Thinking Of Creating A Disc Golf Meet Up? Here’s Why You Should

Disc golf is one of the few sports out there that’s just as fun to play alone as it is with others. Since it’s a game that requires minimal equipment and allows you to compete against the most important person out there, yourself, many have found that it has become their favourite way to spend their leisure time. Yet whether you play rarely or hit the course several times per week, playing alone does get old after a while.

A huge part of why people love this sport so much has to do with the community aspect of playing, where disc golf lovers of all ages, experience levels, and athletic abilities can come together and play while having a great time. It’s in this vein that many people have started disc golf meet ups, leagues, and even official clubs. Here’s why creating such a group is awesome and how you can get started.

Enjoying Group Benefits

You may not share the same political views or have the same level of income as others out on the course, but when you’re playing disc golf, it really doesn’t matter. The sport brings like-minded people together to do one thing – enjoy this game we all love so much. Rather than waiting by the phone to be invited for a round, your local course serves as the perfect location to set up a regular meeting. You can keep things casual and call it a social league, create rules and ace pots and term it an official league, or jump through the hoops required to formalise a disc golf club.

No matter how you decide to do it, developing a disc golf meet up will strengthen the ties between players in the area and also show others in the community that this is a sport worth trying. One of the best ways to put your disc golf course on the map is to develop an attractive disc golf culture in your local area.

Getting Started

There are tons of ways to help get the word out about your disc golf meet up, and whether you want to use technology to further your cause or prefer more old school methods, either will likely get you the results you’re after. Try posting your meet up on a website or app designed for that exact kind of thing or create a Facebook event and invite everyone in the area that you know. If there’s a bulletin board at your course, post a flyer with details inviting everyone to attend.

It doesn’t much matter how you organise your meet up as long as you have the right idea in mind and create a space for both brand new players as well as more seasoned individuals. Getting to play disc golf with strangers who end up being your friends after 18 holes is one of the best things about the sport, so why not take a hand in making that dream a reality? Grab a few friends, set a time and a place, and get ready to help unite players in your community and beyond.