The Best Place To Buy Golf Discs In Perth

The Best Place To Buy Golf Discs In Perth

Whether you’ve just fallen in love with the sport of disc golf or you’re a veteran player, there’s no denying that you need one important thing in order to go out on the course – your discs! For newer players, it can be difficult to determine exactly where to buy discs and what they should purchase, and more seasoned individuals often encounter difficulty when trying to purchase plastic online. Wondering how a disc will feel in your hand can be enough of a hesitation to make the situation more frustrating than it needs to be.

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So what can residents in the greater Perth area or even Australia wide for that matter, do when they’re looking for top quality disc golf discs? The answer is easy! Head over to The Frisbee Shop! Unsure about what’s in stock and if there’s something there for you? Let’s learn more about what this store has to offer.

Everything In One Place

Disc golf players often gravitate toward one or two specific disc manufacturers for any number of reasons. Maybe they like the types of plastic available or how certain molds fly, but one thing is for sure; brand loyalty can be big within the sport. That being said, buying directly from a manufacturer’s website doesn’t leave any room to explore new options and open your mind.

The Frisbee Shop solves that problem, as it’s a place that carries discs from most of the biggest names in disc golf including RPM, LightningInnova, Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64MVPWestside Discs, Discraft, and more. Visit our store with your friends or take a field trip with your entire disc golf club to explore our huge inventory and see if you may fall in love with a new brand!

Where To Begin?

Walking into a disc golf store is no doubt overwhelming for a new player. After all, it’s hard enough to even get the disc to go more than 30 meters and trying to learn about drivers, midranges, and putters can get a little confusing. That’s why the team at The Frisbee Shop works hard to stock an assortment of discs that are great for brand new players as well as those still working to develop their basic skills.

One popular recommendation is to pick up the Beginner Starter Pack by Innova. This 3-disc set contains a putter, midrange, and driver in lighter weights and easy to grip plastic. Golf discs can sometimes get pretty expensive, but the Beginner Starter Pack is priced to be an entryway item into the sport at only $50. These discs will give you everything you need to enjoy a round with some of your closest friends!

The next time you’re near Perth, make a detour and head on over to The Frisbee Shop (but make sure to check opening hours first!). If you already know the exact discs and accessories you’re looking for, add them to your cart and enjoy easy shopping from the comfort of your home. The Frisbee Shop is here to help disc golfers get the gear they need, so contact them today!