How To Introduce Disc Golf To The #1 Woman In Your Life – Your Mum


The hero of heroes, the bearer of turmoil and life’s greatest treasures. Of course I’m talking about Mum. Who else? Spending time with your mum playing disc golf may be out of your usual wheelhouse, seem unlikely, or worse yet, boring. But let’s get real. Who’s going to take your triumph home with you and compete with you in disc golf tournaments? We all know who the real all-star is here.




Whether you’re from the northern or southern hemisphere, there is no off-season in disc golf. Any pro can tell you that. The winter months can seem long with nothing to do, but grab your disc, grab your mum, and head out the door. Disc golf takes you through various terrains, which can get your heart pumping, keeping you active and there are many indoor leagues both you and your mum can take part in.


Why not take advantage of the warmer months? Many disc golf courses, believe it or not, have amazing scenery as well as great course designs! While in the winter months you may be staring at your toes and calculating the approximate time for freezer burn, the summer lets you get out in nature and bond with your family! No more fighting over the remote. You’re all in this together.


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Low impact, bonding and so much more


You may think you’re the coolest kid on the block and put up your nose at taking your mum to compete, but we’ll tell you now, mums are often the best competitors. Just because she’ll lift cars to save your mangled body doesn’t mean she won’t crush you on the course. So it’s time you invited her to play. None of us spend as much time as we could with our mums. Competing with or against your mum lifts your level of performance and can send both of you to tournaments!


She may need a little bit of convincing, so be sure to mention it’s low impact. While mums seem to be made of steel, it’s hard to go all day as a mum. Disc golf gives you the benefit of a hike and use of muscles that you wouldn’t associate with day-to-day matters, but you won’t be out of breath by the end of the game unless that’s what you’re looking for.


How about this: most of the time, it’s free! You can spend an entire recreational day for just the price of some discs! Even the discs are cheap! Most places offer products that are under $10. Some courses require a fee, but it’s usually minimal. So, give your mum the best present in the world: time.


Together through thick and thin


There are so many success stories associated with kids and their mums playing disc golf both competitively and recreationally. So, if you’re worried about where to start, check out these stories.


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