The city of Melbourne just got another park added to its circuit. Those who were looking for a change of pace can now visit the Lewis Park golf course, a beautiful park location next to the bustling city.

You can access the park from Coleman Dr, Watirna Sth, and the signposts marking the disc golf course will be clearly labeled, making it easy to see exactly where you’re going.


This shorter course is perfect for beginners, but intermediate and advanced players can really benefit from the smaller course as well. Those trick shots aren’t going to learn themselves, after all.

The Teeing Locations:

Though you may be used to the familiar 9 – 18 tee locations, this park has 12. Although that’s kind of unusual, it’s not unheard of. This PDGA-approved location is perfect for those starting out in the trade.

With 6 tees and 12 teeing locations, you’ll weave in and out of beautiful trees. Keep in mind, though, that blackberries grow around the course. If your disc falls into the brambles, you’ll likely be scrambling through some pretty dense brush to get it back out.

The Course:

The longest distance on the course is 127 m and the shortest a mere 52 m. The whole course boasts a par 37, with almost all locations par 3. The course winds you around the park and ultimately brings you back to the parking lot for an easy hike.

This is a great course to start newbies. Whole families are encouraged to attend, and small children will especially find the course fun to navigate.

The Drive:

If you drive, head toward 62 Coleman Rd, just out of the most densely populated portions of Melbourne. The parking lot is equipped with enough spaces to hold the local disc golf club, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a spot.

Alright, so it’s not exactly necessary to drive to this disc golf course. In fact, public transportation drops you off very nearly at the front door. It’s just a short walk, and you’ll enjoy every second you spend in nature.


If you’re new to disc golf, it can seem daunting to find the right crowd to join. After all, it always seems hard to find a group of people with which you can really fit in. However, the Melbourne disc golf club is perfect for newbies and old hats alike.

It has a wide range of resources for anyone interested in the sport, which makes it easier to find the right crowd. According to their site, they have members that range from age nine to seventy, so there is plenty of room for anyone interested in joining.


It’s always fun to have a new disc golf course. The world of disc golf is increasing so much that it’s likely that you’ll start seeing more people at the course and the club. If you’re not sure if you can make the drive to one disc golf course, make a weekend of it. We’ll see you on the course!

  • Baskets/Tees: 6/12

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62 Coleman Rd

Watirna Sth,

VIC 3152


Andrew has over a decade experience playing and promoting disc golf throughout Australia and the world. From initial consultation to completion, Andrew has designed and delivered disc golf course projects for various local governments, schools and private businesses. As Tournament Director, Andrew has designed multiple disc golf courses for the Australian National Tour and was the Event Co-Organiser for the 2017 Aussie Open PDGA Major. Andrew has served as a board member of Australian Disc Golf (ADG) and is the co-founding member of Geelong Disc Golf. ” I just love to give back to this sport and the community”.