Show me the money!  Get a grant to fund your next Disc Golf adventure

Money that grows on trees and sprouts from the ground like daisies. Wouldn’t that be an ideal way to earn some extra cash? Unfortunately, many feel as though disc golf courses and activities are out of their reach in their areas due to the lack of funds. But here at RAD Creations, we want to let you know that coming up with the money to pay for a disc golfing location or event shouldn’t be outside the realm of reason. If you’re looking for money to fund your next disc golfing venture, check out these tips to come up with the money.

Tips to get you started

It isn’t enough to simply want to create a disc golf course; you have to put in the effort. That should be a given, right? Associations like the PDGA, ADG, and local clubs can provide funding to keep disc golf alive and thriving. But how do you know you can get funding from these programs? Here are a few ways to get you started writing your grant proposal.

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  • Understand your Audience: If you’re writing to get money, you should know about the organization to which you are writing. Take a moment and check out their websites and what they require to accept your proposal. The PDGA has its own set of guidelines for accepting applications, and the link provided leads you right to the application. Among others, here are some of the bulleted items the PDGA expects from proposals:
    • Proposals should support the mission of the PDGA Innovation Grant Program.
    • Applicants may request cash, PDGA memberships, PDGA merchandise or a combination of the three with a total value not to exceed $1,000.
    • Project ideas should be innovative and unique.
    • Project ideas should help grow the sport by encouraging increased participation for players and/or spectators.
    • Innovation Grants will not fund the design, development, and/or installation of a disc golf course.
  • Produce Evidence: Just like any good paper, you’ve got to let your audience know why you need the money. This link takes you to a website that lets you know what hardships may warrant a grant. Poverty, social protection, and health are great indicators that you can start on a grant for your area soon.
  • Show Your Ability to Change: It’s not enough to simply provide evidence about why you could use a grant. Show the board how you can change your environment! Testimonials from previous grant recipients show that they want to improve their surroundings, not only through building a disc golf course but by improving the community through the sport. These are just a few ideas on what others have done to get you started.
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  • Provide a Means to Accomplish Your Work: Explain your budget and what the money can do for making your dream become a reality. Be aware that grant-givers like to know how far their money will go toward a better future.
  • Find an Incorporated Disc Golf Club and Pro: Pros have connections. We all know this. Larry from down the way will definitely want to help you introduce people to disc golf, and he knows the ropes. A club wants to help because of the prospective income, which means that they’ll be the ones to talk to about writing a grant. Find out who you need to connect to within the club, which includes councilors or the sports and recreation departments. You also usually need to connect with an incorporated club to get a grant, anyway.RAD Recreation Activity Design What We Do Core Offering
  • Choose a site: Find locations that work well with your proposed activity. It is important to have a list of prospective sites that are possible to maximize the likelihood of receiving the grant.
  • Write a Proposal: We’ve mentioned everything you’ll need in a proposal, so get to writing! If you feel like you’re not up to snuff with proper linguistics, that’s okay! The people at your club will love to help you get started. These websites here and here are just a basis for letting you know how to write your best grant. Remember, writing a proposal for disc golf is a team effort to make the most of your location for people around your area and maybe around the world!

When writing a proposal, be sure to mention everything about your community that invites change for the better. Disc golf associations love to help people accomplish their desires to change a community with disc golf. So, get out there and make it happen!