Getting Started In Disc Golf Is Easier Than You Think!

When was the last time you tried something new? It may have been painting or cooking, or perhaps you joined a sports team without knowing much at all about what you’d be doing. Take your mind back to the emotions you were feeling beforehand – there was likely a fair amount of excitement involved, but equally, there was anxiety and uncertainty around not wanting to do this thing in the wrong way, right?

an image of a man playing disc golf in a disc golf course

Believe it or not, many people feel that exact same way when it comes to disc golf. It’s a sport that’s not as widely known as football or basketball, and therefore it brings an air of mystery along with it. You may have driven past a disc golf course in the past and wanted to play but hesitated as you weren’t sure what to do – today we’re going to solve that problem once and for all.

Just Have A Go!

If you look at a professional level disc golf player, you’ll likely see that they have a lot of gear. A bag full of discs is always by their side and along with a towel, stool, scorecard, and more, it might seem a bit intimidating to get started, let alone expensive. Don’t worry – you’re not required to have this level of investment right off the bat, as disc golf can be played with literally just one disc.

an image of a disc golf store

Whether you borrow one from a friend or buy the cheapest one at your local sporting goods store, simply bring one disc to the course if you’re hesitant about disc golf in general. While there are special discs for different types of shots, this one Frisbee will give you enough of a feel for the game to see what you think about it.

Then, once you fall in love with it like the rest of us have, you can take the time and money to invest in a disc golf starter kit and eventually an entire bag full of your very own discs.

When And Where?

an image of group of people holding a disc

Another challenge that people often foresee when wanting to try disc golf is that they don’t know when to actually go and play. If there are other people on the course, can you join too? Are there specific times when you can play, or will you run into issues of not having a reservation?

Rest assured, most courses are open to all players during daylight hours, and the bulk of them are also free to play. The only exception might be if a tournament is taking place, but there will be plenty of signs letting you know that the course has been reserved for this special event.

The next time you feel inspired to try something new, grab a disc, a few friends, and head out to the nearest disc golf course. The entire sport places a focus on community and if other players are there, they will likely take some time to explain things to you and teach you the ropes. Don’t let disc golf feel intimidating, as it’s one of the few activities that is ideal for all ages!