Disc Golf’s penchant for soothing the savage beast

Do you remember what it was like to be a child? Cacophonous sounds and colors everywhere. Being the shortest person on the block. Learning to throw a ball. We’ll bet the one thing you remember best is not wanting to sit still. Parents, teachers, camp leaders, you hear us, right? Kids aren’t meant to sit still, and heaven knows that they don’t.

Rad Creations Recreation Activity Design Disc Golf’s penchant for soothing the savage beastGetting the mindset

When children are told to sit still, they have to mentally focus on that task—a lot like many adults, are we right?—which makes sitting still unproductive. Those young minds feel cramped in an activity that doesn’t let their creative juices flow. Anything getting them moving is bound to help them express themselves, but disc golf’s unique unstructured approach gives them the creativity to problem solve in the bounds of a safe environment.

Involving children in outdoor activities not only improves physical health but mental health as well. Disruptive children respond best to hands-on activities because they need an outlet for pent-up frustrations and a reason to understand complicated systems. A typical disc golf game can last about an hour, which means your kids can get plenty of play-time, and they can move to additional activities quickly.

Rad Creations Recreation Activity Design Disc Golf’s penchant for soothing the savage beast

Disc Golf’s unstructured advantage

It can feel like a lot to ask of a sport to play to the advantage of multiple players, single players, unsupervised play, and no adult intervening. There are so few sports out there that truly “have it all.” And that why disc golf has a much larger advantage than typical sports like cricket, rugby, football, or even ball golf. Here are just some of the advantages of disc golf that you don’t see in every other sport.

Low Supervision

Let’s be honest, sometimes you just want to curl in a ball and watch Netflix while finally relieving the burden of constant child supervision. Though it’s true that you shouldn’t leave your children wandering aimlessly through the streets, disc golf does offer parents and teachers the ability to teach children and simply watch them play.

Little to No Adult Direction 

Like we said previously, playing disc golf can give children the ability to think creatively. Children are usually starved for creative outlets that let them problem solve, but disc golf is such an outlet. Disc golf courses are usually found in public parks or on school grounds, promising a well-lit and safe location for children to learn. Once children learn disc golf (which is actually much easier than you might expect to catch on to), they don’t need adults pointing them in the right direction. The teeing-off areas and final baskets are clearly marked and some hiking trails that also exist as disc golf courses provide easy hills for youngsters.

Variations of the Game 

Who’s heard of both a team and solo game? We’ll bet there aren’t that many out there that are so versatile. Because disc golf is naturally unstructured, singles, doubles, or many players can play a round at the same time. Your weird cousin Mo and his wife Champagne can make those weird flapping gestures on their own time, or you can take your kids and howl with the best of them. We’ll bet your kids won’t be disappointed.

Time Constraints 

Here’s the catch: there aren’t any! Unlike ball golf, disc golf can take as little as 20 minutes or as long as you want! Children who are instructed in disc golf can take their time on the course at schools, camps, and parks. Many websites offer suggestions about how to make a disc golf course on your own like this resource from DGA, or you can create putting tournaments at your home if you feel like you don’t want to brave the lines at your local park.

There are many reasons children should become involved in disc golf, and these are just a few. If you feel as though your child is disruptive or needs an outlet to release energy and creativity, stop by your local disc golf store or shop online for a disc. There shouldn’t be a reason that your child behaves badly or is too energetic for school work or anything, for that matter. Disc golf is the perfect game to fit into your crazy schedules, so let’s head to the courses!


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