Disc Golf in Schools: Christian College Leading The Way

Many young students who have loved disc golf for years often have to either give it up or travel long distances to find a disc golf course. It’s likely, when out of school, that you had the opportunity to travel to different locations to find the perfect courses. With school classes taking up most of your time, though, finding a new spot is difficult. Christian College in Waurn Ponds, Victoria, has not only met basic playing needs, but they have gone a step above and beyond.

Christian College Disc Golf Park is a beginner friendly course with 6 baskets and 12 tee-off locations. Not only does the facility serve students for physical education classes, it also provides a fun recreational space between classes at lunchtime and after school. Teachers also use the course to host lessons in physics and maths and to give the students an opportunity to exercise.

Student Benefits

For those students enrolled in physics and maths who constantly complain, “when are we ever going to use this in real life?” the answer is clear: disc golf. Basic physics equations, or the three basic formulas, deal with the movement of objects in real life. Through the movement of discs, instructors can give hands-on access to tangible physics and maths. Students who need help bonding with others, disc golf provides the opportunity through team bonding. Spending time fellow students makes the school experience more enjoyable, boosting grades.

Mental and physical fitness is important for people of all ages, especially for bodies that are still growing. Concerns about whether students are exercising enough is easily avoided when an all inclusive activity like disc golf is on hand to play anytime. Think about it. Spending time outdoors brings more mental power, and added Vitamin D gives a healthy boost for the mind and body.

All Abilities

Some sports and I’m sure that you can name at least ten, have difficulties adapting to players of all abilities. Unlike most, though, disc golf’s simple design can easily adapt to those in wheelchairs, those who are deaf, and people who are blind.

Blind students, with proper disc golf grips, can learn to throw by teachers or even fellow students. Clickers and whistles to direct the blind to targets make it possible for them to play. The deaf, because they are sighted, may easily see the baskets and still interact with students. Wheelchair-accessible courses are easy to negotiate with flat surfaces, and those who need a little extra help may invest in products such as the Folf.

Proper Placement

The Christian College course is short, but its placement around the school’s two ovals provides a sufficiently technical course. Unlike many other courses, this course is private and is only available to students and those with permission offered far in advance. Instead of just placing trees on the property, the use of space-related to the disc golf park is much better for the economy and publicity for the school. Definitely a win-win scenario.

If you’re new to the game, take the time to check out the benefits of playing! If you’ve played all your life and want to know where to take your kids to school to get the most out of its space, head on over to the Christian College to get more information.

An image showing a map of christian college disc golf park

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