Schools out – How to keep your kids active during the holidays

When school’s out, life turns into a pleasant dreamscape for children, but, for parents, it may mean a total reboot of your set schedule, resulting in mayhem.

Finding proper entertainment for your kids can be challenging, but we have often found that engaging children in activities could be the best bet for a blissful summer for both you and your children. Burning extra calories is healthy for your kids and gets them tired for bedtime. Let’s explore how disc golf may be a solution to your crazy summer.

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Community Activities Programs for the tots

If you’re a seasoned disc golfer, you probably know where to find information about programs for kids, but checking Facebook never hurts. For newbies to the sport, online bulletins for tournaments on Facebook community pages or checking the local library can help you incorporate disc golf into your schedule.

For those parents that are familiar with disc golf, throwing a disc around would be a great way to involve your children in the sport. To those unfamiliar with the sport, communities hold activities geared to help your child excel.

Check Out A Clinic

Warming summer months usually mean that pro golfers are travelling to a city near yours to compete. Often during their down time, they host community clinics that are specific to disc golfing. Consider going! Though the clinics are geared toward adults, they offer techniques to kids as well. If your kid is already a disc golfing aficionado, they might already know the pros and will certainly light up when you take them.

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Where To Find Info

If your family is new to disc golf and think you know the haps on locations, it can still be a struggle when you make it to the course and find the holes are long and the terrain is too complicated for the kids. But, a quick internet search can lead you to the best course for your family. Often webpages specific to locations can show the variety of course designs, and some might show pictures and maps. You’ll likely find a course tailored to your family needs.

What tips do you have for keeping your kids active this summer with disc golf? How have you been able to provide them with hours of fun without sacrificing your own sanity? Let us know in the comments below!

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