Paraburdoo Disc Golf Course – Paraburdoo, Western Australia

Paraburdoo has now introduced a disc golf course to the townsite. Who knew that disc golf would pick so fast in the Shire of Ashburton? This is the second of two new disc golf courses added to the Pilbara, and it is sure to boost the economy in town and provide a fun retreat for the locals!

Recreation Activity Design Paraburdoo Disc Golf Course


If you’re unfamiliar with Paraburdoo, it’s time to get acquainted. Like Tom Price, Paraburdoo is an established and historic mining town with a population of about 2,000. Small, you might say, but they make up for it sporting spirit. The town utilizes its gorgeous rugged backdrop and pristine Memorial Gardens as a location for its variety of sporting events, including swimming, cricket, motor cross, bowling, and, of course, the sport of champions: disc golf.

Traveling to this rather remote part of Western Australia definitely has its own charm, but the town of Paraburdoo is actually located on the edge of Hamersley Range National Park. If you’re in need of a cool dip after a rousing game of disc golf, the local water holes will keep you energized.


Interested in exploring new sports while enjoying taking your disc for a spin? Memorial Gardens is set up to cater to those who want to skate the bowls of a Convic designed park. Also, there is a popular shopping centre nearby, perfect for stocking up the ute. The setup is specific to all ages, and if your kids just want to play at the park while you throw the disc around, two playgrounds are dotted throughout the course.

Though it is smaller than the incoming Tom Price disc golf course, Paraburdoo’s own course leads each player on a tour around the Memorial Gardens. After its first two targets, you’re able to either walk through the future dog park or around near the shopping centre. The next group of targets overlooks the playing field of the Paraburdoo Memorial Gardens, and the final three lead back to the parking lot. The targets are relatively in the view from the tees and follow a straight line of sight. Let’s see the overall stats:

  • 9 Baskets
  • 9 Tees
  • 27 Par
  • 540 Metres

Picking a small corner of the park to work on your throw can help you in the coming tournament months as well. The course claims it is a 27 par course, but I’ll bet you can challenge that, rumour has it Australian Champion Chris Finn has set the course record at 22.


Not a problem! Because the park is within the limits of the town, it’s an easy walk to the park. It’s free to play and completely open to the public! Putting together clubs and teams to play a game of disc golf is a great way to involve the community without breaking the bank. Also, you can get some discs for under $20. If that’s not an incentive to try the gentle inclines and gum trees of the Memorial Gardens, I don’t know what is!

There is so much to do at a disc golf course that will increase community spirit and bring in stragglers from around the country. Though this new park may be on the smaller side, it will have the amenities of the big boys and will be a great place to practice the game!

The new disc golf course is located at Paraburdoo Memorial Gardens, Ashburton Ave, Paraburdoo WESTERN AUSTRALIA 6754.

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