golf course in the country… also ranks in my top 10 courses round the world.”

Let’s take a moment to learn a little more about what disc golf is, the details and features of this amazing course, and what players can expect!

Flying Frisbees

For those who aren’t quite sure what disc golf entails, here’s a brief rundown of the sport that’s become so popular in Australia. Courses utilise tee areas where players throw their discs toward a metal basket or target. The goal of the game is to get your disc in the basket in as few throws as possible. Course design can greatly impact the ease of each hole, thus providing varying levels of difficulty and skill sets required.

Disc golf isn’t only for those who are athletically inclined but instead is a game for everyone. People of any age or skill set can come out with a few discs and enjoy reconnecting with nature while getting great exercise!

Why Crater Lakes Is Special

Some disc golf courses are crafted for extreme competition, but Crater Lakes designers made an extra effort to include layouts that appeal to everyone. In total, this par 60 course measures in at 2081 metres and offers two different options for play. There are 9 red tees for beginners and 18 blue tees for more advanced players, so while there are only 18 baskets on the course, there are actually 27 tees.

The beauty alone is a sight to behold, with Ryan Nicholson describing,

“A spectacular picturesque setting of undulating hills and semi-wooded parklands situated within the crater of a dormant volcano sets the course amongst the best in the country.”

He goes on to talk about the impact that Crater Lakes has had on the sport and the local community:

“Less than a year from when the last basket was cemented into the ground the course has played host to its first South Australian Disc Golf Open, showcasing its high standard to the greater disc golf community. This created demand for future tour events including the Centenary Championships and the 2019 Australian National Championships. Seeing such development in a small space of time since its installation is a testament to the impact the sport of disc golf can have on a community and presents great possibilities for a bright future.”

The next time you’re in the Mount Gambier area, grab a few discs and head over to Crater Lakes for an unforgettable disc golf experience. The Mount Gambier Disc Golf Club is hosting more and more events at this prime location, so make sure to keep your eyes open for opportunities to compete here as well in the future!

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