The Governances for Disc Golf in Australia and Abroad

Spending so much time playing disc golf can get in the way of our actually knowing what the big cheeses have in store for the sport. Right when our own ADG is under the process of re-election, it’s time to discuss just what these associations do here in the sport.


The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) essentially gives us the basis for disc golf law. And it may surprise you to know that the history of this great sport was a little rocky. The sport was originally discovered by “Steady” Ed Headrick—whose influence as a maker of the only plastic frisbees at the time prompted him to create the sport official—as he stopped to admire children playing with a frisbee on a playground golf course in California. From this moment, “Steady” Ed created the original rules, the sport was born, and the PDGA blossomed into an organization that started with this one man. Though a long time coming, the PDGA has since established an official headquarters in 2007, and where the headquarters are, the directors of this amazing sport are also.

The PDGA’s role expands into several areas, including the two we’ll mention now:

  • Sanctioning Events: The events sponsored by the PDGA test members, and players compete internationally for prizes. The money earned from these events goes right back into the kitty for future disc golf use.
  • Providing Grants: Small parks and up-and-coming urban areas that include disc golf courses promote inflation of the sport. The PDGA specializes in making disc golf accessible to as many people as possible.

The PDGA continues to fund parks and promote the sport all over the world.


RAD Recreation Activity Design The Governances for Disc Golf in Australia and Abroad

Right around the time that disc golf became popular in the United States, it became a sensation in Australia. The original Australian Disc Flying Association (ADFA) began in the 70s and has continued to dominate today. The Australian Disc Golf (ADG) is connected directly with the ADFA and PDGA and has been created “by players for players.” The main goal of the ADG is to connect players and support events created for the sport.

The ADG’s main focus is to increase popularity in disc golf because of the sport itself, not because of the association’s need for an inflow of cash. Many have attached to the bandwagon which promotes that high officials in any sport should be given heavy compensation, but that is not the overall goal of disc golf leaders. The tournament circuits bring in money, but the influx of cash returns to the sport. Because of its affiliation with the PDGA, the ADG is responsible for raising funds for more disc golf communities. High officials’ stances should be based on the enjoyment of every player.


Members of the board are up for re-election soon, and now is the perfect time to review what needs are met. Knowing a little more about your association can get you started on your own disc golf project.

If you’re interested in knowing more about the PDGA and its association with ADG, visit their website

If you’re new to disc golf in Australia, visit AFDA, the ADG website, and on Facebook.

Becoming a member of the ADG keeps you updated on new happenings in disc golf, and especially in Australia’s circuit. Disc golf associations are designed to work for players, so go check out these websites today!