Break the Boredom and Make Walking Fun

Getting your 30 minutes of exercise every day is essential to a happy, healthy body. But sometimes it’s hard not to just jump in bed after a hard day of work. Plus, running may be good for you, but at what cost? If you’re not in love with your feet hitting the pavement or weights crushing you, it’s easy to believe that there’s no hope for a happy exercising session.

What about disc golf? It may surprise you to know that people who normally hate exercising love to get out and enjoy a game of disc golf. Disc golf is more than just tossing a disc, and the walks that disc golf offers you to take easily break up an otherwise boring walk.

an image of boys and girls playing disc golf


Walking: A study from the PDGA conducted over 15 courses and involving 340 people consisting of both men and women made it clear that walking is a large part of disc golf. Though that may seem obvious, we’ll bet that you don’t know the half of it. Walking around an 18-hole course gives an average of 5,613 steps, over half of the recommended 10,000 steps every day!

Not only is walking one of the lightest and easiest forms of exercise, it also affects your whole body, making walking, in and of itself, an excellent exercise. Walking not only boosts your legs and butt, but your lower back and arms as well. Because disc golf makes you climb hills and weave in and out of rough terrain, you are getting more of a workout than you realise, and it’s fun!

Strength Training: It’s no secret that disc golf involves muscle strength. Getting your disc to the basket is one thing, but launching your disc from the tee for a forceful putt with a proper disc golf grip is another.. Muscles controlling balance, flexibility, and power are commonly used in disc golf, which gives you a pleasant alternative to simply walking. For a light activity, disc golf has a lot of extra exercise most wouldn’t expect.

an image of group of men playing disc golf


Let’s be honest, any time spent out in nature is time well spent. But spending the time walking down the same paths every day at the same time can make even your dog, Joey, yawn in boredom. Work your mind on the course and let it take a break from your daily routine.

Brain Activity: Disc golf works your brain by making you think of possible scenarios to throws and movements. Children can especially benefit from this because it encourages thought. Thinking also gives you a break from mindless walking. The best activities exercise both the mind and body!

Chemicals: Your brain works on chemicals; we all know that. Dopamine and testosterone are released in your brain every time you succeed, creating a feeling often called the “winner effect”. Winning a game or achieving a goal affects your brain in the most amazing way, making your brain’s pathways connect, actually making you smarter! Because disc golf is an easier exercise, throwing exceptional throws and accomplishing even a short walk is likely to give you more energy and brain power.

Disc golf is unique because it’s accessible to all ages and skills. So, what are you waiting for? Head out to your nearest disc golf course today!