Licola Wilderness Village – Creating A Legacy For Disc Golfers

Being able to play on a professionally installed disc golf course is a treat that many Australians don’t get to enjoy all too often, but when you also bring a range of other fun activities along with a family-friendly atmosphere, you’ve stumbled upon a recreational heaven. Such is the case at Licola Wilderness Village, a facility in the Victorian Alps that sits along the McAllister River. Expertly run with passion and dedication by Camp Manager Adam Wake, it has become a destination for disc golfers and a legacy for adults and kids alike.

An Epic Course

Designed in 2012 by the team at DiscGolfPark Australia, the course at Licola Wilderness Village offers a little something for everyone. While it may only consist of 9 holes, it’s both a great layout for beginners and one that will challenge seasoned players to shoot well if they want a great score. There’s a relatively even mix between shorter holes that offer birdie opportunities along with longer holes which will allow players to practice their distance drives.

At only 705 meters and a par 28, the frisbee golf course design at Licola Wilderness Village provides individuals of all ages the chance to get some light exercise while enjoying a family-friendly game. You can be as competitive as you like when playing disc golf, opting for a serious challenge between friends or an opportunity to learn a new skill with classmates or co-workers. Players can pick up scorecards at the office and if you don’t have your own discs, that’s perfectly fine. With a small refundable deposit, borrow some for a round or two!

Changes At The Village

The township of Licola is owned by the Lions Clubs of Victoria and southern New South Wales with the Village itself taking up a large portion of the area. Camps are held regularly during school holidays to offer fun activities and a sense of community to all in the Victoria area. Running such a finely-tuned establishment is no small task, and for Adam Wake, it’s become home to him.

After 11 years of building Licola Wilderness Village into an incredible place full of exciting amenities, Adam is moving on to other opportunities. He was instrumental in the installation of the disc golf course and countless other activities including archery, field games, raft building, and more. The team at RAD owes an immense amount of gratitude toward Adam for all that he’s done to bring unique recreation to Licola and we wish him success moving forward.

What Are You Waiting For?

While it may not be centrally located in a major city, the disc golf course at Licola Wilderness Village is worth the trip. Not only will you get the chance to play on a professional course that weaves in and out of the beautiful camp setting, but you’ll be able to enjoy other adventures during your visit. Great for team building, school trips, or just a weekend full of family fun, Licola Wilderness Village needs to be on every Australian’s bucket list.

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