Tom Price Disc Golf Course – Tom Price, Western Australia

Good news for the people of Western Australia! We are finally able to announce two new disc golf courses in the Shire of Ashburton. The new Tom Price Disc Golf Course is the first in the small township and will attract many players due to its beautiful location and champion-designed course.

Recreation Activity Design Tom Price Disc Golf Course


Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of the up-and-coming disc golf course is that it’s located at Minna Oval, already a hub for other sports. This disc golf course is the first located in the small mining town! The growing interest in disc golf gives kids an opportunity to expand beyond the offered athletic competition and into a combination of both recreation and rivalry.

Adding a disc golf course increases the sporting hub’s size and invites players from near and far. And, more good news, the new installation offers a change of scenery for those of you who don’t get out much, and it gives both kids and parents the chance to experience this growing sensation together!

Recreation Activity Design Tom Price Disc Golf Course


Having a disc golf course nearby is a great way to get started for beginners, and the proving ground for more advanced players. The Tom Price disc golf course is designed to accommodate novices but provides a little more of a challenge. Not only does the course have subtle inclines, it also weaves in between natural gums, promising more challenging obstacles.

The overall setup of the course has:

  • 9 Baskets
  • 9 Tees
  • 28 Par
  • 643 metre length

The course is designed around Minna Oval and moves in a smooth clockwise rotation, the “holes” giving you a tour of the property without confusing turns. Kids are encouraged to try out this new sport and to get friends and family involved, too! What could be better than cheering on friends and neighbours to victory?


Money is a normal issue when finding an outlet for recreation, but the new Tom Price disc golf course is completely free! You heard me. Zip! I’ll bet that’s a relief. Take a day to get out of the house and stretch your legs. There’s nothing stopping you now!

Want to know another perk? The park is open to the public. That’s right. No entrance fee for playing Minna Oval. Simply take your family and head out with your frisbee in hand! If you’re in the area and looking to purchase a disc to play the course, make sure you head in to Muzzy’s Home Hardware who carry disc golf starter sets perfect for new players!

Recreation Activity Design Tom Price Disc Golf CourseTOM PRICE

If you’re new to the town of Tom Price or have never heard of it, now is the time to visit. Along with its own disc golf course, of whose praises I’ve already sung, the town is neighbouring Karajini and Millstream Chichester National Parks. The town offers tours of the beautiful surroundings to get you excited for your visit.


The new disc golf course in the town of Tom Price is a welcome addition for both locals and those who want a chance to travel. The new design is particularly targeted at beginners who want a bit of a challenge and those who want to practice their skills. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this course, particularly because of the efforts put in by the designer. The course was designed by our very own Chris Finn, an Australian Champion whose prolific work in design has brought him even closer to the sport. After all, becoming united in this recreation activity brings communities together.

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