Mt Baw Baw Course Re-Design

Throughout November, the RAD team kept busy working with course designer Andrew Ferguson, traveling to Mt. Baw Baw in the Victorian Alpine region. Andrew discussed with management at the ski resort and members of the Melbourne Disc Golf Club the prospects for a new project: to re-design the layout of the existing disc golf course. Though the 9-basket course already garners PDGA approval, the course was due for a re-vamp.

RAD Recreation Activity Design General Mt Baw Baw Re-Design

The original course was installed without a professional designer, and it was obvious that the course suffered from poor design. The intricacies of the course design resulted in a facility which was difficult to play and navigate. Mt. Baw Baw managers decided to reconstruct the course as a facility primarily used to enhance the resort and to attract visitors during the off-peak summer season. Lack of experience in disc golf design expertise made them reach out to the community in search of professionals. Because of our experience in course design, Melbourne Disc Golf Club suggested that our RAD team come aboard and head the professional redesign.  

Benefits of Disc Golf

One of the most advertised health benefits of disc golf is the steps logged by hiking throughout the course. Between the disc golf course and its stunning surroundings, Mt. Baw Baw’s elevation makes for a beautiful hike, and there’s nothing “like seeing a disc fly.” Its location is perfect to attract tourists who enjoy challenging courses and climbs. When it comes to designing these courses, however, the biggest challenge is designing a course that caters to the fun of throwing a disc downhill while avoiding making players constantly throw uphill. After careful consideration and some crafty design techniques, Andrew created a course that satisfied the club and provided a beautiful location for disc golf. The tee-off positions will feature both uphill and downhill throws that vary in length and difficulty. Andrew gave the layout of the new course special deliberation to ensure that visitors would come back for more.

RAD Recreation Activity Design Mt Baw Baw Disc Golf Course Re-Design and Health Benefits of Disc Golf

Scenic Views and Nature

The view of the landscape includes a sweeping view across the mountains into Gippsland, and wildlife is frequently found on and off the course. The new course boasts 9 baskets and 18 tee-off positions that shift from hilly to flat to give both beginners and advanced players a challenge. The 1477m course weaves in and out of the natural flora and fauna, and natural beauties, such as waterfalls, surround the resort. Andrew’s intention for a family friendly course is easily adaptable to a tournament location, and staff and designers hope to host a tournament soon.

RAD Recreation Activity Design General Mt Baw Baw Re-Design

With summer just around the corner, the staff at Mt. Baw Baw are hard at work to make changes to the layout and to install a new course sign. The managers at Mt. Baw Baw expect the official launch for the summer season on December 22nd. The Alpine Resort includes both camping and housing quarters, and the food located on site is excellent after a day out on the slopes. Keep an eye out for more information coming soon!

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