Disc Golf For Travel: Get Out The Door!

Out there on the muddy trails of life dragging you to and from work brings you only little consolation as you stare at pictures online of faraway destinations. You’d like to go somewhere, but it’s difficult to get out when you feel stuck to a routine. If this sounds like you, consider disc golf. If you don’t have the time to go to far-reaching locations, start small! Disc golf provides opportunities to take you from local hot spots, to international competitions!

an image of family playing disc golf


Even if you feel unknown in the disc golf industry, many people travel to locations all over the country, which means that your location could be a destination location for someone else. Since disc golf has quite the following, finding a disc golf course nearby is easy, and joining the crowd is half the battle. Finding a friend from anywhere else can provide an inexpensive solution to traveling long distances. Friends who play on the course can introduce new players to communities online, and many organizations dedicated to disc golf are international. Even if you don’t get out of the backyard, glide your way to the disc golf course to find people who are connected to the sport. 

an image of group of kids under training of disc golf


If you don’t know where to begin, start in your own backyard! People from your community may find the same interests as you, which means you’ll be on the course more and more. Local groups can provide carpooling if you don’t have a car, so get out and find your tribe!


Local tournaments and clubs offer opportunities to travel to tournaments all over your region and country. Never been to Sydney? Now’s the chance to get there! Local tournaments provide prizes that not only fund your stay at that tournament, but finance your adventures in the future! If you don’t have the cash to get out to the tournaments across your country, opt for those nearby until you can afford to head out to the more expensive tours!

an image of a man playing disc golf in a tournament


Tournaments that spread overseas are even more prestigious, and, coincidentally, the prize money is significantly larger. International tournaments are posted at the PDGA website, and they are updated frequently. At the International Disc Golf Center in Georgia, United States, people from all over the world gather to compete at their favorite sport. Online and local disc golf clubs sometimes provide grants to those who are lucky enough to be one of the best, and there’s no reason why that can’t be you. Disc golf will take you beyond your backyard and into the world!


When playing disc golf, it’s easy to think that throwing the disc is the most important part to a vacation. While that may be true for many, take the time to visit local and international sites! Disc golf is a great opportunity to get you out enjoying nature, so don’t forget some of the best part: the travel! It’s easy to find people who share your interests, so get out on the course and start making some adventures!